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Post by: Alice on July 03, 2009, 01:18:44 AM
A confused MZXer's dreams are shattered when he learns that the creator of the GCS he uses is ZOMG NO NOT A TRANSSEXUAL!

11:18:54 <koji> If the woman you loved said "would you still love me if at night I turn into a short fat man with a gold ring on his pinky who is a total bar crasher" what would you say?
11:19:38 <Why-Fi> GTFO of my room you freak!
11:19:46 <Why-Fi> That's what I'd say.
11:20:32 <koji> c'mon its the ideal relationship, you got a beautiful girl during the day, and your bar crashing buddy at night :D
11:20:39 <koji> AND
11:20:45 <OBLIRIOVRONS> That's pretty rude, Why-Fi. Maybe you should consider the feelings of your loved one before being so judgmental.
11:20:53 <koji> The girl doesn't get mad at you hanging out with the bar crashing buddy
11:20:56 <koji> because it's HER.
11:21:17 <wildweasel> I don't do bar crashes
11:21:17 <Stephen> i don't hang out with bar types
11:21:27 <wildweasel> honestly I think I'm through with the whole alcohol thing
11:21:27 <koji> me either
11:21:27 <koji> but
11:21:30 <koji> maybe you will be
11:21:34 <Stephen> i'd rather have a fat woman who layso n the couch all day and doesn't bother me when i'm trying to mzx and write music
11:21:37 <Stephen> lol
11:21:41 <koji> I hardly ever started
11:21:48 <Why-Fi> Ok, that was rude, you're right. I'd rather say "Would you please step outside my room, dear psycho young lady?"
11:22:01 <Lachesis> stephen:  Lol
11:22:10 <koji> stephen, BEST ANSWER EVER.
11:22:25 <koji> putting mzx before women :D
11:22:28 <koji> who knew
11:22:48 <Why-Fi> Well, if that's the case, why bother marrying in the first fucking place?
11:23:00 <Lachesis> geez, seems like every time Why-Fi opens his mouth (or I guess, types something here), that he's insulting transsexuals
11:23:11 <koji> yeah
11:23:15 <Why-Fi> Why?
11:23:19 <Lachesis> I take direct offense to that
11:23:28 <paul> we get it, you're a woman!
11:23:31 <Lachesis> You can go hang yourself.  Here's a rope.
11:23:35 <koji> hey why-fi did you know that the guy who made mzx is a woman now?
11:23:41 <Stephen> sort of
11:23:43 <OBLIRIOVRONS> I'm twelve women
11:23:45 <wildweasel> Here's a lesson for you, why-fi - no matter what you say, you're always going to find yourself in hot water.
11:23:53 <Why-Fi> That's not true.
11:23:53 <Stephen> as much as a man can make himelf into one ,that is
11:23:54 <OBLIRIOVRONS> Yeah - urine!
11:24:06 <wildweasel> As long as the right/wrong people hear you
11:24:11 <OBLIRIOVRONS> That's what I'd be like if I were in a newspaper comic
11:24:18 <Why-Fi> Gregory Janson =/= Alexis Janson.
11:24:34 <koji> ummm.... actually yeah they are.
11:24:45 <@Terryn> yes, they're the same person
11:24:48 <Why-Fi> No they aren't.
11:24:52 <@Terryn> yes, they are
11:24:54 <Lachesis> They are.
11:25:03 <koji> why-fi are you serious or are you being retarded?
11:25:03 <OBLIRIOVRONS> http://10.media.tumblr.com/mwpzWzwpvk4d92hzvgwzBEVQo1_500.jpg
11:25:06 <Why-Fi> NO THEY FUCKING AREN'T! >:-<
11:25:08 <Stephen> he's still greg janson, except, uh....
11:25:12 <@Terryn> YES THEY ARE
11:25:16 <Stephen> pretending to be a woman
11:25:22 <Lachesis> Ban this fuck
11:25:30 <@Terryn> Yes, janson is
11:25:37 <koji> why-fi you're such an idiot
11:25:38 <@Terryn> note that it's not pejorative
11:25:57 <@Terryn> being a transsexual doesn't automatically make you a bad person and we're not using it as a slur!
11:25:59 <wildweasel> agreeing with Lach here
11:26:03 <@Wervyn> No!  My fragile world!
11:26:11 <wildweasel> for the first time in history, i think
11:26:20 <Lachesis> Why-Fi, you're horrible.  Please leave!
11:26:26 <Stephen> hey terryn, wervyn, which one of you put 'entrails' up as a featured game
11:26:27 <@Terryn> I'm not one to use terms like "newhalf" but geez
11:26:32 <Stephen> i'm pretty certain it was one of you :P
11:26:35 <Lachesis> The "Disconnect" button beckons you!~
11:26:35 <@Wervyn> Kuddy, probably.
11:26:55 <Stephen> well, kuddy DOES like cant iv
11:27:08 <@Terryn> yeah, I didn't do it
11:27:19 <Stephen> he once went as far as to say it was the best mzx game ever, so i wouldn't put it past him
11:27:38 <@Terryn> storing several songs in one mod was very economical
11:27:50 <@Terryn> well, no, not really
11:27:53 <Lachesis> I've done that before
11:27:54 <@Terryn> but it still amuses me
11:28:06 <Stephen> i did it so people wouldn't steal my original music
11:28:29 <Stephen> and by "original" i mean "recorded from anal cunt mp3s"
11:28:35 <Why-Fi> I can't find info about Greg on google.
11:28:40 <koji> ...
11:28:41 <Why-Fi> Trying Alexis Janson
11:28:42 <koji> :(
11:29:22 <koji> why-fi I could find that TV-appearance of Alexis Janson at the magic the gathering competition and you can decide for yourself.
11:29:24 <Stephen> actally, i did it because.. well, each 'song' is just a single loop with one wave
11:29:32 <Stephen> it'd just be stupid to put them in separate mods
11:30:30 <Why-Fi> Nope, they are different people.
11:30:37 <koji>

11:30:45 <@Terryn> no, they're not
11:30:54 <koji> why-fi that's alexis janson
11:31:00 <@Terryn> Alexis was in here and #neocesspool and #zeux for years
11:31:07 <koji> theres that too
11:31:08 <@Terryn> and very obviously associated with MZX
11:31:50 <Why-Fi> Alexis Janson =/= Gregory Janson
11:31:57 <Lachesis> Why-Fi makes my head hurt
11:32:01 * JohnK (john@66-191-103-213.dhcp.eucl.wi.charter.com) has joined #mzx
11:32:04 <AussieEvil> Is it like the love of a man for a fine Cuban cigar?
11:32:11 <koji> why-fi did you watch the youtube?
11:32:14 <@Wervyn> Why-fi is this some deep seated prejudice against transexuals or are you just a dumbass?
11:32:19 <AussieEvil> Shoot, pressed enter too soon
11:32:24 <Lachesis> http://www.digitalmzx.net/wiki/index.php?title=Alexis
11:32:28 <duvel_> I think why fi is just a dumbass
11:32:54 <CJA> Congratulations you have hurt my feelings, ever so slightly but still you did.
11:32:58 <Why-Fi> Well, duh, you really thought I'd fall for that, Lachesis?
11:33:04 <JohnK> motorola P2K phones are annoyingly complicated. also hi all
11:33:05 <Why-Fi> MZXWiki is edited by you!
11:33:11 <koji> http://wiki.mtgsalvation.com/article/Alexis_Janson
11:33:18 <duvel_> http://www.transcosmic.com/2009/07/02/myspace-now-a-
Post by: 淫蟲 on July 03, 2009, 08:29:21 PM
At first I thought Why-Fi was cute, but now he's just annoying, pretty much.  Why, oh why, would it matter to him that dude wanted to be a girl and would resort to quitting MZX forever IRL when dude hasn't even been responsible for it for the past, what, 10+ years?
Post by: MortifiedocAlot on July 04, 2009, 03:12:54 AM
Trannys r gross.
Post by: 淫蟲 on July 04, 2009, 11:15:47 AM
I can't find info about Greg on google.
Post by: Alice on July 04, 2009, 01:40:45 PM
mort: NO U

Well, if MZX was made by a tranny and I've been using it for all this time, then I'll quit IRL