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Title: Having a problem with my keyboard
Post by: NewF on August 27, 2012, 09:18:40 PM
Having a problem with my keyboard.for some reason it's adding a bunch of extra random letters for any message I type. Also when I press the spacebar, it creates a letter q and when i hit backspace it creates a backslash. any fix on this or am i gonna have to get a new keyboard?

 It was working fine earlier, then I started playing avatar the game, then when I exited the game, it started acting all wonky like this. I already tried restarting the computer and checking the languages, but still messed up. and no, i didnt spill anything on it.
this is the keyboard I'm using -


Here's how the message would have typed out if I didnt fix the spelling errors properly -

Havingq aq problemq witfhq myjq ]keyjboard.q tforq someq reasonq itf'sq addingq aq bunchq orq extfra qrandomq letftfersq tfoq anyjq messageq Iq tfyjpe.q Alsoq whenq Iq pressq tfheq spacebar,q itfq creatfersq aq letftferq q4q andq whenq iq hitfq bac]kspaceq itfq creatfes\q aq bac]kslash.q anyjq tfixq onq tfhisq orq amq iq gonnaq haveq tfoq getfq aq newq ]keyjboard?

Itfq wasq wor]kingq tfineq earlier,q tfhenq Iq stfartfedq playjingq avatfarq tfheq game,q tfhenq whenq Iq exitfedq tfheq game,q itf qstfartfedq actfingq allq won]kyjq li]keq tfhis.q I qalreadyjq tfriedq restfartingq tfheq computferq andq chec]kingq tfheq languages,q butfq stfillq messedq up.q and qno,q iq didntfq spillq anyjtfhingq onq itf.
Title: Re: Having a problem with my keyboard
Post by: NewF on August 28, 2012, 03:22:14 AM
And now it's magically working again...Wtf...