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Title: FFVII Remake
Post by: NewF on May 08, 2020, 10:57:52 AM

I've already capped at lvl 50 and maxed out all my materias. Working on hard mode and fight challenges. Awesome game, but kinda pisses me off that they're releasing it in episodes. Any idea of when the next episode will be released?
Title: Re: FFVII Remake
Post by: Spectere on May 08, 2020, 05:43:39 PM
It was alright. I really started to despise the combat at around the half-way mark (https://spectere.net/forums/index.php/topic,2112.msg42633.html#msg42633) and I'm really dubious about where they're going to go from here, but I'll definitely take episode 2 for a spin when it comes out. I've been playing through the original again to sort of compare and contrast the two experiences. So far I've generally enjoyed the story of the remake more (before chapter 18, that is) and have largely preferred the gameplay of the original.

I don't think they've made an announcement with regards to the second part. I can't imagine it taking as long as the first, since it seems like they pushed through the development hell they ended up in, and I'm sure that the engine and many of the assets they made for episode 1 will be reusable.
Title: Re: FFVII Remake
Post by: NewF on May 09, 2020, 09:36:44 AM
Yeah the combat pissed me off for a while too, but after getting used to it and adjusting (Something I REALLY had to do during the Bahamut fight), I'm much MUCH better at controlling it now and it's incredible. I just wish there was more to play in the first part. They stopped the gamer at LITERALLY the best part, where you get into the overworld and start the chocobo stuff. Or, they shoulda stopped the first part at the gold saucer. Would give us a shitload more to do while waiting for the second part.
Title: Re: FFVII Remake
Post by: vladgd on March 16, 2021, 09:20:02 PM
With monster hunter rise coming up very soon, I probably won't be finishing this game within the week, but as of this post I got past the first reactor/first boss.

Does the combat get better? Coming from Jedi Fallen Order, the combat in this game feels...pretty rough. It feels like an action game that really wishes it was a turn based game. Maybe since it's so different I'm just not used to it in the hour I have played, so hopefully it's just a matter of getting used to it. However, I kinda really do not enjoy the combat at all in my first impressions, enough to maybe not complete the game if I can't enjoy it within the first few hours.

I have a friend who swears by it, he doesn't have the time to play a ton of games and for whatever reason he says he has a second playthrough going on hard mode, so there's gotta be something to it. I am no longer affected by the final fantasy fan service, so that isn't going to be a staying point for myself, if I was 10 years younger maybe, but I am long over having a "pretty" version of ff7.

Maybe I'm just a jaded old man, iunno, but I do still really oversell on a lot on games I like, and I tend to like a lot of stuff. Or maybe Jedi Fallen Order has combat way better than people are saying. Kinda like going from the shooting in cyberpunk to...the shooting in the outer worlds. Again, first hour of the game, but besides flashy visuals, all I see right now is a game with 3/10 combat. Going to try to get a few more hours in the next day or two and hopefully my opinion will change.
Title: Re: FFVII Remake
Post by: Spectere on March 17, 2021, 10:37:05 AM
Yeah, you're probably gonna have a bad time if you aren't already digging the combat system. I actually didn't mind the system for the first few hours (initial impressions were a 7/10 for me) but the longer the game dragged on the less I enjoyed it, honestly for the same reason as you.

I don't think it would be as bad if the team AI were even remotely good. The game seems to want to force you to constantly switch between characters, but that kinda falls apart when every time you swap to Barret he's in the corner staring at the wall. The fact that limit breaks can fucking miss through no fault of the player (mostly due to how "cinematic" the combat tries to be) is simply inexcusable, and even one of my friends who liked the combat enough to beat the game on hard cited that as one of his biggest annoyances. Be sure to watch boss health bars like a hawk, because bosses often become invulnerable during phase transitions and the like.

But yeah, it definitely feels like the game has a bit of an identity crisis as far as the combat system goes, and it's really unfortunate. It almost feels like they switched focus in mid-development.

The other issue is that there is a monumental leap between normal and easy. I wasn't enjoying the combat at all at around the 7-8 hour mark so I decided to bump it down, and the easy setting ends up making it way, way too bloody easy. Like, to the point where you could practically set the controller down, make yourself a sammich, eat said sammich, and pick up where you left off with no major issues.

Oh, and the game eventually likes to throw borderline unavoidable status effects at you at a certain point. Get frozen, switch to Aerith, pry her away from the wall she's staring at, heal, switch to Cloud for the DPS, get frozen, switch to Aerith, get her to stop playing with a random butterfly, heal. Rinse, repeat. Kind of another instance of the game not knowing if it wants to have action mechanics or RPG mechanics, because the way it handles i-frames and dodging just feels straight up wonky.

And there is a lot of filler. Some of the additions are pretty fantastic, but in some cases you'll find yourself walking for several minutes with minimum dialogue, wandering past arena-shaped areas that you know are going to be questing areas. This is kind of an odd approach as it just shows off an empty, unpopulated world. The Midgar section of the game has always been pretty linear so I think it would have made a lot more sense if they shuttled the player from place to place so that they couldn't see behind the scenes.

I can't emphasize how much walking there is, either, and just to pour salt in the wound you don't unlock fast travel until you no longer need it. Ugh. :|

I'm really hoping that since they have a solid focus on what they're going for (I guess? That ending was seriously fucky) that part 2 ends up being a bit more coherent, at least from a mechanics perspective. I'm sure the development hell of the first slice of FF7R didn't help matters at all. Of course, that's all kind of a moot point if it's a PS5 exclusive, as I don't have any plans to buy either of the non-Nintendo current-gen consoles.