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Title: When Sheeple Call Others Sheeple (split from: Lamest Topic)
Post by: Zephlar on April 20, 2021, 12:14:05 PM
Fuck the vaccine. I'll take my chances. Already had and tested positive for COVID in December. Sorry, the flu. I had the flu.

If COVID awareness wasn't plastered anywhere on the internet or television, you wouldn't know there was a pandemic walking outside since day 1 of this thing.

Kind of amazing elbow to elbow protests during BLM last year didn't spread the virus at all. The occasional beach opened up last year and it was spikes galore all over the news. Elbow to elbow protests tho? Naaaaah.


Title: Re: When Sheeple Call Others Sheeple
Post by: Spectere on April 20, 2021, 06:37:45 PM
Oh, fuck off with that shit.

The reason the flu and cold numbers are down is because people are isolating. Fewer people clustered together + fewer people in offices + fewer people in schools + mask laws + social distancing == fewer people getting sick. That's common sense shit.

And just to preempt that commonly-spread alt-news gem where masks are ineffective because viruses are small enough to travel through them: the point of masks is to catch saliva aerosol, and it's extremely effective at that. "Airborne" pathogens don't spread through air particles, but rather through saliva. The asian countries figured that out decades ago, and masks were in widespread use in Japan long before COVID due to their proven ability to reduce the spread of viral infections.

I suppose I should also point out that one of my best friends ended up with COVID. Not a serious case, but it was enough to knock her on her ass for nearly two weeks, and she remained lethargic for the following week. Another one of my friends was basically useless for a full week. I don't know about the former, but the latter said it was way worse than any cold or flu he'd ever had before. Both are healthy individuals, one in their early 30s and one in their late 20s.

Like anything else, it affects people differently. There are plenty of well-documented cases of otherwise healthy people ending up on respirators, while there are some cases of people who got away with a relatively light case or showed no symptoms. The flu can also kill people (we'll get into how lethal it is in a sec), but it just doesn't have a two week incubation period (therefore greatly limiting its spread from both asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic hosts) and the risk of developing severe complications, including the possibility of permanent organ damage, is significantly lower. So, you know, just a slight difference between the two.

As for the protests...uh, what? If you were actually paying attention you'd know that the number of cases, particularly in certain hot spots, spiked around May/June 2020 then. It just wasn't being widely reported on because--I dunno--there were fucking riots happening? How about paying attention to the actual data instead of the sensationalist headlines?

The mainstream news is far from the most reliable and unbiased source, but the alternative is just as bad for the exact same reason. All it does is encourage people to regurgitate bullshit and eschew common sense and basic logic.

The reason COVID is a big deal while far more lethal diseases aren't is because it has a long period in which people can be unwitting carriers, as well as a non-negligable risk of death (2% of 1,000,000 is still 20,000) as well as an elevated risk of developing severe complications such as pnumonia. For comparison, per the CDC, the death rate of influenza is 0.0152% (the WHO estimates a figure of 0.1% across the global population). Of course, the actual death rate is difficult to determine since the number of asymptomatic hosts is impossible to determine, but the other factors at play make COVID-19 a far more serious pathogen than the common cold or the flu.

Oh, and before you even think about making a big deal about asymptomatic cases skewing the results: that's not limited to COVID. You could argue that the death rate on the flu is also inflated since one can also carry and spread influenza (and other pathogens) without showing symptoms. If you've ever been in a workplace where you were the only person who didn't come down with a virus, you were almost certainly an asymptomatic host and possibly spread the virus to others at some point. Food for thought.

In closing, they didn't declare a global pandemic for the fun of it. Considering how many politicians have their grubby hands in big business, why the fuck would they do something that would hurt their bottom line that badly? Was it for control? If it was, the sudden spike in firearms ownership in the US and predictable rising distrust of authority from both the left and right kinda made that a fool's errand, don't you think?
Title: Re: When Sheeple Call Others Sheeple
Post by: Zephlar on April 21, 2021, 10:55:36 AM
Sorry I thought it was pretty cut and dry what I said about the protests. Not sure how you're having so much trouble wrapping your little bitch brain around that.

If anyone here is taking headlines to the throat, it's you pussies.

You gobble up whatever these millionaires and billionaires tell you with a fuckin spoon.

My grandpa died January 6. My grandma was NOT allowed to see him on his deathbed.

Fuck this virus, and fuck you pussy bitches for so willingly letting this kind of overreach. Take your mask and shove it up your simpin ass. This is coming from someone who tested positive. But hey what a fuckin miracle no more flu amirite?

The fuck out of here with that shit.
Title: Re: When Sheeple Call Others Sheeple
Post by: Zephlar on April 21, 2021, 11:04:08 AM
Honestly this has been a long time coming anyway. Knew when your little faggot bitch friend couldn't stand my posting that feminist getting her ass beat in RDR2 in Discord you and your little faggot crew were bunch of lefty liberal pussy bitches.

Remind me to smack your bitch ass next time I'm in the Yo.
Title: Re: When Sheeple Call Others Sheeple
Post by: Zephlar on April 21, 2021, 11:10:21 AM
Remember this liberals.

No adult is responsible for another adult. You are responsible for your own way. Don't feel responsible for mine, ever. You don't want COVID, stay inside like a little bitch and cry in your corner. The rest of us who keep the world pushin and movin will be out there living our lives keeping the wheels turning. If we want to take precautions and mask up we will. If we don't want to we won't. You worry about you and your family, let other people worry about them and theirs.

You are NOT responsible for the world. I know it's fun to claim some moral highground and act like you have some duty to other people, but ya fuckin don't. People who don't know you don't give a fuck about you if you die. Just like I don't because you have no effect on my life whatsoever.

Worry about you. Capiche bitches?
Title: Re: When Sheeple Call Others Sheeple
Post by: Spectere on April 21, 2021, 08:17:21 PM
Nice. I argue against your point with science and you argue with...whatever the fuck conspiratorial bullshit that was. You clearly didn't read anything I posted, considering I rag on the mainstream media as much as whatever fucking kool-aid you're chugging.

You do realize that you're just as much of a tool as those "liberals" that you have such a raging hate boner for, right? You're just like them. You're not willing to discuss a goddamned thing. The second someone goes against your dogma you just start beating your chest and howling like a goddamned gorilla. No nuance, no middle-ground, no common sense. Nothing.

"BUT HURRR DURR I TESTED POSITIVE." Yeah, and I already explained why that literally means nothing in the post that actually laid out facts and details that I researched over a period of time. You know, the post you clearly didn't read past the first few lines.

Also, yes, we do have a duty to others. It's called maintaining a functioning society. Something that both sides of the political side completely lost sight of. Being a self-absorbed ass only gets you so far in life. Masking up is intended to protect others, not yourself. But hey, let's ignore well-documented facts and data on how pathogens actually spread, and let's make sure those immuno-compromised people who have to go out in this get what they deserve, right?

And for as much as you claim that I've had no effect on your life, I apparently had enough of an impact to make you completely lose your shit on an Internet forum to the point of having a three post meltdown over a period of 15 minutes (including threatening to "smack my bitch ass." I mean...seriously?), and the very idea of me getting the vaccine was apparently enough for you to reach in your trash heap of garbage Facebook memes that don't make any sense if you actually used your brain or had even the most basic understanding of how diseases work.

I also love how you call me a liberal, too, despite clearly not having any idea of where I stand politically. All because you got butthurt that I said that you were wrong and backed them up with data I summarized from research papers and scientific publications. Amazing.
Title: Re: When Sheeple Call Others Sheeple
Post by: vladgd on April 21, 2021, 09:23:23 PM
This got juvenile real quick. I know I can be a handful, but this doesn't belong here. I thought you were an adult Zephlar, I was wrong. You can have an opposing stance and be welcome, but not with an attitude like that.

I feel dirty reading those posts.
Title: Re: When Sheeple Call Others Sheeple
Post by: Spectere on April 21, 2021, 09:50:50 PM
I'm not gonna claim to be innocent here, since my first post was definitely more heated/aggressive than it needed to be, but with that sort of response I don't think it would have mattered. :/

Seriously, though, if I'm wrong: try to change my mind. Jumping right into flames and assumptions helps nobody. The reason things have been becoming increasingly fucked up lately is because people refuse to listen.
Title: Re: When Sheeple Call Others Sheeple
Post by: vladgd on April 21, 2021, 10:12:00 PM
This is why I don't have social media to be brutally honest, and it's sad to see the negativity seeping into this small corner of the internet.

I have been depressed enough to have actually soaked a t shirt I was wearing entirely with my own blood due to self harm. So as a person whom this situation has driven close to seeing the crazy house, I get the frustration. But yknow, there's civil debate, and there's childish name calling.

Title: Re: When Sheeple Call Others Sheeple
Post by: Spectere on April 21, 2021, 10:30:04 PM
Yikes. Worst I’ve done to myself lately has been bruising the fuck out of my hands from pounding on things in frustration. Hope you’ve been doing better lately!

I’m gonna give him some time to respond, then I’m just going to recreate this thread. Definitely got off to a bad start.
Title: Re: When Sheeple Call Others Sheeple
Post by: Spectere on April 22, 2021, 10:09:45 PM
Actually, fuck it. He doesn't really deserve that level of respect after all that considering he spewed that bile without even trying to understand where I was coming from, or even what I stand for. Kinda just goes to show that for as familiar as he tries to come across, he barely even fucking knows me (we only hung out a handful of times when he still lived up here).

Just gonna split this off from the original thread and call it day so that we can go back to posting about mundane bullshit instead of diving headfirst into political extremism.

Banned. Split. Locked. Feels like I'm on arch0wl.com again.

(Oh yeah, protip: if you threaten to assault someone, sarcastically or otherwise, don't do it on a public forum. That makes for a pretty open-and-shut legal case if you actually do it. Idiot.)
Title: Re: When Sheeple Call Others Sheeple
Post by: Spectere on April 23, 2021, 10:11:04 PM
So he sent me sixteen Steam messages while I was at work today.

I've literally never seen someone go so off the rails over a disagreement. Jesus.