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Computing / Re: The Keeb Thread
« on: July 02, 2020, 11:41:46 AM »
It would be nice for some big box stores to jump more into the mechanical keyboard bandwagon and iunno have one of those nifty difty switch testers just out for customers to try, which would probably encourage them to spend money. Im just not that much of an enthusiast to drop some $60 just to see what kind of switches I want in my next over $100 keyboard, but if had free access to one would totally use it. Kinda curious if smaller shops would have those things hands, but with covid going around, I don't even know whats open anymore.

Been eyeing that board before the k63, but being near $100 more, and my first mech, you can understand my decision. Still that sakura board is sexxxxxxxx, I may get one in the future if I have a reason to A spend the money and B switch off cherry reds.

Random Chat / Re: Holy fuck, 2020 sucks.
« on: July 02, 2020, 01:21:36 AM »
Not too picky with coffee, but I had a few tim hortons dark roasts black last week and they're perfectly fine by me. But I only drink my coffee black, so iunno. Only coffee I think isn't worth getting if you have the option is mcdonalds, and even that is still drinkable. I am the farthest thing from a coffee snob though, only drink it every so often.

Good to see things are getting (albeit slightly) better. World needs more good endings right now.

Gaming / Re: The Backlog, 2020 edition
« on: July 02, 2020, 12:03:31 AM »
*. Persona 4 Golden (steam)

Doesn't count as ninth game because I beat the original non golden edition on ps2 already a few years ago. I pretty much put it on very easy(I'm not going to say golden, but original persona 4 was HARD AS FUK, and people laugh at me for that. I legit had an easier time completing smt nocturne than vanilla persona 4), and fast forwarded through most of the scenes I've seen before stopping to watch the new stuff golden added. The instant I heard this game dropped on steam it was an autobuy, and when I seen it was only $20, I was buying it regardless, but now I can bug people to buy it because its only $20. Original game took me 102 hours to complete far as I remember, going as fast as I can speeding through everything, on the most easiest of difficulties took me...47 finish, this game is by no means short, you get your dollar per hour out of this fucker. AFIAK THE GAME IS DOING WELL AND BROKE SOME RECORD OF MOST PEOPLE PLAYING A JRPG ON STEAM AT ONE TIME SO ATLUS PORT MORE STUFF TO PC I WILL BUY ALL OFITplz

AND WITH GOLDEN THERES AN EPILOGUE WHICH HIT ME IN ALL THE FEELS FUKKKKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk talk about wrapping up a massive long huge rpg game with an ending you can feel good about.

10/10 game, 10/10 port, buy it. I spent damn near 50 hours beating a game that doesn't even count on this list, its very much worth playing for any jrpg fan.

Random Chat / Weight Loss
« on: July 01, 2020, 08:19:00 AM »
Since recently turning single and whatnot, and thinking of how to make positive of this situation, I figured trying to drop some weight would help.

Before I started I thought I was like 200lbs, and stayed this way for the past...4-5 years. Which is fine for someone of my height, 6'1", but having got a better scale that is actually wonder I have a gut.

My goal is either 170lbs or no gut, whichever happens first (IIRC I do recall still having a small gut at 170 back when mass effect 3 was out...but I have more muscle since then, so I could probably pull off being heavier now). So...45 lbs...

In the past two weeks I started making small steps. Before I started, I basically ate whatever I want whenever I want, drink whatever I want, candy, junk, alcohol, pizza, with no restrictions. Eat an entire pizza and im full? Is that a bag of oreos next to me? NOMMING THOSE! Gluttony basically. Only thing I am good with is soda, because I got addicted to barely flavored carbonated water to the point where I literally vastly prefer it to soda. So like doing any dietary restriction at all should lose me weight, and so far it has. No pizza, candy, snacks, beer. Being willing to accept dropping weight at a reasonable pace will require me to deal with being hungry, something 6'1" 135lb high school graduate me could do EASILY.

To this day in one week of half assing it, and another week of taking it a bit more seriously, I am down to 204lbs. Goes up and down each day, I was 211 this past thursday, 210 friday, 209 saturday, 208 sunday, 204 monday, but spiked to 207 tuesday (I REALLY WANTED ARBYS AND GUMMY SNAKES) but trending down, so really gunning for sub 200lbs soon.

A few side notes, I bought a bike for hopes I can play vidya/watch youtubes while I cardio. I can control my pc with this wired hori ps4 controller I have, so I can pretty easily control youtube from the bike, and I've been able to play persona 4 golden on steam just fine, so it's working out fairly well. Starting slow, as any newbie aughta, but the goal is 30-60 minutes per day on the thing.

Last note, been gradually moving stuff out of the now ex girlfriends place which has recently involved all of my olympic plates. Still need to get my bench and barbell, but when I get everything set back up here I'd like to be lifting again. Starting slow with single lift at a time, and low weight to avoid snap city, but when everything is set back up I intend to start with squats since they basically work 80% of the muscles in the body. More muscle = more weight = MORE FOOD I CAN EAT.

I fully expect to quit any day now, and wouldn't even have bothered to make a post if I didn't make some actual meaningful progress so far. But in the meantime, dropping damn near 1lb a day, and it's not slowing down yet. Curious to see how serious I'll take it before I eventually quit as I have been doing off and on for the past decade. Never dropped 10lbs though, so that's a feat.

Random Chat / Re: Holy fuck, 2020 sucks.
« on: June 29, 2020, 10:58:28 PM »
I was kind of thinking the same thing, soon as March hit, thing's been going downhill.

I ain't got it as bad as you, but in the past 2 months

-bosses mom dies of lung cancer
-co worker cousin is shot and killed
-5 year relationship with my girlfriend ended, moved back with my parents until i can find a new place
-due to said relationship ending, realize all of my friends are either too far away, or too busy to do anything, and due to pandemic it's kind of difficult to meet people irl

Here's hoping 2021 isn't so garbage, I look forward to it being over. I've been trying to work over my typical 50 hour weeks just to keep my mind off the new sense of loneliness I have been experiencing. If it wasn't for the car/commute situation I'd recommend more work if you can. I guess it depends on your job, but for me it's pretty much the same day in/out, and while personal stuff can change, I know work will still be work.

stay safe out there, ain't nothing guaranteed anymore.

Computing / Re: The Keeb Thread
« on: June 16, 2020, 12:02:04 AM »
I kinda use a small lap desk thing for my mouse, it's a good stable platform for a mousepad and I honestly don't miss being at a desk. Keyboard is fine on my lap 90% of the time, only 10% of the time when it's too hot and I'm in my bike shorts...and they're too slippery to keep the thing stable...besides that, I'm in a cool basement for the time being, so if it's 90degrees outside, it's still cool enough to prefer a blanket down here.

I was looking into blues, I think they might be the most popular besides reds? But the noise pollution alone from those fuckers would drive me mad. I think I'd like a tactile bump, but more noise would be annoying for anyone I live with. Browns seemed like a great middle ground, but again, pay double money for browns, or half money for reds? I chose save money.

That said, when I first got the keyboard, I didn't really like it since I was so used to the other one I used for 18 years. It probably took a few hundred hours of use (even durring my initial 1-60 in classic WoW I wasn't totally comfortable with it) to finally get used to the thing. NOW THAT I AM USED TO IT, I really enjoy the feel of the keys and smoothness the reds have going for them. Especially when say moving a character in a game, not having any click or bump or actuation feels kinda good, very smooth.

Problem comes with now that I'm well and used to this thing, and I know reds are treating me well...I don't think it would be worth money, or more importantly time to trial and error all the other options available. Mech keyboards are expensive enough for one, let alone like 9. I could understand if you're in an environment with access to said tools, but I'm more or less a casual pc user and this thing works fine enough for me...I mean I used a cheap ps/2 keyboard for near 2 decades, it doesn't take that much to impress me far as keyboards are concerned.

. I'm not sure how the plastic Corsairs feel, but the K70 felt a lot more solid than the Logitech mechs I've owned.

Take my opinion with a grain of salt because of the other keyboard I used (still works to this day, so can't knock it for reliability), but build wise it feels solid. Doesn't have any flex when I grab it and twist it, good weight, overall "feels" quality to me, having this singular keyboard being my only experience with a mech.

Gaming / Re: The Backlog, 2020 edition
« on: June 15, 2020, 07:28:48 PM »
8. Phantasy Star (Sega Ages)

Always wanted to try out the Phantasy Star series (online doesn't count, totally different games), and with this iteration existing, I figured it would be the best starting point.

Same opinion of dragon quest 2 applies...while this version has less random encounters, more money/exp per encounter, and "gasp" DUNGEON MAPS!? It's still a very...very...very...OLD game. If you hate yourself, you could play without a FAQ, but I don't, so, that's the way to go. Other than random trial and error and getting lost, idk how you get through the damn game without a guide.

That said, it's not exactly a fantastic game, however, from a historical sense, it's a cool game to experience. Has this medieval meets future vibe with swords and guns, but also spaceships and hovercraft, feels pretty original for its time. It's pretty cheap on switch eshop, if you've got the patience for a game older than I am (32 years young), it's not too bad to play through with an FAQ...and maybe a few maps...

Computing / Re: The Keeb Thread
« on: June 14, 2020, 08:14:31 PM »

Memorex ps/2 keyboard, that I bought from SAM GOODY IN 2002 for $13usd.

I used that fucker up until July 2019...might not be pretty, but it got the job done. Every single key that I would have used for stepmania is worn off into blank keys, and still works great.

Excuse the ghetto "temporarily moved into my parents basement until I find a new place because 5 year relationship ended and she was staying in the house" setup. But after I built my pc last year, and I have converted to a lounge in a recliner pc setup to alleviate back pain, I wanted a mechanical tkl keyboard. I like the numpad, but it's a bit much for a lap setup.

Corsair K63

Looking into microswitches, cherry browns seemed the most attractive, but this thing was only $50...and I didn't want to spend a lot of money having just dumped on a new pc and 32 inch monitor. This thing has cherry reds, and they took a few months to adjust to (and after almost 20 years on that cheap memorex keyboard, I couldn't really type on anything else), but now that I have, I ain't so sure tactile feedback would be something I'd want anyway. Can't really know until I type on one for a few weeks, but this thing is doing me well for my basic needs anyway. Small note, my keyboard, psu, case, and ram is corsair...coincidence or am I secretly a corsair fanboy?


Computing / Re: Getting something to compute with
« on: June 09, 2020, 04:23:48 PM »

So I haven't "fixed" the problem, more just figured out what caused it and sidestepped it.

I don't think I needed to reboot my machine, just power cycle the monitor. Cause SEEMS to be going from 144hz, booting up a game that doesn't support it which will flip to 60hz (again, im not expert, just assuming based on my observations), and that switch crashes my monitor.

When I went from 60 to 144hz, monitor acted fine. But when I switch back in the settings from 144hz to 60hz, crash. Power cycle, just keep the damn thing at 60hz, and I can play all my games, including whatever I mentioned in this thread just fine.

144hz looks good, but not good enough to warrant monitor crashes. Also, again, it looks good, but it doesn't look THAT good. Overrated in my opinion, nice to have, but overrated.

Still have yet to fix my boot mashing delete to manually boot from bios every time I boot it is.

ANd....while im here. I bought a usb/sata cable to grab some data off some old hdds. Works fine on my old kingston ssd, plug and play (minus needing permission to access my own shit, but thats another topic), but both of my western digital HDD's won't even show up as having any data, 0 bytes, cannot access drives, blablabla. Whenever I'm not lazy I might try connecting the drives to my mobo directly, because i know they work, and i know the cable works, as does the usb port i was using. Going to be another one of those pc issues that isn't a huge deal, but i spend a few minutes every now and then trying to fix.

Gaming / Re: The Backlog, 2020 edition
« on: May 13, 2020, 08:58:23 PM »
I think if I had put more time into the game I'd probably put it higher, but I honestly bee lined the main quest in...2 days...and anything that got in my way of finishing the game got way more annoying than it would have if I was playing normally.

That said, I still think I'd prefer fallout 3 because of the leveling system. One perk per level > every other level, and my playstyle was supported in 3, and not new vegas. In 3 I had a stealth guns build with heavy emphasis on explosives and VATS. Less skill points/perks in NV just made me rambo shotguns, which is fine, but I really like stealth in bethesda open world games, and in fallout 3 I whored VATS like a mofo, seems less good in NV.

Reading online I see a lot of people calling NV their favorite fallout game, and I can see where they'd come from even if I do not agree for myself. I really liked fallout 3, but I only put 40 or so hours into it, and I hated oblivion and I put over 90 hours into that, so while I like fallout, I VASTLY prefer a real elder scrolls game.

Not even getting into Fallout 1, which is fantastic, and has a legitimately creepy atmosphere that I still remember today. And for fallout 4...fantastic gameplay, THE BEST BETHESDA GAME LEVELING SYSTEM EVER...and THE WORST BETHESTA GAME OPEN WORLD EVER, and with jack shit to do after the main story and like one populated city in the game, I do not think too highly of the game even if the gameplay and leveling system are pretty great.

Gaming / Re: The Backlog, 2020 edition
« on: May 12, 2020, 10:33:51 PM »
7. Fallout New Vegas

Well..this came out of nowhere. Was going to play planescape torment, got too drunk, decided to play this instead...


Before the last few story missions I would have put this above fallout 4, after...It is my least favorite fallout game. Yknow one good way to remove power fantasy in a videogame? CONSTANTLY HAVE AREAS THAT TAKE ALL YOUR GEAR! Now you can just tell people to fuck off and slaughter entire casinos, which I DID...then you get to higher tier people like brotherhood and with savescumming, I just wasn't powerful enough to rambo that many people. Iunno, I think the game has more and better content than 4, but 4 lacked bugs to piss me off to the extent that new vegas did. Fiddley quests failing you for no reason, playing the game normally pisses off other factions, and when they attack you in a town...the guards don't help you, and when you retaliate, the guards kill you...come the fuck on even morrowind had that shit in check.

Fallout 1 > 3 > 4 > NV  (haven't finished 2)

Kinda feel annoyed having finished it but its done.

Gaming / Re: The Backlog, 2020 edition
« on: May 06, 2020, 08:52:01 PM »

Brainstorming what to play next, may have to translate this to get past my kindergarten quality handwriting.

All games minus front mission 3, and resident evil 3, I have played to a minor or major extent in the past.

-Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 2
-Brave Fencer Musashi
-Resident evil...0,1,2,3,4
-Advance Wars Dual Strike
-Mario + Rabids
-Metroid Prime 2
-Death Stranding
-Warcraft 3
-Splinter Cell
-Silent hill 3 (and 1 and 2 I guess)
-Dark cloud 2
-Metal gear solid 5
-Front mission 3
-Fear Effect 2
-Armored Cor4e

Think I'll figure out a place to deposit games on the "to do" list, and also I got a fuck it I quit list which I started at the bottom...

Abandoned games, not worth my time
-Final Fantasy X-2
-Nier Automata
-Final Fantasy 2

Probably a good idea to have somewhere to keep track of shit I want to finish, as well as games I tried but ultimately aren't worth my time to finish. Can't enjoy everything.

Currently inbetween games, and I can easily make that list over 100 games long, but keeping to things on my mind, it's good enough for now. Dark Souls III is another game, but for example, I know I aint ready right now to boot it up, play it, and beat it, even though I loved the first one, finished it, and HAVE A COPY OF III IN SHRINK WRAP ON A SHELF IN MY HOUSE, currently do not want to invest energy into playing that game. Hard part about starting a new game is being in the right mood for the right game, and sometimes I'll go weeks without playing anything.

Gaming / Re: wut specturr'z playing
« on: May 04, 2020, 10:34:46 PM »
I meant no offense when I mentioned use of guides (I make heavy use of guides on...most of what I play anyway), but that was one of the first things I noticed when playing ff7 a second time was getting beta early. Many games (square rpgs are very guilty) have missable stuff you can't backtrack to get later, like the idiotic requirements for fort condor, so a guide is damn near mandatory even if the game is 2/10 difficulty easy.

I'm still very on the fence about playing ff7r for the same reasons I've yet to touch ff15 (and the characters of ff15 just looking...straight up bad, I know its shallow to knock a game for looks, but jesus im sick of boyband prettyboy protags), combat is a big turnoff. Probably shows up in the games I personally have been finishing being VERY turn based in nature, but I am aware that action sells more than taking turns, also probably helps a lot with the cinematic look square is looking for. But I aint about to bitch about a game I haven't played or even seen proper footage or gameplay of outside of a trailer or two, just a crotchety old man get offa my lawn, games back in my day, up hill in the snow both ways, ect.

Backpedaling to fort condor, I recall as a kid enjoying that minigame so much I tried putting the actual game CD into my pc to try and "extract" the minigame to my pc to play on its own...yep...

Gaming / Re: wut specturr'z playing
« on: May 04, 2020, 10:33:00 AM »
Assuming you're having a better time with the original over the "remake"?

I "recently" (about 4 years ago) played through the ps4 port, and since I had already completed the game before I had no issue using the built in speed up feature. Boy oh boy talk about running through the game quick, 30 hours to beat the game, all optional content, master all materia, get every optional item, ect. I DO NOT recommend doing that for a first playthrough, but for a subsequent playthrough, it's fun.

Either way, I assume you used a faq or guide or something? Mainly noticing because nobody intentionally kills the midgar zolom the first time you meet him. However, I did the same exact thing, and you realize how powerful blue magic enemy skills are. Now the game never was hard in the first place, but with the right enemy skills, it trivialized certain parts of the game. If you intend on going through ff9, I got a video showcasing some early broke ass grind spots. Not sure how the game will have aged for me in a post woke to smt games time (yknow where random battles are actually dangerous, bosses can require multiple attempts to beat and whatnot), but I still do have a few ff games left to take down (3, 4, 6, lightning returns, not ever touching ff2 so it wont count)

Tangent aside actually how faithful to the original is the remake anyway? Combat aside since it looks to me like a straight up action game with numbers to tell you it used to be an rpg, did it succeed?

Gaming / Re: The Backlog, 2020 edition
« on: May 01, 2020, 09:09:08 PM »
Barely churning out one a month, man does life pass by fast.

6. XCOM Chimera Squad

Not going to sugar coat it, this game would be a good deal at $60. It would be a great deal at $40. I PAYED $10, and had a fantastic 28 hours playing through this game. If you like xcom, and you aren't a bitch elitist snob (as most of the internet bitching about this game for the fact of it's a spinoff and not a main series game), you will have a lot of fun playing this game. I can't even believe they launched this game on sale for $10, since the normal price is ONLY $20. I can't even sympathise to the hordes of complainers, it's a legit fun, good, faithful, fairly meaty xcom spinoff game.



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