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Gaming / 2024 Endless Backloggery
« on: January 18, 2024, 12:12:03 AM »
Ham on Rye

New year new GAME...what no...this isn't a game.

I read stuff, I have "books" but mostly gaming books or artbooks or tabletop rpgs or whatever. To connect the dots here...cyberpunk 2077 > cyberpunk 2020 > thinking about bladerunner > buying a copy of neuromancer because I hear it inspired bladerunner > aquire several other books including this one because "I'll get to em eventually" > year later no books read see dune spice wars is on sale > impulse buy game > interested in dune and impulse buy it at barnes and noble > buy another random sci fi trilogy of books > don't read any of them and finish this book in a week.

My brain goes places, but maybe now I can finish a book every now and then.

Quite depressing read, very vulgar, disturbing in places, humor in others. Can't recommend to an adolescent, but I think I will seek out "post office" which takes place after this one. It's got an interesting perspective and uses words you don't often hear by civilized decent people. Stupid to admit this but this is the first novel I have read in my life, on my own, for entertainment. Better late than never? 

Of all things, a book about growing up in the great depression from childhood to early adulthood? I literally seen what a miserable human being Bukowski was on youtube, seeked out one of his books, and now I know the man was god damned miserable. I'm used to the whole "protagonist, antagonist, beginning middle and end" and this 280 page book is 58 very short chapters of events that are just there. Then it ends and kind of just...ends. No big sendoff, no happy ending, just...done. Fitting, really.

Games to come later, currently casually playing various monster hunter games.

Gaming / 2023 Still Back Loggin'
« on: February 04, 2023, 10:38:07 PM »
1. Frog Detective 1: The Haunted Island

So played a lot of games last year, told myself to take it easier this year, got kinda not much motivation to plug along on vidya right now. It'll happen eventually but kinda been casually pattering away at Qud, picking at games without much intent to complete them. Obsessing over scotch, which I do remind you, is not vidya.

So basically I stumbled upon a picture of this frog detective man, thought "I like the cut of his jib". Noticed the game is like $5.00, and also very VERY short.

40 minutes later I beat the game, it's short, they tell you and they are right.

This is a cute barely a game game that is kind of impossible to lose. Mostly just talking to people with some fairly entertaining writing and a very deliberate tone which is appropriate for the artstyle. It's a cute little short thing that is priced appropriately. If you like the way it looks and ain't gonna miss $5.00 for under an hour of playtime, there are worse ways to burn five bucks.

I enjoyed it, there's 3 games, I'll probably sprinkle them in throughout the year. It's almost an hour of amusement for five bucks, that's cool.

Song of the Day / [chillwave?]Toro y Moi- Goes By So Fast
« on: May 20, 2022, 11:49:52 PM »

So like I'm drinking again, and iunno when I drink I partake in music more than I do when I don't. But like this track...ohh boy ohh boy.

It's like modern, but like 60's? But like not vaporwave, but kinda? BUT ALL FUKIN GOOD jeeeeeezzzzzzzzz

Gaming / Racing Sims
« on: March 08, 2022, 06:49:33 PM »
So I was hoping I wouldn't make this thread, but my random spark of interest in trying a racing sim HAPPENS to be a few weeks before GRAN TURISMO 7 came out, and Gran Turismo isn't a series to make new games very often.

It's the first time in my life where I am interested "enough" in racing to actually have fun. So I bought it on ps4 because the benefits of ps5 didn't outweigh...not playing the game at all because nobody can buy ps5's right now. Besides loading into a race(quite a long load time, but not long enough to be ridiculous), the game runs pretty good and looks outstanding (I mean pretty much ALL car games look good...but..still...) so I don't think ps5 is mandatory.

I've only played like 8 hours (there's another...release I am playing that came out the same day...) and I've never had this much fun with a sim racer before. No real experience with sim racing outside of...sega gt on the original xbox if that counts? I can't even really say it's good as much as what I once thought to be boring, is now interesting. So don't use me as a source to gauge how much better GT7 is compared to the competition, no idea.

Two things of note though.

What I remember of sim racing styled games, they are fucking hard. They ain't jam the accelerator and win. Seeing people talk about the difficulty of GT7 as "fair to easy" and when I try some of the stuff they call easy, and can't even see second place as remotely attainable...there is a learning curve. This is not a problem, but with no legacy skill, it'll be a while before I am comfortable.

Which brings me wheels...ps4 controller is fine but...yknow...what if I had...THIS!

Yeah...I really want a proper wheel, but...dropping a grand to play pretend racecar at home? OHH BOY. There's also other games that would be fun with the wheel, I hear assetto corsa is good, I got some game called snowrunners that would look fun with a wheel, dirt rally...there's a lot of games that would be great on a wheel. To convince my girlfriend my unemployed ass is gonna build a sim rig...might not be possible even though I have the dough.

I do recall you mister spectere talking up one of the old forza games (3, 4?) back in the day, you still into the vroom vroom game? I did think about GT vs Forza, and consensus among the sim people is GT is more authentic, and I have a ps4, so that kinda solved that.

Gaming / 2022 The Backloggening
« on: January 21, 2022, 06:25:29 PM »
1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

So I've been kinda doing...nothing...the past while. Then I picked up skyrim again with the gf, and after obliterating that game on the 4th platform I own it on, I remembered I never beat oblivion.

This one was hard. I own the physical game on pc, played 80 hours...never finished. Tried again...nope. Started another file in 2016...nope. Downloaded it on steam to see if my old files were there...they were..

I was about half way through the main story so I literally booked it through the questline while ignoring all else.

Y'see, I think oblivion isn't a very good game. I put more than enough hours into the game trying to enjoy it, but I think this game is where people get at saying a TES game isn't worth playing without mods. I don't mod games, but god damn this game needs work. 5+ attributes mod MINIMUM so you don't have to worry about the atrocious leveling system. Sure it's the same in morrowind, but morrowind allows you to break that system, oblivion does not, also level scaling.

Basically oblivion to me was the fallout 3 (a game I actually enjoyed) beta test. I fail to see besides nostalgia, how anyone can enjoy this game. Playing it opinion is unchanged.


Computing / Got a Laptop
« on: July 06, 2021, 08:39:33 PM »
Kinda wanted to post this in the happy thread, but also in the rage I'll make a topic because I'm kinda new to laptops and whatnot.

I purchased one of these.

For the most part from what I've used setting it up and getting things on it, it's perfectly functional...but out of the box it looks like a hairline fracture horizontally across the center of the monitor. Not an issue using the hdmi and a second display, however, I got a laptop to be mobile, a 50 inch 4k display is NOT mobile, and spending over $1500usd on a new product for it to have it be defect...not pleased. I have god awful luck with displays I swear. My last tv I bought back in november had 25% of the screen as dead pixels, and that isn't the only new monitor I have purchased with that problem.

Apparently it's still under warranty with Lenovo...I mean I JUST got it I registered the product through their thing and sent in a ticket, 1-3 business days and I'll have an email...hopefully. I mean it works, the 144hz display really shows in comparison to the big tv I am currently running it on, so it does look good, and the fracture is so small you can hardly notice it...but it's still defect, and I want it fixed.

Not opening a thread only to complain, when I get it out of my house to my gf's place, I may need some gear to get setup comfortable over there. Laptop stand, new keyboard/mouse whatever laptop stuff. Not impulse buying anything till I know what I'll need over there. I had just payed for a month of WoW to dick around with TBC Classic, but whenever this customer service email shows up I'll probably end up not seeing this machine till that month is expired...great.

Song of the Day / [Hip Hop] Viktor Vaughn - Let Me Watch Ft. Apani B
« on: April 16, 2021, 11:31:36 PM »

DOOM doing an emotional piece? Despite being a huge DOOM fan Apani B makes this track shine. If im going to make a top 5 DOOM songs, this makes that list. Also reminded me that I heard Apani B in Nujabes- Thank You, which lead me to understand Apani B is kinda really good, check out her solo stuff.

Gaming / 2021 Backlog Report
« on: January 05, 2021, 01:26:46 PM »
1. The Outer Worlds

NEW YEAR NEW THREAD, heard this game was on the shorter end, so a good game to kickstart the year with. Had a 6 month hiatus from game 9, to game 10 last year, would like to watch a little less youtube and play a little more game/do something else productive. We'll see how that goes.

Fallout in space basically, dump the 50's aesthetic, with a western meets flash gordon aesthetic, with that bethesda open world vibe albeit smaller and more concentrated, and you got the outer worlds. Honestly not a big fan of the aesthetic, not knocking the game for it, but just not my cup of tea, it does work with what they're selling though. Started with a "stealth archer" build, found out the shooting is absolutely atrocious (playing on ps4, so that may be a factor), read that allies and diplomacy are actually really good in this game, started a new character.

Max leadership, max diplomacy, my character may have killed less than 10 things in the entire game, the rest was companions...they wreck house...seriously. Very refreshing change of pace for a game of this type, essentially a diplomat who can talk myself out of anything, and when I need to murder, I got two beefcakes with machineguns that are damn near immortal and make things into red mist before anything gets near me. This is one of the few games I can think of where points into speech doesn't feel wasted at all.

While I wasn't crazy for the universe, or aesthetic, the writing was entertaining, and it did feel like it went its own path not trying to be fallout 5. Very solid work by Obsidian, glad to see their original games picking up steam.

Random Chat / Weight Loss
« on: July 01, 2020, 08:19:00 AM »
Since recently turning single and whatnot, and thinking of how to make positive of this situation, I figured trying to drop some weight would help.

Before I started I thought I was like 200lbs, and stayed this way for the past...4-5 years. Which is fine for someone of my height, 6'1", but having got a better scale that is actually wonder I have a gut.

My goal is either 170lbs or no gut, whichever happens first (IIRC I do recall still having a small gut at 170 back when mass effect 3 was out...but I have more muscle since then, so I could probably pull off being heavier now). So...45 lbs...

In the past two weeks I started making small steps. Before I started, I basically ate whatever I want whenever I want, drink whatever I want, candy, junk, alcohol, pizza, with no restrictions. Eat an entire pizza and im full? Is that a bag of oreos next to me? NOMMING THOSE! Gluttony basically. Only thing I am good with is soda, because I got addicted to barely flavored carbonated water to the point where I literally vastly prefer it to soda. So like doing any dietary restriction at all should lose me weight, and so far it has. No pizza, candy, snacks, beer. Being willing to accept dropping weight at a reasonable pace will require me to deal with being hungry, something 6'1" 135lb high school graduate me could do EASILY.

To this day in one week of half assing it, and another week of taking it a bit more seriously, I am down to 204lbs. Goes up and down each day, I was 211 this past thursday, 210 friday, 209 saturday, 208 sunday, 204 monday, but spiked to 207 tuesday (I REALLY WANTED ARBYS AND GUMMY SNAKES) but trending down, so really gunning for sub 200lbs soon.

A few side notes, I bought a bike for hopes I can play vidya/watch youtubes while I cardio. I can control my pc with this wired hori ps4 controller I have, so I can pretty easily control youtube from the bike, and I've been able to play persona 4 golden on steam just fine, so it's working out fairly well. Starting slow, as any newbie aughta, but the goal is 30-60 minutes per day on the thing.

Last note, been gradually moving stuff out of the now ex girlfriends place which has recently involved all of my olympic plates. Still need to get my bench and barbell, but when I get everything set back up here I'd like to be lifting again. Starting slow with single lift at a time, and low weight to avoid snap city, but when everything is set back up I intend to start with squats since they basically work 80% of the muscles in the body. More muscle = more weight = MORE FOOD I CAN EAT.

I fully expect to quit any day now, and wouldn't even have bothered to make a post if I didn't make some actual meaningful progress so far. But in the meantime, dropping damn near 1lb a day, and it's not slowing down yet. Curious to see how serious I'll take it before I eventually quit as I have been doing off and on for the past decade. Never dropped 10lbs though, so that's a feat.

Gaming / The Backlog, 2020 edition
« on: January 08, 2020, 11:48:45 PM »
1. Dragon Warrior 2 (gbc)

Remember that time back in April where I beat Dragon Warrior, well there was two games on this gbc cart, and that meant only 1 of the two were completed. Can't have that now can we, new year, new list.

Not a bad game, but also from what im reading, one of the least enjoyed dragon quest games. Most of my enjoyment comes from seeing it as a history piece more than anything, the game was made in 87 after all(year older than me!). Have an actual party unlike the first game, but levels are permanently off throughout the entire game, the princess for example was almost 10 levels lower than the main character by endgame. Albeit I think they knew this and while levels were off, they felt more or less balanced with eachother.

I ain't gonna nitpick the game to death, it is pretty flawed, but taking it for what it is, a very very old jrpg, it's worth checking out. If you had to play one out of the two though, i'd recommend the first one. It may not be as flashy or have much substance to it, but it's simple, short, and not too hard, easy to blow through in a few sessions. 2 on the other hand requires quite a lot of grinding to get through, and probably a few various maps and guides just to make heads or tales of where to go.

Since I do want to beat...all...of the dragon quest games, this was necessary in order to unlock the privlidge of playing the game I've been wanting to play since damn near middle school, dragon warrior 3 on the gbc. I finally aquired a copy used game hunting a few months ago, and now that I beat 2, 3 is on the table...for another time...have another game in mind for the next romp.

Hopefully I can finish #2 before the end of the month, as it marks warcraft 3 reforged, one of the best games ever, and one...I haven't beat!

Before I end this post, I was playing around with the idea of having a "bounty" list or a "priority games" list, backlogged games that I've put a little too much time and or thought into over the years that just gotta get completed. Not sure I want to bloat this thread with MODERATE SIZED LIST OF VIDYA every other post, or just have a link somewhere where I can keep track of it. Since I have no plan, I'll just list a few off the top of my head, shrink the text to keep it clean, and add to it as more games come to mind while thinking of a better way to place/format it. And the list doesn't really have an effect on what I'll do next, since that's just 100% based on what I want to play at that particular time, more of a goal with no time limit.

-final fantasy x-2
-zelda majoras mask
-banjo tooie
-metal gear solid 5
-brave fencer musashi
-star fox adventures

Another year another list, hello 2020!

Gaming / Warhammer 40,000
« on: April 11, 2019, 11:12:44 PM »
This both belongs in gaming, and creation station, since it's both a game, and a craft.

Anyone know 40k, or play, or dabble, or know what the hell it is?

I've been interested for the past...decade? Bought a starter box long ago, realized it was way over my head and gave the thing away to a friend. Few months ago that same friend was telling me he's into it, and a few other mutual friends are into it, so why not, I bought a few boxes...two months later...

...not much progress, currently stripping my 8 genestealers because I found I liked hive fleet tiamet color scheme (in picture). I have a lot to learn/do/buy before I can even play a normal game of 40k. Before I even made my first purchase, I knew I would go slow, else, why bother. It's expensive and time consuming, and I need a ton of stuff. But it's cool, 40k universe is REALLY cool (pretty much the ultimate dystopian universe, nobody is good, everybody is bad, and everybody wants everybody else dead), and it's a non gaming, non computer thing I can do that gets me to assemble and paint and whatnot.

Going with a tyranid army, the lore is great, and the big monsterous creatures are cool enough to make me want to collect said faction. Being a swarm army, that one guy in the picture which took me nearly an hour to get that crude result...I know I'm going to need 60 of em...I have 12, and that one is the only one painted so far...and...

IT AINT EVEN DONE, I need to color the gun (maybe purple), need to get the eyes and the gun eye done (probably yellow) ontop of...maybe a black wash? I know I'm missing a few steps that make a model pop, so whatever that is, I'll have to get it sorted. Once I know all what I'm doing, I'll get a list down of what all steps I need to do, and I'll do the remaining 11 I have assembly line style one step for all 11, then the next, till they're done...then my 8 genestealers after...

...then buy more stuff, assemble more stuff, paint more stuff, as is warhammer.

Will probably update whenever I get my current batch of assembled and primed models painted (20 in total). I put a restriction on buying any more stuff until I paint those, as to reduce a painting backlog, why buy what I cant even work on yet.

Anyone else here remotely interested in the hobby? If any of y'all know how to paint, I haven't picked up a paint brush in 20 years and it shows, I need a few pointers.

Computing / Getting something to compute with
« on: February 26, 2019, 10:55:49 PM »
Kinda been off the desktop due to back pain reasons, would like to get back into things. Looking into both a laptop, and later ( probably after I get the money for a new hdtv In the later future) a living room desktop set up.

Been procrastinating learning how to code too long, when I get a machine, I'll get to work.

Doing some basic looking this might be promising. Really don't want to spend $800+ so any feedback would be nice.

Obviously I'd like to play games, but I ain't really a AAA gamer, most of my gaming is console. PC side would be for those PC only things like wow classic, and...? Probably the Warcraft 3 remaster.

Having a portable machine I can just open in my recliner would drastically get me to learn coding, and I think it's a solid reason to look at that over a desktop for right now.
I'm aware it's not optimal, but my new place is the living room in a nice back friendly recliner, not a computer room desk.

Gaming / 2019 games back-log
« on: January 15, 2019, 04:43:04 PM »
1. Front Mission 4

I'm back at it, I honestly don't know if I'm going to go nuts like last year, but I think being off my pc in general kinda focuses playing games in my free time over...fucking around on an internet browser on my pc. Both unproductive, but at least with one I can beat games over...doing absolutely nothing. These posts are probably more for me than anything, because I don't have a blog (which I should probably do that, so I'm not spamming) I like looking back at the year to see what I got done.

Game itself, I purchased shortly after release in 2004, I know I got it before world of warcraft came out, and it's been one of those off and on games I'd get 1/3 through, quit, start over a few years later, 1/3 through, ect. I have a few of these games, last year earthbound was one of those games, and the year before that mario rpg was another. It feels REALLY good to get those types of games off the backlog. There's a finite amount of them, and it's only a matter of thinking back to remember which games I have left.

It's ok, really slow pace is primary reason I never finished it, as is the difficulty of the game if you don't have a grasp of the mechanics. Not super hard if you do have a grasp of the systems, but pretty hard if you don't. Armored core, with a turn based rpg battle system, it's neat. Think disgaea with customizable mechs, less ally units on the field, BIGGER LONGER MAPS, no magic, slower gameplay, and leveling doesn't really do anything other than make ep grinding (think skill points to improve your characters) harder.  Ohh and it's the only game I know of with a split story line, probably the most unique feature of this game. You play two casts of characters, one in Europe, one in Venezuela, seperate mech equipment, seperate characters, seperate storylines (which connect late), seperate money, and the game alternates between the two. You'll do a few missions in europe, then go to south america for a few, then back to europe, and it alternates throughout the entire game, and absolutely no gear/levels/money carry over between the two at all. Venezuela will give you more side units to play with on certain missions, and europe has access to radio air strikes and supply drops, so each side will play a little different. It's different, not bad, not good, but unique.


Gaming / 10 games for 2018
« on: August 22, 2018, 10:40:54 PM »
Not too entirely sure this is thread worthy, but maybe it'll start a small conversation or two?

Think I made a comment or two about wanting to beat 10 games I never beat before in 2018. Started a list back in November of 2017, and a few months into 2018 realized while having not been following said list, been doing progress enough into new games and some backlog games as well. Figured I'd use this is a place to keep track. I normally beat like 1-3 new games in a year, IF that, and it was hitting me I was getting a lot done, so I'm just going to truck along and finish this arbitrary goal.

List is in order of completion this year.

1- earthbound
2- monster hunter world
3- smt nocturne
4- smt 4
5- south park fractured but whole
6- xcom terror from the deep
7- persona 5
8- deus ex mankind divided

Thing is I work 50 hours now, so I have less time to use for entertainment, but im so close, and there's plenty of time left in the year. I pre ordered Dragon Quest XI, and that's a long fucker, so I want to finish something hopefully fun, short, and something I already own.

Was thinking Halo 2, or since I finished mankind divided recently(good game, but kind of mediocre Deus Ex game not really worth making a post about), Deus Ex Invisible War....then at work I remembered Halo Wars existed, and I bought it on steam around last Christmas. 15 mission pc port of a console RTS, I think I can do that in two weeks before dragon quest comes out.

Not sure I'll do another thing like this next year, but it's been fun. I usually go months between games, but it's been bam bam bam this year, and I've been enjoying it a lot. After I finish this personal quest, I might get back into multiplayer things like fightans/rts again. Till then, let's see how this Halo Wars is.


Uninstalled Halo Wars soooooooooo fucking fast.

Mission 4 can suck my big fat dickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Hey let's put a defend for x minutes mission early in the game, and it's harder than anything in starcraft/2 or warcraft 3 put together!


Oooo new do I have to share?

Y'all know I'm a big hip hop head, and psytrance is the mold, not going to be predictable.

...Then I started looking at stuff and I couldn't not post this. It's one of my favorites. Anyway, getting accurate genres might be difficult since not every piece of music can cleanly fit into a box.

So when I talk music with randos on various parts of the internet, and I'm being a suave asshole claming to have good taste, I usually post this track, and they usually agree with me.

I hope you fellows feel the same.

'lil bit of jazz, some r&b feels, some sick piano, always gets me in a good mood

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