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Random Chat / Re: The Thread of Extreme Happiness
« on: November 22, 2020, 10:43:15 PM »

This guy sells prints over here and I kinda wanna buy one...this one in particular. "cough" continuing on my wow kick "cough" classic is pretty good despite the endgame being all fucked up due to the game being figured out and the fun minmaxed out of it THIS ART IS GOOD DOE

Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« on: November 17, 2020, 11:44:45 AM »

I've been playing a little more than expected. I'm actually paying for a zygor literally...

I kinda like it, I have 3 total 60's on classic, 2 in vanilla classic, one on this current version, and the place I took this screenshot I never knew exited. It's really cool to just not need to worry about what quests to do when and where (in classic it's like spaghetti, do quests in like 9 different zones for a span of 2 levels, only to backtrack to zones multiple times at different levels), since it has you going in an efficient path. Like for instance, I am on my way to badlands, i have quests to turn in there, it has me going on this pitstop mini quest hub area ON THE WAY, so im not wasting time.

Using it for like 11 levels now, it's good. Nice way to turn my brain off after work and get some exp in without needing to think much.

Random Chat / Re: The Thread of Excessive Rage
« on: November 13, 2020, 09:30:12 PM »
Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to "tragedy" I've lost this year, a bunch of people I know have lost this year, employees dropping like flies to covid, it's kinda normal now.

I even got it good, but even knowing that, I'm losing sanity by the week. Figure it shouldn't be much to iunno...go out and hang with people, but it just isn't a thing anymore.

Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« on: November 01, 2020, 10:41:31 PM »


BUT WITH CYBERDELAYED 2021, why not. WW axe get, thanks guild.

Random Chat / Re: The Thread of Excessive Rage
« on: October 30, 2020, 09:38:46 PM »
65 hour week + drinking + sharp objects to take the edge off = ill take my weekend whenever i can get it plz

I don't care how you slice it, how long you work on average, 9am-11:30pm is too long to work, when you gotta get up and do another 10 hours on your day off the very next day.

resorting to childish methods of relieving stress and i'd prefer to not going back to it.


another 13 hours, idk how people do this on the regular without going crazy. one more day.

Random Chat / Re: Why FedEx is the Worst Delivery Service
« on: October 19, 2020, 01:16:47 PM »
Methinks you're just unlucky, or have below average delivery people in your area. I've been ordering...a lot of stuff I don't need online, and haven't had any issues for quite a while now. At least nothing this year, I have had a 7 foot long 45lb olympic barbell MAGICALLY GO MISSING in the mail before...not sure how you can misplace something so large, but whatever.

Random Chat / Re: The Thread of Excessive Rage
« on: October 08, 2020, 09:17:51 PM »
I had a guy a few months ago do that to me, he derogatorily called me a "Democrat" even though I had said nothing at all political at all. I swear he came from the ass end of georgia, was in cryo stasis for the duration of the pandemic, and my store was the first people he has seen in a few years, because even in my small ass town, it's M A N D A T O R Y to wear a mask in public places.

I hate masks as much as the next guy, always have, even when I see a doctor or dentist wearing one, it always has and always will creep me out, and I still fucking do it, suck it up people, it's not supposed to be fun.

Random Chat / Re: The Thread of Extreme Happiness
« on: October 02, 2020, 10:35:39 PM »
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmight need to stop being influenced by youtube to spend money.


Affordable (relatively speaking) damascus flipper, and I hate myself for wanting another one...

Depending on how loaded you are these things can go for a lot of money, so probably not going off on the deep end...but I might snag another flipper, and maybe an autoknife...


Umm, so...yeah...these things are great to play with while watching youtube or whatever...however in getting the "less fancy" looking knife below(blue), I noticed the action in flipping open the blade is god damn flawless, and on my first knife it's a bit rough. Might need to try oil to get it firing well. There is ONE more model in this product line I kinda want, but im kinda happy with these two as is. Fun to flip open, looks cool, is a practical tool I need access to semi regularly.


aquire torx drivers, and some knife pivot lube = 3/10 flipping action on the damascus knife is now a 10/10, bad boy fires flawless now.

Gaming / Re: The Backlog, 2020 edition
« on: September 29, 2020, 05:46:01 PM »
I got 3 months to beat 1 game...motivation has been kinda shot due to life circumstances earlier in the year, so been playing other stuff.

Took me like 3 weeks to get the motivation to play this thing after I randomly impulse bought it, but the internet wasn't wrong, game is crack.


(now to find a few people to play multiplayer with)

Random Chat / Re: Weight Loss
« on: September 28, 2020, 02:36:32 PM »
It's effective, but damn if it's hard to stick to. I think I barely lasted a week when I tried it. I don't think it's a diet people tend to stick with for the long term, more of a tool to kickstart whatever goal one is trying to hit. I like carbs too damn much though.

Computing / Re: The Keeb Thread
« on: September 28, 2020, 02:22:57 PM »
Besides travel, and collecting, what's the appeal of a 60% keyboard?

I don't have the largest hands for someone my size, but big for "average standards", and I don't see something like that being very comfortable as a daily driver.

I did notice 60% being quite popular while I was looking for a mech myself, but I just don't get the appeal, unless you're a tiny person in general. I could argue same goes for wallets, minimalist wallets seem to be way popular than a good quality leather bifold. (why a glorified paperclip is marketed as a "minimist wallet" is beyond me, but not for me I can't really comment)

Gaming / Re: Got myself a new headset and sound card. Thoughts?
« on: September 19, 2020, 12:20:35 AM »
Call me crazy, but I thought sound cards went the way of the dodo?

Random Chat / Re: Weight Loss
« on: September 19, 2020, 12:07:50 AM »
Before I started I thought I was like 200lbs, and stayed this way for the past...4-5 years. Which is fine for someone of my height, 6'1", but having got a better scale that is actually wonder I have a gut.

I am by no means "done", still miles of work to do, but after work yesterday...

Excuse my "just got off a 10 hour shift gross man feet", but uhh, goddamn. I plateaued at 199 at my LOWEST, added cycling...started eating more junk...drinking too much, energy drinks again, hovering around 203-204. Cut all that shit again over only a few days, weight just evaporated. 190 looking somewhat achievable. Less cycling due to temp AND daylight dropping rapidly is a concern, need proper cycling "tights" instead of "shorts" now, warmer top probably gloves, even in the mid 40's/50's this evening...could barely feel my hands/arms with the breeze I cycling shorts and a t shirt...

Mirror gains starting to get real, stomach is much MUCH more flat than when I started. I think I went down from a gut, to having a belly, it's a step in the right direction for personal appearance gains. And on personal appearance stuff...I'd been thinking about err, doing this...again... I got the money to do it now, but current world situation + I get stressed out and anxious just THINKING about it, it's non trivial to just "get done". So yeah, hopefully I can get that done. Actually pretty embarrassing to talk about, probably telling close to nobody irl about it if im going to be honest, but gotta vent it somewhere.

That weirdness out of the way, I think I did most of what I wanted to do out of this thread AS IS. Cycling over 500 miles and losing 20lbs, going down a belt notch and seeing a visible change in my stomach, not to stroke my ego, but I think I get at least one pat on the shoulder. But more work to be done, next on the list is 190lbs, working on deadlift, eat healthier (currently just "eat less" to drop lbs, but eating healthier would allow me to be less hungry while doing that).


Random Chat / Re: The Thread of Extreme Happiness
« on: September 09, 2020, 10:11:40 PM »
Animal Crossing is always something I get into pretty hard for about 1 month, then drop off HARDDDDDDDD (with a capital D) after, been this way with gamecube, ds, 3ds, and switch versions. Great games, but...I ain't one of those grandmas who put 5k hours into it, or my ex who put...probably near 1k hours into it.

While on subject. DO check out youtube for "animal crossing 5am, or any hour in a 24 hour day", each game has different music for every single hour, very good background music. When in game you should notice at the start of an hour the music will change.

You getting that mario collection? Nintendo is pulling a nintendo selling it for 6 months before pulling it off physical AND digital forced me to bastards, but still bastards.

Back to fashion, I used to (for a very very long time) wear blue jeans, white t shirt...that's it. (skinny) jeans...but sometimes shorts?!, sweats?!, now athletic attire?! With...colorful shirts?!

Iunno, I'm into it. Coming soon as I get my diet in check, as I'm ~10lbs away, MEDIUM SIZE T SHIRTS...bum..bum...BUMMMmmmmmmm (I can already sorta pull off medium shirts...if I skip breakfast and drink no water...but as soon as I put anything in me, nope, pudge town)

Random Chat / Re: The Thread of Extreme Happiness
« on: September 08, 2020, 12:35:02 PM »
Double posting because why the fuck not.

If y'all are into the vaporwave AESTHETICS, worth checking out. TAD BIT PRICEY HOWEVER...but tempted to put together an entire outfit...

"shoes run small so order a size up"
, no us size 13...RIP bigfoot (me)

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