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Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« on: May 25, 2018, 06:52:14 PM »
Ohh no way in hell classic would work on console, but the current game probably would be fine.

I'm going to go on a little about pvp for a moment. PvP in the current game, world pvp, ain't worth a damn, I've been on PvE since lich king. Vanilla though, PvE literally feels like part of the game is missing, like I can't even fathom why one would roll a vanilla rogue on a PvE server because of all they can do on a PvP server. There's a huge HUGE difference between vanilla and any other expansion for world pvp, and that's the absence of flying. No flying, no phasing, no cross realm, so that fucker that ganked you, you can get revenge. Unless they hearth, they'll still be there.

I do get not wanting random high levels coming down to ruin your day, but I think it's part of the experience. Seeing the world defense channel (remember that?) having people get ganked by a higher level, and requesting help, that's where the fun is imo. World pvp isn't fair, you will die, and there's nothing you can do about it, but it's fun that a gank can call for high level re inforcements, on one end, to end the conflict, or have more reinforcements from the other into a little mini spontaneous war. It's a cool dynamic I miss from the old game, the whole community aspect of each individual server is more impactful when you have pvp in the mix. 

Still going to have people camp you, and potentially force you to level in another zone or area, but that's part of it. I managed two 60's on PvP servers on vanilla, and I got my shaman to 70 week freaking one on tbc on a PvP server (week 1 = nobody had a flying mount), and it was great. I never understood why lich king needed to seperate players to two zones because I literally didn't have any issues in hellfire peninsula day one launch of the game on a pvp server. Also you get situations when raiding, all 40 people roll out, and you run into an alliance guild going to the same place at the same time...It's like av happening in the world spontaneously, its glorious.

Either way I'm not hating, maybe you'll level an alt on pvp so we can level together in the future or something. Believe me, I get the appeal of pve, I did that from lich king to present. I just feel pvp in vanilla (and maybe tbc) made a nice experience, and forces people to work together even more to get by. It's an MMO and the more reasons to force people to team up, the better, else I could play a single player game that doesn't force a subscription fee upon me.

Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« on: May 23, 2018, 07:53:20 PM »
Your post, plus me watching this video...

I think it's kinda possible?

Fuck I'd buy it, if I knew ps4/pc would be on the same server. It won't, so if it happens, I'm not buying. Still, an interesting possibility.

Totes agree on the Sylvannas thing. I kinda don't like the horde at all after...vanilla. We got two kinds of elves now(I actually kinda like nightborne so...not really too mad at that), and a goddamn elf runs the show, an evil fucker at that. I guess that's why I'm alliance on retail.

So that's how it be. Did wailing caverns last week to get muh crescent staff. Took...over 2 hours, didn't really wipe or anything, it's just long. The more I play, I know for damn sure I want to find a group of like minded people to guild with. Going solo is fine and dandy for experiencing the game, and since it's not retail I'm not taking it too serious. But when it's out, I really want to go hard this game. Plus on a pvp server, if you run with 2-3 people questing(2 is probably optimal due to exp splitting in group), you ain't as likely to get ganked/camped. There is talk of a new server opening up on lights hope....june 23? So I might roll an alliance paladin on that fresh server to experience alliance 1-20 again. Retail for sure troll mage doe, class/race/faction is locked in at this point, thanks private servers!

Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« on: May 19, 2018, 08:42:36 PM »
I don't know what you're talking about. Paladin is great, it's just leveling is kinda boring with them, since all they really got is auto attack...they'll survive anything though. Paladin being alliance only and shaman being horde only, check this shit out.

World first to finish the LAST BOSS of a raid has mostly been horde, because of one single guild, but look at the rest, it's 95% alliance, why?


They're fantastic, and in pvp they are THE best pvp healer in the game bar none.

Just don't jump into them thinking the class fantasy is class reality in classic world of warcraft, they're healers/support, and nothing else.

Leveling does get longer every 10 levels, so you're correct on that accord. 1-10 is pretty quick, 10-20 is fairly long, 20-30, you're feeling it, 30-40, marathon mode, 40-50 you should have your mount...and you'll need it since the xp don't get easier, 50-57/8 at least you got BRD. 58-60, shut up and grind, it sucks.

If I did it as a warrior in vanilla (warrior has community opinion of being THE hardest class to level in vanilla), anybody can do it with any other class.

Really just don't go into a hybrid class expecting to dps, or tank. You can tank lower level instances fine, but the higher level stuff mostly ain't viable. Also probably don't play druid in general.

Hitting 60 is a long ride though. I'd recommend trying not to rush it, take your time, explore and enjoy all of that jazz. It's not a race.

Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« on: May 16, 2018, 12:46:26 AM »
I think the game at this point needs to remove "traditional" levels. They revamped the professions to where if you have 1 enchanting or whatever prof, when you start bfa, you start at 1, not at whatever level you were in legion or draenor. Each expansion is like a clean slate, for professions.

I don't think it's so farfetched for say...the expansion after bfa to eliminate the standard leveling system. Instead of going to 130, I think the baseline will be a static power level, and when you enter an expansion, you play through zones to obtain power up to some predetermined point. So if I wanted to roll a monk of which I don't have one, I could just roll one and already be ready for the current expansion content, then play that to be up to snuff. If I say waited till the expansion after, it would roll over, kinda like how purchasing the game now gives you all but the most recent expansion.

The only issue I see with that, they'd lose money in preorder incentives (FREE max level character boost), and paid level boosts.

Either way, I think the game is kind of too bloated at this point. WoW 2 has to be a thing they are talking about internally right? But if this game continues to print money, why bother with the immense amount of money and resources required to make a brand new AAA mmo. I think they need to have a new game, with leveling being just as important as the endgame.

While on wacky things they could do to make things better. Warcraft 4. How to do it with WoW existing? Blizzard aint afraid to do stupid shit, horde being an elf faction, story all sorts of wack? They aint new to funky stuff. So, split timeline. Draenor was a time traveley split timeliney type of thing. Do it again, have WoW continue in it's own timeline, and warcraft 4 exist in a seperate one. PROBLEM SOLVED blizzard you're free to make a new RTS.

...last but not least, I got my shin megami tensei strange journey coming in the mail tomorrow, in the meantime...trollin' around with the mage on lights hope. The more I play, the more I know for damn sure my main (or at least first 60) is mage. Frost tree is freaking stupid, you get tallents to double crit damage AND 50% crit rate on frozen targets? Goddamn boo, I want to pvp with this fucker.

I see almost literally no flaws in the mage. The only flaw, no heals, no tankey, but make up for it in being a god. free drinks, teleports any city you want, best gold farm in the game, solid leveling, great cc, great aoe. my ninja, what is the mage even bad at? low health? like it matters with all of the cc and utility. vanilla really sided on "pure" classes over hybrids, if you want to look at the best classes in the game being the holy qua?trinity. warrior, mage, priest, rogue. Don't even need any of the other classes really. Could even cut the rogue out of there because the warrior is so busted they take best (only!) tank slot, and with gear can out dps rogues, it's silly. Not saying other classes are useless (though hunters and druids I'd put on the bottom of the totem pole), but it ain't balanced and never pretended to be. pvp mixes it up a bit, since theres a lot more specs viable in pvp than in pve. ele sham is 100% useless garbage in pve, pretty good in pvp.

I probably repeated a lot of stuff but whatevs, vanilla is great. Best flavor of warcraft.

Random Chat / Re: BEER
« on: May 09, 2018, 10:26:58 PM »
I ain't going to start a cigar thread since, I'll not really be smoking much at all, but I do want to put my 2 cents in based on a cigar I just had.

Acid Blondie

Mind you, I have had less than 10 cigars in my entire life, and the past 7 months, maybe 5? I have heard good things about this particular cigar, it looks to me to be a mid range solid pick...and...where the fuck is the flavor? The room note is good, the smoke smells appealing, but taste is almost non existant. I've had cheaper ones that just taste like ash and ass (looking at you 50 cent swisher sweets), so...I'm just going to limit this activity to special occasions where I'm dropping at least over 10 bucks on the fucker. If it ain't premium, it ain't worth my time. I'm not an enthusiast, nor do I intend on trying everything under the sun like I did with beer.

I might just be one of those guys who finds one thing he likes, and doesn't bother with anything else. My own personal experience, if it's going to be a rare thing, drop the money on the good shit and make sure you're going to have a good time. Last time I buy a cigar on a whim I tell you that, I'm going by the recommendation of the tobacco store guy since he's currently 1 for 1, and im 0 for ...9...

I will agree with you on those clove cigarettes though. I had one...some 10 years ago, and I didn't inhale it, just had it for flavor, and I remember it being not half bad.

Random Chat / Re: BEER
« on: May 07, 2018, 06:19:45 PM »
Cigarettes are made to inhale into your lungs. Cigars and pipes, aren't. I think having it in the air for the armoa is fine(I think pipes especially), but if you get a face full of it because the wind blew the wrong way, probably going to have a bad time, as i did with my last cigar back in november. Cigar experience is a taste thing, not so much for the nicotine as cigarette addicts are in for.

That's another thing I have pro cigars and anti cigarettes. Cigarettes contain a whole host of things you don't want anywhere near your body, cigars are made of two things...tobacco, and some food grade adhesive to keep the cap together. Again, not good for you, but I think we can agree tobacco > tobacco + rat poison. In my personal life I do what I can to stay the fuck away from second hand smoke, and even playing cautious with this cigar thing. Always outside in a well ventilated area being very mindful not to accidentally inhale.

Random Chat / Re: BEER
« on: May 07, 2018, 12:40:52 AM »
I don't know if this comes off as hypocritical but I kinda look down on cigarette smokers, while seeing cigar smoking as totally different. To me, one is an addiction that will guarantee you don't live to see the age of 70, and the other is a luxury item one chooses to enjoy on a special occasion, or every now and then. Like a typical cigarette smoker has what, a pack a day? Typical cigar smoker might not even have one a week, and you don't inhale the smoke into your lungs at that. I also see pipes in the same vein as cigars, they share a good few similarities. Maybe in the next few I'll check out the tobacco place and explore more cigars, looking to see if I can obtain a lancero (smaller diameter, longer length, so more wrapper to filler ratio on the cigar) since to be blunt, they look cool, and the wrapper is typically the most flavorful leaf, and having more of that aughta make more flavorful smoke. But maybe I'm an asshole for looking down at a group of people who enjoy one vice while I enjoy another? I can say that my drinking that lessens my life span, will not lessen the lifespan of those who are around me while I imbibe alcohol, so there's that.

Speaking of, I'm on my third....dank wood (tee hee) and unfortunately, based on the description of the beer "BARREL AGED imperial red ipa" sounded a bit similar to founders release of DOOM last year...and...tastes...similar...

IPA is a beer that is best enjoyed FRESH, and I use caps to emphasize...fresh

IPA starts to taste like ass after a few months of being made, there's a big difference between a few weeks and a few months for an IPA. My current favorite beer, lagunitas hop stoopid, I will drainpour if I get an old batch. It turns from piney dank goodness, to dead leaves ASSSSSSSS, it's that big. So to have an "aged ipa" just means the beer just tastes like fucking dead leaves, which this one does. I'll finish em, but it's the last aged ipa of any variety I'll ever buy. Not a knock on the brewer, but a knock on the style itself. Red IPA should be delicious, not dead moldy leaves. Founders red rye IPA is probably the best beer ever made, but it's draft only, and it only tastes good for a very limited window (which I found out having experienced the beer tasting great on tap, and being totally different when I had the EXACT SAME BEER from a growler a week later) before the flavor changes, so aging

Founders has a series of "bourbon barrel aged" beers, and a lot of them are good, but im done with anything IPA. They even did a craft malt liquor last year, seriously, and it was FANTASTIC, but 3 year old KBS tastes great, 1.5 month old "dank wood" not horrible, but there's better cheaper beers out there.

Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« on: May 05, 2018, 10:57:41 PM »
I've binging youtube for any classic wow content I can find, and I found a video talking about things people like about the game and I heard a very good point nobody really talks about.

People talk about pvp and raiding as core things they enjoy, but what about...leveling?

Leveling in retail is just a small speedbump that gets in the way of endgame, and in vanilla it's not too far off to say leveling in vanilla is most of the entire experience. Not everybody even made it to 60, let alone raided or did level 60 pvp. I get making leveling shorter because you now have a million expansions of content to level through, but with level scaled zones now a days, maybe it's time to slow it down so people can see more of the world? I think lich king is where it started to be a less meaningful part of the game, because even in TBC it took a long time to hit 60-70. I took 9 days, but I also played like a no lifer doing multiple 48 hours without sleep...still, now a days after what, some zangarmarsh you're already 70? In tbc, it took doing like every quest in every zone, and while there were leftover quests, you basically seen the majority/entirety of every zone minus some shadowmoon valley or netherstorm whichever you did last. Shit I REALLY liked tbc, but, past vanilla every expansion has been downhill. I stuck with vanilla for the entirety of vanilla, from the start(literally created my account ~3 weeks after the game came out), to the release of tbc. Even have the tabard you get from the tbc launch event in vanilla. I stuck with tbc for a few months and QUIT, like I didn't see the end of it, or ANY expansion in this games history. I've played them (sans pandaria), but I play them, hit level cap, see some max level stuff, and quit. It's like a retail single player videogame to me, and not a world I want to log on to for the social aspects. I used to log on just to fish and talk in guild chat, I just don't get that anymore.

I'm starting to think a solution to this would be to make a new mmo entirely, they have more IP's than just warcraft. Maybe take the heroes of the storm ALL OF BLIZZARD IP'S MASHED INTO ONE idea into an mmo? Level 5 hydralisk, lets go!

Ohh and if you roll hunter, a class I personally find mostly useless for pve...not useless at all in pvp. Mage/hunter team in bg's/world pvp? UNSTOPPABABL!

Last thing today...

...bout...fucking...time...MONTHS to get that fucker. At least my 15 dollars wasn't totally wasted.

Random Chat / Re: BEER
« on: May 05, 2018, 10:36:08 PM »

Got me a 4 pack of these a few days ago. Wasn't even looking for them, out getting some groceries and couldn't resist.

Might try one of these sonb's tomorrow as I severely cut my alcohol consumption the past few weeks...

Few weeks ago I had a bottle and a half of wine, and was barely drunk off from that...shit ain't right to have a tolerance like that. Not to mention I kinda had minimum 2 drinks per day...every day...and it was a problem. Trying to gradually cut back so I don't die or anything, so yknow, down to one drink every other day instead of 2/day, been going well. If I splurge and have "gasp" two drinks, it'll be two days off. Seems like a good system methinks.

12.2% abv, so it ain't no joke, but I'll report tomorrow on how it tastes.

Also not really on topic per say, but don't feel like making a new one (yet)

'scuse the greasy hair, just got off a bad week of work/wanted to shower AFTER getting smokey rather than before

Starting to get into cigars, cautiously. I don't consider myself a smoker, and that's like...the second cigar I've had in 6 months, maybe 5th cigar I've ever had. However, it is appealing, and something I wouldn't mind doing on an occasion, maybe like once a month max or something? Idk, I don't want to make a habit of it, but I do want to enjoy one every now and then. Guy at the cigar shop recommended me Fat Bottom Betty and I'll be honest, probably the first good smoke I ever had. Bought a perdomo cigar from the casino back in november, and it made me sick...kind of a middling/bad experience, but this one was totally different. Finished the whole thing, got a bit of a nicotine buzz which I'm not used to, but it was quite pleasant. I like how it's a taste thing, you don't inhale them so it doesn't feel like I'm killing my body like a cigarette or hookah would. It's FAR from good for you, but in moderation every now and then? Can't be THAT bad for you, least I'd hope not. Anyone else into cigars? Something I want to dip my toes into a bit more.

Random Chat / Re: Car Audio!
« on: May 04, 2018, 07:04:10 PM »

Gaming / Re: Stardew Valley
« on: May 02, 2018, 08:23:14 PM »
I really only played harvest moon 64, and this looked interesting when it launched. I do own it, but haven't really had the drive to put much time into it...which annoys my girlfriend greatly.

I bought the game for her a year or two ago, and she has like over 300 hours logged on that fucker, and we also have it on ps4.

When multiplayer officially releases, it may be the only multiplayer game the both of us can agree on playing.

Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« on: May 02, 2018, 08:15:56 PM »
Well whenever classic hits, let's make sure to be same server same faction. I assume you're horde?

I'm seriously going to try and connect with people to get people into this fucker. I had so much damn fun playing with other people back in the day. I even remember having people come over to my house with their desktops, and we played lowbie alliance characters on random servers and went and did deadmines and shit, it was amazing. Depending on who I know will be playing (and if they will stick with it to 60 is the key factor) I may change class away from mage. So far mage is the default, however priest and shaman are very close behind. If i had people to support me, I would have no issues healing.

You do make a great point. The game now is about turning the character into a literal god, not even a demi god. You are the master of everything and slaughter all in your path and there's only ONE of you (ignore the other 10 million who "cough" are also the ONE "cough"). There was something kinda nice about being a wee bop nobody lost in a big big world that vanilla had (I'd argue tbc as well, but less so in tbc). Plus the lack of the creature comforts we're used to, forces you to...lets hold off, what is an MMORPG. MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER? like, a lot of other people on your server to play with, as in it's not a single player game? Ohh, the old WoW forced you into playing with others because the game was hard(in comparison to the current game). Even early on first 10 levels it was very advantageous to clique with others to get certain hubs done. Remember the troll islands off the coast of durotar? Some tough enemies in there, soloable, but groups sure did help. Now a days people don't even talk. People who haven't played vanilla and current wouldn't understand, but the current game compared to the first release is as different as comparing madden NFL to NBA jam. Both sports games...both totally different.

As for the screenie (digging through what I have archived) remember kargath? ITS GONE NOW, but it was a town hordies gathered at to raid mc and bwl. Lotta good times I had there.

Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« on: May 01, 2018, 09:40:16 PM »
Having 8 classes at max level, the other 4 I could care less about, so I don't even have motivation to level.

I was excited about the new trolls being able to be paladins...then that idea was shot down. Orc priests though...but I already have a dwarf.

Idk, I will play battle for azeroth, and probably enjoy it, but this game doesn't feel like it has the legs it once had. I just can't think of anything to do. I should try pvp or something, but there's like pvp tallents and stuff now? I don't even want to dive into that malarkey. I aint even shitting on legion, its a totally different game now, and I had a lot of fun playing through the content, but It's all dried up and I remember now why I let my sub expire.

Still going back and fourth on vanilla classes, and probably will until classic hits. I recall late vanilla I wasn't really raiding much and just did battlegrounds on my warrior mostly, and then respecced elemental on the shaman and it was amazing. Elemental is shit in vanilla...for pve...but in pvp FAT CRITZZ FUK ENHANCE RNG

I want to shaman again, but mage is just too damn broke to not have as a first character. Probably the best gold farmers in the game? So main may be troll mage with enchant/tailor, bank alt/real alt will be orc sham herb/alch, leveling when rested caps out. That way I can have a bank alt, but make use of rest exp to gradually get the pvp character I really want to play. Shit maybe use the mage to fund a twink, I never tried that back in the day and I totally understand the appeal now a days.

Also if I get people to play with, and they want to do alliance for whatever goddamn reason, I'm totally doing broke ass paladin. BEST PVP HEALER IN THE GAME, no doubt, and support in vanilla is really fun. Really loved it with the shaman before I respecced ele for the tail end of vanilla.

Maybe when I get around to it I'll level the elysium mage. Still level 9, don't even have my first tallent point yet.

Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« on: April 29, 2018, 06:35:36 PM »

I had cravings for vanilla, and I impulse spent $15 on a month of retail...except I realize I HAVE NOTHING TO DO ON RETAIL!

I have 4 classes left to level, and I kinda want to wait till BFA for the new allied races for some of those, so...ahhhhhhh

Slutmog hunting for the demon hunter? Game the auction house for $$$? Try and get any goddamn protodrake? Gear is all but meaningless in retail to me, it feels like diablo 3 now where it's all erased with the next update, and I'm not raiding in retail at all.

Maybe I'll try gearing up my shaman as resto and attempt some battlegrounds?

I'm out of ideas, I should just accept I wasted money and try more elysium. I've yet to decide on my vanilla main, it's mage, shaman, paladin, shadow priest. TOO HARD TO DECIDE

Gaming / Re: Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
« on: April 23, 2018, 06:09:38 PM »
It's not an insignificant hump either, and it's not an insignificant amount of difficulty. I probably reset my game over 50 times in the first few hours because of bad luck.

That said, I did just beat thoughts.

OVERALL, a good game...but...the start is just too damn bad. The first "tutorial" area is garbage, damn near impossible, and the world doesn't feel at all like a megaten game.

Then you get past the "tutorial" area, and it does pick up, but it's still a bit of a slog even though the world is more into that everything is horrible sense of dread feeling megaten has to offer.

Then you enter the last 20-30% of the game, and it gets damn interesting, it gets really interesting. I don't think anyone here is going to even play this so I'll just spoil it below.

You have the sky japan place that's tranquil and pristine that you start in, then below that is tokyo which is a post apocalyptic city covered in demons...then you go to "blasted tokyo" which is fuckin 6 craters in the ground with damn near no life anywhere, after that you enter "infernal tokyo" which is more or less like the regular post apocalyptic tokyo except everything is on fire, demons run the show, and humans are kept alive as cattle to feed the demons. It progressively got better in my opinion.

It does have a WAYYYYYYYYYYY better fusing system than nocturne, at the expense of each demon not really feeling unique. A tradeoff in its favor, but a tradeoff nonetheless.

If you have say demon A, and you run into an encounter with a demon A, and you talk to one to recruit it. Well you can only have one of any given demon at a time, so, it's a cool way to end an encounter since they'll think "ohh you're chilling with a demon A, you're cool with me, see ya" and just leave. It's a cool touch, and the demon negotiation system is a lot more fleshed out.

Then the ending, there's multiple endings, law, chaos, neutral, all that jazz. I don't know what my ending counted as, but I ended all of existance, and nothing exists anymore...THE END

BITCH!...which thinking about it, is the same deal as deus ex human revolution...4 endings, 3 for each "faction" and 1 everybody is shit, everybody dies ending, which I also chose in that game.

I am going to hold off on playing smt4 apocalypse (think of it as a different game, in the same universe, a la final fantasy 10-2 or something) for quite a while. I do hear apocalypse is actually somewhat balanced in the beginning, and overall a more polished game, but I just came off from beating two long ass difficult jrpgs...I need a break. Strange journey redux is mid may, I might snag that, in the meantime...I'm...finally freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Will update thread when either Redux comes out, or If I decide to do some extra things in nocturne. Nocturne has a ng+, but also, it has a few extra challenges to make a ng+ more interesting. Collect all of the demons to make summoning them from the compendium cost 50% less (if you play the games, it's a hugeeeee bonus). And optional graveyard areas which have bosses that you must kill in a set number of turns, do all of those, and you'll get an extra pressturn (5 turns instead of 4, a massive massive MASSIVE advantage) on your ng+ playthrough.

...and persona 5 started all of this, and I have yet to put more than 20 minutes into that's snowballed into something else

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