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Gaming / Re: 10 games for 2018
« on: October 04, 2018, 12:40:02 AM »
1- earthbound
2- monster hunter world
3- smt nocturne
4- smt 4
5- south park fractured but whole
6- xcom terror from the deep
7- persona 5
8- deus ex mankind divided
9- metroid: samus returns
10- dragon quest xi

Funny the last post was september 4, and i finish it on october 4.

Watching trailers and stuff, I thought it was going to be like dragon quest "skyrim open world" edition, but no. It's dragon quest to a T.

Highly polished TRADITIONAL jrpg with a few modern things added in. Bit of a slow burn, but it starts to ramp up near the end of the first act. Final Fantasy may have started going down the shitter after 10, but at least I can recommend a dragon quest game in 2018. Like these types of games? It's a no brainer, pick it up.

~80 hours completion. I have no idea how I make time to do this anymore, but at least I can manage to polish off one of these monsters of a game in a month. Even being sick with probably bronchitis (no idea what it is, but it's in my lungs and it wont go away, currently on week 3...) and multiple days where I had time to play, and just sat around resting, I still managed to complete the fucker.

Ye gods, I forgot about Samus Returns. I still have that shrink wrapped. I've also been working on my Zero Mission speed game here and there (on GBA. I have a GameBoy Player but the input is just plain funky on that thing. I couldn't even get early Varia on it!).

The countering system was one of those things that worried me, honestly. While I haven't experienced it myself yet, it just seems very contrary to the way the games are traditionally played. While changing up the formula isn't necessarily a bad thing, Other M left such a bad taste in my mouth (seriously, that game is fucking awful, even if you try not to think of it as a Metroid game) that embracing any of its core feature set just makes me a little leery.

The Aion system makes me even more leery. It almost feels like they're trying to force combat on a series that generally didn't require it for standard map traversal. I'm going to reserve judgment until I actually play the thing (naturally) but I don't see that as a good sign.

Far as I understand, metroid fans typically gave samus returns a thumbs up. It adds a few odd things, but as a whole game I feel it's metroid how people like to play metroid. This ain't other M we're talking about. Also since it's a metroid game, it's short, so it isn't the biggest of time investments.

But shit, that's all 10 games. I was fooling around with the idea november of 2017 as a way to get my ass to beat more games since I'll buy shit, and not play it, and I actually managed to do it. Never woulda figured.

As for what to do next...iunno I got work in the morning. Might purchase sublime within the week maybe, my girlfriend is actually semi interested in working on python with me so that could motivate us both to work on it, and spend time together. Two birds with one stone. But also starting up another game...because yknow...get home, tired, watch youtubes for a little bit, then want to kick back and play something. Gotta have that side game.

We'll see, but goddamn I did something I thought I wouldn't even get close to finishing last year, and I got two months to spare at that. Quite pleased.

Gaming / Re: 10 games for 2018
« on: September 04, 2018, 12:25:20 AM »
I think the issue with halo wars, is I expected it to bend over backwards for me because...console rts on pc. But nah, it bested my drunk on olde english 800 ass. I'll probably try it another day, seemed competent enough. 

-For Deus Ex, I'd recommend starting with human revolution personally. I liked that game better, and the game takes place before mankind divided. I mean I'd recommend the first game over anything, but if you had to choose, human revolution is a great game.

-You tell me Cleveland has some beatmania, and they somehow pump out more? Why don't they just release a console product anyway. Downloadable game, make it have a "seasonal" dlc model, as that's what the game is with it's "styles" anyway. Get an external company to handle the controller (like any number of companies making fightsticks with arcade hardware) and PROFIT! I may have to make a drive down there for some IIDX purposes some day...'

-Dark Souls 3 is on my list too, except mine is literally still in shrinkwrap...never bothered with ds2, but I really liked the first game.

Getting used to my long hours, seeing the fruits of my labor in paycheck form tomorrow. I guess that'll dictate whether it's worth it or not. Less time for games, but I somehow managed to add another to the list...the day before dragon quest XI arrives...and I hear you've played some metroid in your time...

1- earthbound
2- monster hunter world
3- smt nocturne
4- smt 4
5- south park fractured but whole
6- xcom terror from the deep
7- persona 5
8- deus ex mankind divided
9- metroid: samus returns

Bought it on impulse after getting frustrated with halo, beat it 100% in about 12.5 hours. It was good, haven't beat a metroid mission, making it my fourth metroid.

super metriod
zero mission
samus returns

Yet to beat prime (I'd get to the end before the final boss and get too frustrated and quit), but I'm thinking of maybe digging up some old metroid games I've yet to complete to add on the to do list. I own fusion on gba, so maybe I'll find time for that in the future.

As for the game, I didn't really like it to start. The melee counter just made things slow, enemies are bullet sponges, and playing a metroid to stand, wait, counter, shoot....ehh. Then you get screw attack and wave beam, BOOM no more sissy countering required, just blast through everything. I haven't played all of the games, but I feel like this one has the most "invincible to normal attacks" enemies that I've experienced. You end up running away more than anything before you get the tools to deal with it, not entirely a fan of that design aspect.

There's also this "aion abilities" system, using its own meter which drops from enemies. Not to spoil all the upgrades or anything, but in later areas, you run into a lot of enemies that are immune to missiles and standard shot, and require spending this aion resource to down. It's not a deal breaker, but I wanna say this is the game where standard shot may be the least useful? I never use it on bosses sans "cough" the last boss when im out of ammo "cough" but maybe I was missing something. I didn't use ice beam much, and maybe that would have done work.

Visually the game looks great, gravity suit in this game is probably one of my favorite suit designs that i've seen in a metroid game.

On the same token while it looks great, and there ARE "varied" environments, it must be the tiles they use or something, but the entire game nearly looks the same. Areas are just...areas. No brinstar or phendrena, but area 5, or area 3...I get it's a remake of metroid 2, but they could have spiced that up or something. You see snow, and water, but, it's not like the past games where you feel like you're in a snow area, or a water area, it's more background noise.

And on the topic of noise, there are a few great tracks, but most of it wasn't too memorable. Which is a damn travisty, because I rank metroid probably number 1 for videogame music, period. Super metroid is a goty all years ost, metroid prime ALSO A GOTY ALL YEARS OST.

Still you do see remixes of a few old favorites from prior games.

I may have to give the ost a listen outside the game, because it's not too audible playing on a 3ds. Tracks like the one above are the exception not the norm sadly.

And yeah, your hands will hurt a lot playing this even on a new 3ds xl. I had to take multi hour breaks just to let my hands rest, and my hands ache even now typing this tldr of a post coming fresh off the game.

Been thinking of getting the game since it was announced, and im glad I got around to it. Getting a thumbs up from me m'boy!...just expect a slow ish start before it picks up.

Gaming / 10 games for 2018
« on: August 22, 2018, 10:40:54 PM »
Not too entirely sure this is thread worthy, but maybe it'll start a small conversation or two?

Think I made a comment or two about wanting to beat 10 games I never beat before in 2018. Started a list back in November of 2017, and a few months into 2018 realized while having not been following said list, been doing progress enough into new games and some backlog games as well. Figured I'd use this is a place to keep track. I normally beat like 1-3 new games in a year, IF that, and it was hitting me I was getting a lot done, so I'm just going to truck along and finish this arbitrary goal.

List is in order of completion this year.

1- earthbound
2- monster hunter world
3- smt nocturne
4- smt 4
5- south park fractured but whole
6- xcom terror from the deep
7- persona 5
8- deus ex mankind divided

Thing is I work 50 hours now, so I have less time to use for entertainment, but im so close, and there's plenty of time left in the year. I pre ordered Dragon Quest XI, and that's a long fucker, so I want to finish something hopefully fun, short, and something I already own.

Was thinking Halo 2, or since I finished mankind divided recently(good game, but kind of mediocre Deus Ex game not really worth making a post about), Deus Ex Invisible War....then at work I remembered Halo Wars existed, and I bought it on steam around last Christmas. 15 mission pc port of a console RTS, I think I can do that in two weeks before dragon quest comes out.

Not sure I'll do another thing like this next year, but it's been fun. I usually go months between games, but it's been bam bam bam this year, and I've been enjoying it a lot. After I finish this personal quest, I might get back into multiplayer things like fightans/rts again. Till then, let's see how this Halo Wars is.


Uninstalled Halo Wars soooooooooo fucking fast.

Mission 4 can suck my big fat dickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Hey let's put a defend for x minutes mission early in the game, and it's harder than anything in starcraft/2 or warcraft 3 put together!


Gaming / Re: Shin Megami Tensei
« on: August 19, 2018, 09:40:34 AM »
May have to do a rain check. Going to wait till my first salary paycheck then I'll snag sublime. Currently adjusting to the new hours, and 50 hours a week, aka standing up for 10 hours a day with no breaks, it's fatiguing. I'll get used to it, but it's going to take a few weeks at least.

It's crazy how working an 8 hour shift feels fine and I feel like I can do whatever after work. But a 10 feels twice as long, and I feel like I barely have any free time before I have to sleep and do the grind again the next day.

Figured I'd kill two birds with one stone, and make more money, while at the same time being a real motivator to get out of this dead end job I've been at for 10 years. Curious how it'll pan out in a few months.

Gaming / Re: Monster Hunter
« on: August 10, 2018, 06:02:56 PM »
If you got any questions, I aughta be able to answer most. I think I ended my time with that game with over 200 hours played and over HR rank 105 or something.

And to be totally honest the entirety of low rank is basically a tutorial, when people say "the game doesn't start till high rank" they're kinda right.

I'll have to find my stats, but I played like 95% lance. 5% heavybowgun/sns/gunlance. As much variety as the game has to offer, I can't really have much fun unless I'm lancing. I loved hammer in the psp games, to the point where I played hammer over lance, but hammer feels so nerfed in this game with the multiplayer scaling effecting stun as well as monster health that hammer feels kind of worthless.

Late game I did find myself preferring certain weapons and setups for certain monsters. I'll lance everything, but I kinda like heavy bowgun against kirin, and gunlance on kushala. Tried to enjoy sword and shield, but hitting weak points with such a stubby weapon is impossible, I don't really get how people use that weapon. Maybe if I ever play again (burned out for it taking 1.5 months of my life) I'll give greatsword another go. It's a hard weapon, but it has the biggest numbers in the game.

Gaming / Re: Shin Megami Tensei
« on: August 08, 2018, 07:25:56 PM »
The Switch couldn't be more perfect for Disgaea 5. I'd say the PSP (or any portable system, really) comes in a somewhat distant second. The combination of the decently sized 7" screen, the ability to dock and undock, and the ability to pop up a kickstand and set the thing anywhere makes a several hundred hour game far more palatable.

I could get it on ps4, but the advantages of having it on switch sound novel enough to make it worth a wait. Also, it's a long ass game and I'll soon have less free time for those. Good I finished p5 when I did.

So I assume it stayed consistently interesting throughout, then? That's one of the barriers that I tend to have with long games: the story kind of dries out and I feel like I'm left with an exhausting grind.

If you don't want to grind, you really don't have to. There's a trick you can do later in the game (without spoiling anything, NOVEMBER, go to mementos on a flu day) which you can get from whatever level you are at to 99 with really no issues. The only real grinding I did was money grinding, which you don't really even need to do unless you want to fuse broke ass personas. I go out of my way to break games, so I put in more time doing that stuff than the average player, but you really don't need to grind much at all.

With time in dungeons taken into consideration, I'd estimate more than 60% of the game is outside of dungeons. I aint kidding when there's a TONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN of story stuff, it's a majority of the game, at least with how I played it. I've had sessions where i'd play for 6-7 hours without getting into a single battle. And when you do, the dungeons aren't total garbage like they were in persona 4 (god bless that game but the dungeons sucked). You do have to be down for the whole anime schoolkid thing, because that's...the entire game really. Not recommended if you can't into that.

But after I started getting stuck into the game (it's a bit of a slow burn, as these games tend to be) and you get to the first target and the first dungeon, I couldn't put it down until I seen the credits. PSN went down for a few hours one day and ps4 wouldn't let me play my goddamn offline game offline when I own the disc and it's in the ps4..."ohh but you have dlc so fuck you no playing for u", I was legit upset until psn was back up and I could play again, I'd think about it when I was away from it, I think I was obsessed tbh.

If you like VNs, I really really enjoyed Angels with Scaly Wings, but that might be because I'm a shameless scalie. It's $10 and makes for a fun weekend's worth of entertainment.

I hope it does well, but VN isn't quite my cup of tea i'm afraid. I'll throw the recommendation to my gf when she's working again(damn irl stuff, but things are good now) since it could be up her alley.

When you snag a switch, Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. Definitely the best Zelda game on the Switch. 8)

I'm already thinking Bayonetta 2, marios, and shin megami tensei 5 for certain. Less hot on zelda botw, it looks cool, but the weapon thing...ehh. And I havent been into a zelda game since link between worlds, and before that...idk oot?

Defs not hyrule warriors for me, I put so much time into dynasty warriors 4 for the ps2 (literally blew an entire spring break in high school playing that game co op non stop all day every day) that even over 14 years later or whenever I played that game, I will forever be burned out on that type of game. Unlocked damn near every single thing in that game, totally broke it. Even killed Lu Bu on a mission where you weren't supposed to kill him, and when you finished the mission it played out as if he never died.

Next game might be something on this list I made last November.

And I might just cross out ffx-2 because, my time is worth too much to me now a days to

My method is to just live my life, until something sounds cool on a whim and I start playing it. Could take days, weeks, or months though. xcom tftd was on a whim, because xcom sounded great at the time, and it was. I need something under 25 hours, and something that's been on my backlog for over 10 years. Which is everything on that list, but I got over 100 more not on said list.

I'm totes going to digest that post a bit later on, I'll probably quote parts of it and start a programming thread for my python journey sometime this week, whenever I get the attention span to figure out how to start typing letters and numbers into a text editor and get frustrated when I don't know how to make my symbols do as I want them to. The hardest step is the first step, so I'll just make a small goal of selecting a text editor I want to work with, and at least being able to understand enough to begin work on the second chapter of this book. Deadline, August 14. Hard deadlines should motivate me somewhat, no promises though...I have procrastinated some 9-10 months already.

Gaming / Re: Shin Megami Tensei
« on: August 06, 2018, 05:29:57 PM »
Been meaning to play through a disgaea. Maybe whenever I snag a switch.

Also how do you go about coding a game? It's been...10 months since I've bought this python book and ive yet to really sink in. I barely even know how to hello world on the thing. That'll be another thread whenever I decide to make it, within the month if im not too lazy, I want to finish the book by the end of the year at least, and the longer I postpone the harder that'll get. Especially since I'll be working 50 hour weeks soonish...blehh.

As per the thread...

Game finished last week. 130 hours played, took me a bit longer than persona 4. Probably can say it has the best story out of any videogame I played. I was really invested in everything going on. I aint spoiling anything, but there's a lot of cool stuff that starts happening near the later portions of the game, they don't really hold back. And the ending is superior to p4 in every way imo. Still a bit sappy, but instead of a "WE"LL NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN BYEEEEE BOO HOO" end it's more of a "HEY LETS KEEP IN TOUCH ILL COME OVER SOMETIME ITS COOL" type of vibe, without giving anything away.

Gameplay wise, I still prefer nocturne. Story wise, persona 5 is my favorite by far. I'll recommend both of them, but p5 is the most accessible/easiest game in the series minus the first dungeon which I think is pretty hard (if you decide to do it in one day).

1- earthbound
2- monster hunter world
3- smt nocturne
4- smt 4
5- south park fractured but whole
6- xcom terror from the deep
7- persona 5
8- ???

Not sure what I'm playing next. I did pick up smt 4 apocalypse because of a sale, but I'm not so sure I want to dig into another long challenging jrpg right now. I should at least work on some of that python instead...if I want to get out of my current line of work which I do. But, that's another discussion.

Either way persona 5 is a 10/10 jrpg if I ever seen one, play it.

Gaming / Shin Megami Tensei
« on: July 21, 2018, 10:59:47 PM »
Thinking while I've been horrible at tackling my list of games I want to beat in 2018, I've been damn productive in beating new things.

1- earthbound
2- monster hunter world (completing 100% of the pre dlc content I consider beating the game)
3- smt nocturne
4- smt 4
5- south park fractured but whole
6- xcom terror from the deep (I FINALLY DID IT FUCKERSSSSsss)
7- tbd persona 5

Persona 5. I'll have to rename the thread, because it's like final fantasy. All games are different, but all final fantasy. Persona is a spinoff of smt, it's in the same multiverse, personas are essentially the same as demons in smt.

That aside, I'm fiending. 68 hours in, just beat the 4th dungeon. Game lasts till December? I'm in early's a massive game.

I can't recommend these games enough. While I do prefer the combat/battle system of smt proper over persona (talking 3-5, as persona 1-2 are very very different games), the characters/story are fantastic. I'm not an anime guy anymore, but my long lost inner weeb has been coming out and I've had a hard time putting the thing down. It just oozes with charm, and when I hear a casual character spout out "btdubs" I know the localization has been working very hard to make characters feel real and easy to connect to.

There ain't games like this anymore. It's like, I'm almost ashamed I've been away for so long, but I feel happy that I can get so much joy out of experiencing it fresh for myself. It's not a flawless game by any stretch of the imagination, and I'm still only ~50-60% through it. But god damn picking a personal goty is not going to be easy this year. Literally the most fun I've had playing games in over 10 years, no question. If you got a...hundred or so hours of free time to spare, and aren't opposed to Japanese school kid anime videogames, maybe give it a shot.

Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« on: June 26, 2018, 02:09:55 PM »
Might be surprising from me, but im not #nochanges.

For one, it's impossible, they have to tinker around with stuff to get it on modern infrastructure. For two, not all changes are awful.

Paying for a max level character, elllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll naw.

But stuff like, OPTIONAL toggle for new character models and whatnot? I don't see why people get uppity over that, since ideally it'll be default to old models, and you don't have to see them.

As long as the spirit of the original is kept in tact, im fine with whatever....mostly. I don't want any balance changes or any of that, with the (actually non biased) shaman rework that never happened because tbc came out being a possibility. Every class in the game got a major rework to my knowledge, minus shaman which is the least changed class in vanilla iirc. I'm more #minimalchanges because not all changes are equal.

I did forget to mention I got into the BFA beta, but besides making a character...I haven't really played at all.  I'm actually contemplating skipping BFA since having leveled 8? characters to max level in legion, it kind of takes the meaning out of it for me. Sorta similar to diablo 3 seasons where you get god tier gear...then next season its meaningless, then you get even more god tier gear...wiped clean again. It's fine and dandy, but after a few cycles of that, who cares about gear/leveling when you know the outcome wont last the next few months.

Being forced to work for something makes it worth a lot more, and the current game does it so little, I don't even have the motivation to play it for free when they gave me a beta invite.

Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« on: May 25, 2018, 06:52:14 PM »
Ohh no way in hell classic would work on console, but the current game probably would be fine.

I'm going to go on a little about pvp for a moment. PvP in the current game, world pvp, ain't worth a damn, I've been on PvE since lich king. Vanilla though, PvE literally feels like part of the game is missing, like I can't even fathom why one would roll a vanilla rogue on a PvE server because of all they can do on a PvP server. There's a huge HUGE difference between vanilla and any other expansion for world pvp, and that's the absence of flying. No flying, no phasing, no cross realm, so that fucker that ganked you, you can get revenge. Unless they hearth, they'll still be there.

I do get not wanting random high levels coming down to ruin your day, but I think it's part of the experience. Seeing the world defense channel (remember that?) having people get ganked by a higher level, and requesting help, that's where the fun is imo. World pvp isn't fair, you will die, and there's nothing you can do about it, but it's fun that a gank can call for high level re inforcements, on one end, to end the conflict, or have more reinforcements from the other into a little mini spontaneous war. It's a cool dynamic I miss from the old game, the whole community aspect of each individual server is more impactful when you have pvp in the mix. 

Still going to have people camp you, and potentially force you to level in another zone or area, but that's part of it. I managed two 60's on PvP servers on vanilla, and I got my shaman to 70 week freaking one on tbc on a PvP server (week 1 = nobody had a flying mount), and it was great. I never understood why lich king needed to seperate players to two zones because I literally didn't have any issues in hellfire peninsula day one launch of the game on a pvp server. Also you get situations when raiding, all 40 people roll out, and you run into an alliance guild going to the same place at the same time...It's like av happening in the world spontaneously, its glorious.

Either way I'm not hating, maybe you'll level an alt on pvp so we can level together in the future or something. Believe me, I get the appeal of pve, I did that from lich king to present. I just feel pvp in vanilla (and maybe tbc) made a nice experience, and forces people to work together even more to get by. It's an MMO and the more reasons to force people to team up, the better, else I could play a single player game that doesn't force a subscription fee upon me.

Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« on: May 23, 2018, 07:53:20 PM »
Your post, plus me watching this video...

I think it's kinda possible?

Fuck I'd buy it, if I knew ps4/pc would be on the same server. It won't, so if it happens, I'm not buying. Still, an interesting possibility.

Totes agree on the Sylvannas thing. I kinda don't like the horde at all after...vanilla. We got two kinds of elves now(I actually kinda like nightborne so...not really too mad at that), and a goddamn elf runs the show, an evil fucker at that. I guess that's why I'm alliance on retail.

So that's how it be. Did wailing caverns last week to get muh crescent staff. Took...over 2 hours, didn't really wipe or anything, it's just long. The more I play, I know for damn sure I want to find a group of like minded people to guild with. Going solo is fine and dandy for experiencing the game, and since it's not retail I'm not taking it too serious. But when it's out, I really want to go hard this game. Plus on a pvp server, if you run with 2-3 people questing(2 is probably optimal due to exp splitting in group), you ain't as likely to get ganked/camped. There is talk of a new server opening up on lights hope....june 23? So I might roll an alliance paladin on that fresh server to experience alliance 1-20 again. Retail for sure troll mage doe, class/race/faction is locked in at this point, thanks private servers!

Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« on: May 19, 2018, 08:42:36 PM »
I don't know what you're talking about. Paladin is great, it's just leveling is kinda boring with them, since all they really got is auto attack...they'll survive anything though. Paladin being alliance only and shaman being horde only, check this shit out.

World first to finish the LAST BOSS of a raid has mostly been horde, because of one single guild, but look at the rest, it's 95% alliance, why?


They're fantastic, and in pvp they are THE best pvp healer in the game bar none.

Just don't jump into them thinking the class fantasy is class reality in classic world of warcraft, they're healers/support, and nothing else.

Leveling does get longer every 10 levels, so you're correct on that accord. 1-10 is pretty quick, 10-20 is fairly long, 20-30, you're feeling it, 30-40, marathon mode, 40-50 you should have your mount...and you'll need it since the xp don't get easier, 50-57/8 at least you got BRD. 58-60, shut up and grind, it sucks.

If I did it as a warrior in vanilla (warrior has community opinion of being THE hardest class to level in vanilla), anybody can do it with any other class.

Really just don't go into a hybrid class expecting to dps, or tank. You can tank lower level instances fine, but the higher level stuff mostly ain't viable. Also probably don't play druid in general.

Hitting 60 is a long ride though. I'd recommend trying not to rush it, take your time, explore and enjoy all of that jazz. It's not a race.

Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« on: May 16, 2018, 12:46:26 AM »
I think the game at this point needs to remove "traditional" levels. They revamped the professions to where if you have 1 enchanting or whatever prof, when you start bfa, you start at 1, not at whatever level you were in legion or draenor. Each expansion is like a clean slate, for professions.

I don't think it's so farfetched for say...the expansion after bfa to eliminate the standard leveling system. Instead of going to 130, I think the baseline will be a static power level, and when you enter an expansion, you play through zones to obtain power up to some predetermined point. So if I wanted to roll a monk of which I don't have one, I could just roll one and already be ready for the current expansion content, then play that to be up to snuff. If I say waited till the expansion after, it would roll over, kinda like how purchasing the game now gives you all but the most recent expansion.

The only issue I see with that, they'd lose money in preorder incentives (FREE max level character boost), and paid level boosts.

Either way, I think the game is kind of too bloated at this point. WoW 2 has to be a thing they are talking about internally right? But if this game continues to print money, why bother with the immense amount of money and resources required to make a brand new AAA mmo. I think they need to have a new game, with leveling being just as important as the endgame.

While on wacky things they could do to make things better. Warcraft 4. How to do it with WoW existing? Blizzard aint afraid to do stupid shit, horde being an elf faction, story all sorts of wack? They aint new to funky stuff. So, split timeline. Draenor was a time traveley split timeliney type of thing. Do it again, have WoW continue in it's own timeline, and warcraft 4 exist in a seperate one. PROBLEM SOLVED blizzard you're free to make a new RTS.

...last but not least, I got my shin megami tensei strange journey coming in the mail tomorrow, in the meantime...trollin' around with the mage on lights hope. The more I play, the more I know for damn sure my main (or at least first 60) is mage. Frost tree is freaking stupid, you get tallents to double crit damage AND 50% crit rate on frozen targets? Goddamn boo, I want to pvp with this fucker.

I see almost literally no flaws in the mage. The only flaw, no heals, no tankey, but make up for it in being a god. free drinks, teleports any city you want, best gold farm in the game, solid leveling, great cc, great aoe. my ninja, what is the mage even bad at? low health? like it matters with all of the cc and utility. vanilla really sided on "pure" classes over hybrids, if you want to look at the best classes in the game being the holy qua?trinity. warrior, mage, priest, rogue. Don't even need any of the other classes really. Could even cut the rogue out of there because the warrior is so busted they take best (only!) tank slot, and with gear can out dps rogues, it's silly. Not saying other classes are useless (though hunters and druids I'd put on the bottom of the totem pole), but it ain't balanced and never pretended to be. pvp mixes it up a bit, since theres a lot more specs viable in pvp than in pve. ele sham is 100% useless garbage in pve, pretty good in pvp.

I probably repeated a lot of stuff but whatevs, vanilla is great. Best flavor of warcraft.

Random Chat / Re: BEER
« on: May 09, 2018, 10:26:58 PM »
I ain't going to start a cigar thread since, I'll not really be smoking much at all, but I do want to put my 2 cents in based on a cigar I just had.

Acid Blondie

Mind you, I have had less than 10 cigars in my entire life, and the past 7 months, maybe 5? I have heard good things about this particular cigar, it looks to me to be a mid range solid pick...and...where the fuck is the flavor? The room note is good, the smoke smells appealing, but taste is almost non existant. I've had cheaper ones that just taste like ash and ass (looking at you 50 cent swisher sweets), so...I'm just going to limit this activity to special occasions where I'm dropping at least over 10 bucks on the fucker. If it ain't premium, it ain't worth my time. I'm not an enthusiast, nor do I intend on trying everything under the sun like I did with beer.

I might just be one of those guys who finds one thing he likes, and doesn't bother with anything else. My own personal experience, if it's going to be a rare thing, drop the money on the good shit and make sure you're going to have a good time. Last time I buy a cigar on a whim I tell you that, I'm going by the recommendation of the tobacco store guy since he's currently 1 for 1, and im 0 for ...9...

I will agree with you on those clove cigarettes though. I had one...some 10 years ago, and I didn't inhale it, just had it for flavor, and I remember it being not half bad.

Random Chat / Re: BEER
« on: May 07, 2018, 06:19:45 PM »
Cigarettes are made to inhale into your lungs. Cigars and pipes, aren't. I think having it in the air for the armoa is fine(I think pipes especially), but if you get a face full of it because the wind blew the wrong way, probably going to have a bad time, as i did with my last cigar back in november. Cigar experience is a taste thing, not so much for the nicotine as cigarette addicts are in for.

That's another thing I have pro cigars and anti cigarettes. Cigarettes contain a whole host of things you don't want anywhere near your body, cigars are made of two things...tobacco, and some food grade adhesive to keep the cap together. Again, not good for you, but I think we can agree tobacco > tobacco + rat poison. In my personal life I do what I can to stay the fuck away from second hand smoke, and even playing cautious with this cigar thing. Always outside in a well ventilated area being very mindful not to accidentally inhale.

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