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Random Chat / Re: You couldn't ask for a lamer topic!
« Last post by vladgd on Today at 12:10:03 AM »
Sipping it now, reading things about it, one commentor called it a "session bourbon" and that fits this drink pretty accurately. It's a sipper for sure, there's definately some malt liquor character in there, but the barrel aging and the high abv makes it drink more like a liquor.

Surprisingly nice, I've had high gravity malt liquor before (schlitz bull ice, UGHHHHHHHHHH) and didn't enjoy it, but this stuff is pretty good...if you're expecting a super high abv beer that has no place calling itself a beer. Thinking about it though, this stuff actually earns its title of malt liquor, unlike the standard stuff out there.
Random Chat / Re: You couldn't ask for a lamer topic!
« Last post by Bobbias on July 26, 2017, 06:34:14 PM »
LOL I'd have a hard time justifying a pack of that, but I'd sure as hell want to at least try it for the novelty.
Gaming / Re: watcha playin'
« Last post by Spectere on July 26, 2017, 01:35:24 AM »
Yeah, nothing is the way it was. I don't think that move sets will ever be that intricate again.

That being said, I do like some of the new additions. The talent trees of old provided little more than an illusion of choice and typically only contained one or two viable paths. Downranking spells as a healer was a pain in the ass. Hunters using mana was always stupid (I even felt that way when I was playing BC). I like how the fights themselves tend to be far more active and intricate.

That being said, they stepped way too far from the roleplaying aspect. They did bring some of that back in Legion with the class halls (spoiler alert) but vanilla made you feel like you were a young pup finding their way in the world. I honestly regret not spending more time on my shaman, as the idea of going on trials to earn your totems was awesome. I guarantee that you'd be far more disappointed if you rolled a new shaman. There's just no depth there anymore--everyone goes on the same quests. Each zone takes you from point A to point B, then shuffles you off to the next area. Small voice acted bits and cutscenes replace the stories and lore items of old. In some cases it works, but the world feels less rich as a result of it.

And don't even get me started on some of the little cutscenes in the Cata content. Most of them are awful. At least Blizzard improved their visual and aural story dramatically in Warlords and Legion. The tropes that do remain are pretty awful, though (like the famous thing where the Big Bad of a particular arc stops taking damage at 1 HP, then yells, "YOU HAVEN'T BEATEN ME YET," before escaping in an illogical manner while your character sits there staring at them).

The DK specs are all pretty viable for leveling. Assuming nothing has changed, I'd probably swap to blood for the Mists content (despite my gripes above, it still offers insane survivability for solo content), but the stat revamps in Warlords might have made that a non-issue.

My first character was a hunter, and I've had a pretty good time with them. If you want to go really wild, melee hunters (survival spec) are a thing now.
Gaming / Re: watcha playin'
« Last post by vladgd on July 25, 2017, 11:31:08 PM »
Got the shaman to 80 thanks to how much nicer dungeon find queue works. Enhance is a lot nicer, but it ain't the class I grew up playing. Probably going to be swapping on alts until I can settle on leveling one to 100.

Rolled a draenei death knight to 58, plan on playing frost spec since I get the plate sword and board from the warrior, the plate 2h fucker from the ret paladin, dual wield sounds interesting so hopefully frost isn't a garbo leveling spec.

And then theres the "kinda wanted a hunter for the past 8 or so years but never got around to it, undead are finally able to be hunters which is what I wanted as far back as tbc....could do it" Something about the fantasy of undead hunter that sounds unique to me, same with monk...

Would help if I had a goal or people to play with, but I don't, so it's more with what sounds fun to solo with. Or what catches my eye this day. Because in theory, I would eventually like all classes to be max level.
Random Chat / Re: You couldn't ask for a lamer topic!
« Last post by vladgd on July 25, 2017, 11:16:50 PM »

I wanted to try one before bed, but 14.2% abv...gonna wait...

Burbon barrel aged malt liquor? lol ok
Gaming / Re: watcha playin'
« Last post by Spectere on July 25, 2017, 07:41:00 PM »
This is the first expansion that I've largely switched away from my DK. I don't like the changes that they made to blood, and I've put too much time into building a tank to really want to swap to frost or unholy. Blood pretty much went from being a timing-based self-heal class (Cata/Mists, and Warlords to a much lesser extent) that had a strong focus on managing debuffs on enemies, to forcing you to heavily micromanage runic power and a stacking bone shield buff, and...well, still trying to focus on heavy self-heals. Except now you can't do them nearly as often.

To give you a general overview of how DKs's resource management works, you have a rune -> runic power (RP) -> rune cycle. You spend runes, to get runic power, which you spend while your runes recharge. That's how it's always been, that's how it very likely will always be. In Wrath, the rune/RP cycle was very strict, at least as unholy--fuck up once, your cycle is b0rked and your DPS suffers until the next cycle. Cata through Warlords improved that drastically, shuffling around abilities so that you have a bit of wiggle room if you need to do an emergency heal or break off and kill an add, or something like that.

What blood has now is very much like what Wrath had. RP is much harder to get, and bone shields--which used to be a minor defensive buff for unholy players--went from being simply provided to blood to being the primary rotational focus for blood players. This is made tricky by the fact that 1) bone shields are taken away with every melee swing counted against a tank, which is a lot, obviously, and 2) even if the tank doesn't hold threat, the bone shield expires automatically after a while--you have no choice but to maintain it. Since bone shield is responsible for a 16% damage reduction and a 10% haste buff, you really, really need it up at all times.

Another thing that compounds this issue is that RP is now much harder to get. Before, RP generation felt more reliable. There seemed to be more ways that you can get it, including using anti-magic shell (AMS) and soaking magic damage. Now, even AMS barely gets you any RP back, to the point that it may as well not even do it at all. The only way to reliably get RP is to complete a full rune cycle.

That, in turn, significantly hurts our ability to strategically self-heal. Before, death strike--our main self-heal and self-shield ability--was powered by runes. Now, it's powered by RP. Before, we had a ton of ways to get runes back, so if we needed to do a clutch heal, we could pop a cooldown and do it. Now, if need a clutch heal, we need to nuke our rune/RP cycle and there aren't any CDs we can use to enable us to get a quick heal off. Since our healing is timing-based (a base amount, plus 5% of the damage taken in the last 5 seconds) we need to do the nearly-impossible task of lining up our resource generation cycles to damage spikes.

The situation actually feels worse than Wrath did, as we used to have the empower rune weapon available. That was a lovely CD that would give us some RP (20, I think) and reset all of our runes. That would allow us to do what we had to do and then effectively wipe the slate clean and start over. Nowadays, only frost gets that ability.

I raided with my DK when Legion dropped, and things were slightly worse then--we had strong magic mitigation but very little physical mitigation. We got back icebound fortitude (which everyone agrees should have never been removed) back in 7.1. However, the other problems with the class have had a drastic effect. One of the main reasons I didn't pursue raiding after my guild fell apart is simple--nobody in their right mind would want a DK tank. We were being actively rejected from raids because most people simply weren't good enough to get around those issues (even in Mists, where blood tanking was arguably at its peak, people still managed to fuck it up), and because we required a tank healer that could properly read us and know when we're resource starved. Yeah...not a great situation.

I do think that I'm a pretty damn good DK player. I've played them consistently since Wrath and have routinely managed to pull above-average stats, even on weaker specs (in Cata, when frost did noticeably higher DPS than unholy, I had one of the best frost DKs on my realm wonder how in the hell I managed to pull the numbers that I did as unholy), but this is a bit too much. Blood just isn't fun for me to play. Hopefully things turn around in the next expansion. If not, I'll probably go back to DPS.


Maybe the reason you're not gelling with shaman is because shaman were a lot different when you played them. I'm familiar with how they were before (managing totems placement, etc) but I never played a pre-Mists shaman beyond level 25 or so. Personally, I had a ton of fun on my shaman in recent years (resto/enh in Mists, enh/ele now).

Be careful with DPS classes. When questing they feel pretty tanky in the new 1-60 content, as well as Cata. BC can still truck you if you're not careful, Wrath a bit less so. In Mists, however, enemies would absolutely wreck you if you pulled more than one or two of them at once (might have changed, but I remember the Mists question experience being pretty terrible as DPS when it was current). Warlords and Legion aren't nearly as unforgiving, but you still have to be mindful of what's going on around you, as it should be.

I imagine 6-8 hours for 1-60 would be with full heirlooms, but it's hard to say. Dungeons in particular seem to give quite a bit of experience at those levels, so maybe they're just chaining LFD or something. I haven't done the early game grind in quite a while. You can also upgrade your heirlooms to work through 1-90 or even 1-100 now. It's quite a gold sink, though. I rerolled my pally recently (was going to play with someone, but they abruptly decided that they wanted to play with their new friends instead--sigh), so I might just load up on plate heirlooms and try it for myself.
Gaming / Re: watcha playin'
« Last post by vladgd on July 25, 2017, 12:56:11 PM »
My first main was a troll shaman, resto in vanilla, ele in tbc before I shelved him.

Really...not...liking ele AT ALL. It feels like a totally different class like going from warlock to rogue different. So I went enhance to check that out (didnt like it in vanilla/tbc) and ended up enjoying it enough to prefer it to elemental, feels less squishy than I remember. So now im sitting at 78, not even sure if I want to continue. I might get er up to 80 so I'm at least up to cata content, but, not too hot on what they transformed shaman into.

So I'm hearing they made 1-60 super easy now? So I kinda want to try that out, but not sure on what class. Of the classes I don't have to post 60, I got...

Monk, not interested in the class at all
Druid, historically never liked having a cool looking player character transform into a lame looking npc bear or cat or tree or catbearbird thing. Might save the class for when I can con my gf into playing the game (which may never happen, she seems to be resisting my nagging)
Death Knight, hero class starts off at high level anyway. And I think I'll delete the gnome for a draenei whenever I decide to work on one.

So this leaves hunter or rogue. Both I'm interested in, might need to coin flip for it. People are saying 1-60 is like 6-8 hours, and I am curious if they're full of shit or not. Do I need full heirlooms for that stuff?
Gaming / Re: watcha playin'
« Last post by Spectere on July 25, 2017, 12:29:14 AM »
Hey, I raided that city a few times. ;)

Didn't really post this, but I managed to (finally) get Shadowmorne on my DK a couple weeks ago. Wheeeeeeee!

Oh, speaking of which, if you have even a sliver of an obsessive personality, have fun with the new raid appearance tracker. Blizzard made keeping track of raid transmogs muuuuch easier. Currently (slowly) working on getting the AQ set for my shammy.

And...speaking of that, transmogging got better in the recent patches. It's like Diablo 3 transmogging now, where you don't have to keep the gear in order to transmog to it--you just unlock the apearance and that's it. As you can imagine, void storage is basically useless now, and I was happy to finally be able to dump all of the gear that I'd been hoarding across multiple expansions.

Finally, Warlords got a ton of (well deserved) shit when it was the current expansion, but I found that the questing experience itself was extremely well done. Legion follows suit, though its endgame is significantly better (as in, it actually fucking exists).

So...yeah! Have fun! Hope you like the new(-ish) content! ;D
Gaming / Re: watcha playin'
« Last post by vladgd on July 24, 2017, 04:04:10 PM »

umm yeah, it's been 3 years, and I don't think I'm getting legion right yet. Just had the urge to grind a few alts I guess? Except I don't know whom. Probly juggle between this and Tekken until starcraft remaster is out.
Random Chat / Re: You couldn't ask for a lamer topic!
« Last post by Spectere on July 24, 2017, 03:49:50 PM »
Will do! I've already downloaded the VR-supported titles that I own on Steam. Project CARS hype! Oh god, I just remembered that Elite: Dangerous supports VR. :O

Debating on whether or not to bother with vorpX/Vireio. Stereo 3D is nice, but I'd really prefer it if head tracking was functional.

Actually, scratch that. Zipping through SEUM in VR--head tracking or not--would be fucking awesome.
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