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Gaming / Re: Music Gaming Accomplishments
« Last post by vladgd on April 15, 2017, 03:12:11 AM »
I'm retired from rhythm vidya, but I still have my old stepmania scores folder.

quasar 1.5, probably one of my most memorable scores

Gaming / Re: watcha playin'
« Last post by Spectere on April 13, 2017, 03:01:37 PM »
I really like the sound of that. It's kind of cool how they made it so that objects in the world are effectively currency (sort of like how monks can "utilize" random urns and decorations to get some spirit back). From the sound of it, necros aren't going to be nearly as resource-starved as monks can occasionally be.

I'm a bit more positive regarding the mobility skill, as I'm generally fine with the wizard teleport. I think the hardest part that I'm going to have is whether to rune away the life cost to make it a good emergency move or to double the life cost for increased mobility. Tough call.

The single target damage should skyrocket when they start getting their own sets, methinks.

Thanks for confirming that they're pretty far removed from witch doctors. I always saw witch doctors as being the spiritual replacement for the necro in the first place, so that was a real concern of mine,
Gaming / Re: watcha playin'
« Last post by vladgd on April 13, 2017, 01:39:03 PM »
-old skills retooled to be more fun, like revive and corpse explosion have a wide radius that explode all corpses or revive all corpses in said raidius, also they have no cooldown and cost no resources, only corpses
-its a bit better than d2 since there are skills and runes that can generate corpses
-no bullshit "frozen enemies dont generate corpses" in this game
-regular skeletons dont cost corpses, and its almost like an..aura? you get 7, they are around you at all times, they respawn fast when they die(one skeleton every 1-2 seconds if that), active part of the skill has them attack anything you target for a resource cost.
- golem can generate corpses(or do other things like provide a potion like heal) with a long cooldown,
-skeleton mages are temp summons that die after like 6 seconds but do an insane crazy amount of damage and cost no corpses and can generate corpses with a rune when they die
-resource works like monk except you get more resource, use primaries to generate, you get 200, and doesnt regen naturally, but you do get a skill called devour which gives you resource for each early on you can have semi unlimited resource
-only 3 curses instead of what? 12 or so in d2, but you really only gave a shit about decrepify and that's one of the 3 so we all good in the hood. I think one of the other curses has a rune that sorta works like amp damage.
-don't like the mobility skill they got, its literally wizard teleport (which i don't like at all) but with a shorter cooldown i think, but instead of resource it natively costs 5% life. you can rune out of the life cost, or double down on the life cost for more charges (quadruple down if you count using both 10% life teleports). Looks cool though.
-super early on (duh) but single target damage doesn't seem good at all, so rift bosses may be an issue. future items and skill tweaks will most likely fix this.

No necro specific items in the game yet. They get phylacteries as their specific offhand but they aren't in the drop table yet and only gambled, also no uniques yet. But the class is definitely NOT the witchdoctor, they worked to make their minion stuff function fundamentally differently than the witchdoctor, and corpses and skills feel different. Plus, witchdoctor is a ranged class, they have plenty of builds that put them in melee range sure, but they dont have any melee attacks or any of that jazz (unless you count cloud of bats rune, but thats reaching). Necromancer is kind of like crusader in a sense that it has both ranged and melee and you can use both or either. They literally have a scythe melee attack that is a resource generator, and bone armor which works like a defensive armor version of the docs soul harvest.

In summery, the d2 necromancer was more of a commander who sat back debuffing while the army kills everything. d3 necromancer is more of the star of the show using his minions(or not, one passive gives you 100% armor if you have no minions, decreasing 10% for every minion you have) but also getting into the thick of things and blowing everything up. I mean the way I played mine so far has felt more like a d2 nova sorc than a necromancer.

Totes getting the class day one before playing it, and after...fuckin duh blizzard take my money.


rank 69, i have accomplished the highest task in diablo 3.

This character has 2 hours in total played from level 1 new character to twinked out of her mind rank sixty nine, thanks gem of ease and my witchdoctor full ancient LoN set.

Gaming / Re: watcha playin'
« Last post by Spectere on April 13, 2017, 10:06:38 AM »
I hate you. <3

So, how is it?
Gaming / Re: watcha playin'
« Last post by vladgd on April 13, 2017, 02:31:37 AM »
I'd be playing yooka laylee today, but yknow I got access to this thing...

Doesn't the necromancer come out like in fall or winter? OHH YEAH THIS BETA INVITE. I feel like im in the cool kids club for once.

Random Chat / Re: Stuff that fries your potatoes with olive oil of HAPPY.
« Last post by vladgd on April 12, 2017, 11:16:32 PM »
Well Python will be on my checklist of shit I need to focus attention on, along with working out. Just need to put my motivation cap on, really hard to get myself to apply myself after an 8-10 hour shift. It's a bad excuse, but after work I just want a beer and mindless youtube or vidya. Goal this coming Easter Sunday when I have nothing going on after morning, piddle more with python, get AT LEAST 3 sets of some compound lifts done. It looks like a lot of fun after you get past the initial learning wall.

But the thing that brought me here...


I've only played the game about 3-4 hours so far, but listening to all the tracks, goddamn. Phenomenal. Like you expect banjo kazooie right? You totally get that, but then it kind of evolves into classic rare games in general, like you hear some donkey kong country influenced stuff (no surprise since the people who did the soundtracks on dkc and bk are making this), and even things that remind me of like battletoads or other rare stuff, like it's not a one trick pony at all in terms of sound.

Like you go from what sounds really similar to the hubworld of banjo tooie

to like guitar influenced dkc minecart levels

it's even got chiptune that gives me mad battletoads vibes for some reason

I don't go into videogames with music in mind, but Rare games was my damn childhood, and listening to this OOZES the golden era when Rare could do no wrong. Did I mention I'm a big banjo fan? Because I honestly believe banjo kazooie is flat out better than sm64 in every way, which it should since it came out later, but damn if my opinion isn't popular. (I like sm64 so im not hating)
Gaming / Re: watcha playin'
« Last post by Spectere on April 11, 2017, 09:25:59 PM »
"Whatcha playin'" isn't entirely accurate for this one, but I played through the Steam version of OneShot this past weekend and achieved the true ending.

Holy fuck, it's so goddamn good. Very well-written! Downright creepy in some sections, touching in others, and with just the right amount of humor thrown in.

10/10 would have my computer invaded by a video game again
Random Chat / Re: Stuff that peels your potatoes with paring knives of ANGER.
« Last post by Spectere on April 11, 2017, 09:19:50 PM »
It's really not a matter of learning Linux, it's a matter of waiting for people to figure out what the hell they're trying to make it into. That could take decades. It looked like things were starting to stabilize in the late 00's, but good god. It's more of a fucking mess now than it ever was. The only reason that I even run it is because I have the choice to use a more advanced distribution (Gentoo) that doesn't chain me to any particular thing and gives me the flexibility to move back and forth.

If Gentoo (and similar distributions) didn't exist, I wouldn't touch Linux with a 100 foot pole--I'd be using BSD for what I currently use Linux for. This is from someone who used it on my oft-used laptop exclusively for a few years around 2005-2006.

And yeah, I'm kind of a cynic about it now. I've already documented a little bit of my experiences with systemd (a staple of so-called "modern" Linux) in one of the news posts on this site.

I wouldn't completely discount Microsoft, either. They've been making rapid improvements to Windows 10 since its inception. The Anniversary Update installer was problematic (I experienced moderate to severe performance issues on two of four machines, but a clean install fixed them entirely), but every update I've installed beyond that has been solid. Crossing my fingers that the Creators Update installs without much hassle. It seems like it's legitimately getting better with every update. If you used the original Windows 10 build and have been following it through since the beginning, you might still be seeing echoes of the Anniversary Update's wonkiness. A reinstall may very well permanently resolve the update issue (if you decide to do that instead, use Microsoft's Media Creation Tool to either burn a disk or build a bootable USB stick).

Regarding the sleep mode situation, the number 1 reason that Windows has issues going to sleep is because of 1) drivers and 2) software. The OS doesn't really have much to do with that. All it basically does is go through the installed drivers (just about all of which are of varying quality, written by third-parties) and tell each driver to put the hardware that it controls to sleep. If the driver says LOL NOPE, Windows can't safely put the system to sleep. For example, at one point I was foolish enough to buy and install a Creative X-Fi in my last PC. The Creative Audio driver consistently prevented my PC from falling asleep. It was perfectly fine before that.

It goes beyond that, too. I've fixed countless PCs and can say that with my experience in the NT line (which includes 2000 all the way through 10), almost all of the major issues I've seen have been caused by either hardware failure or by third-parties (whether it be software, a crappy default OS install, or drivers). Inevitably, Microsoft always get blamed for it. It's just like when the exploding battery debacle happened around 2006-2007. Sony didn't get blamed for producing faulty cells, Dell got blamed for performing due diligence and being the first (of many, mind you) to recall the unsafe product.

If you do decide to stick with 7 then yeah, wipe out both of those partitions. Windows 7 won't understand what the Recovery Partition is (that was introduced as an OS feature in Windows 8) so it's basically pointless to have, and wiping out the system partition is always a good idea when reinstalling just to make sure that the old system is completely wiped out.
Random Chat / Re: Stuff that peels your potatoes with paring knives of ANGER.
« Last post by vladgd on April 11, 2017, 05:57:57 PM »
Well they aren't exactly giving me a choice, ive tried multiple attempts at fixing this "updates failed uninstalling updates" problem. Only thing I can think of that "should" work is reinstalling the OS. It won't even let me reset the pc.

I'm also aware they're going to cut support for win7, but that's years off and by then maybe they'll have an operating system that works. Seeing how win8 turned out and went to win10, I'll probably have to learn linux by then.

Anyway what you're saying is

This little partition needs to be removed before I can install win7? All of the stuff I care about is on my other two drives so I have no issue wiping the C drive clean, just need to reinstall drivers and a media player or two.

I'd take another option if I had it. Might look for another solution or two to this windows update problem, but I haven't had any luck. I have had some error when I go to shut down (because win 10 won't let me use sleep mode LOL) it gives me an error "the exception breakpoint has been reached blablabla" that i have to click out of before it'll shut down. Perhaps that's the root of all of these problems?
Random Chat / Re: Stuff that peels your potatoes with paring knives of ANGER.
« Last post by Spectere on April 11, 2017, 03:34:31 PM »
Let me just say that there is a very good reason that people make "Oh, THIS will be the Year of the Linux Desktop" jokes year after year. The Linux desktop ecosystem feels flakier to me now than it did in 2005. There are too many geeky alpha males vying for dominance right now for me to recommend that option to anyone (sysvinit vs systemd, Xorg vs Wayland vs Mir, and both of those are absolutely HUGE parts of the user experience and OS). If all you want to do is browse the web, grab a Chromebook (Linux-based, but it's a very tightly designed system). If not, and you still want to move away from Windows, look into getting a Mac.

If you're trying to do anything from within Windows 10 itself it's definitely not going to work. You can't format the OS drive in any version of Windows while the system is running since that would lead to Critical Existence Failure of the environment that's currently loaded. You also won't be able to initiate the Windows 7 install from within Windows 10, as in-place downgrades aren't supported (and even if they are, they'd be a very bad idea--I'm even skeptical about in-place upgrades).

That certainly doesn't mean that Windows 10 is preventing you from installing an operating system. It's a safety measure. Trying to install an older version of Windows over a newer one can cause a ton of problems. There are a lot of subtle things that can change regarding the disk layout and filesystem that can cause the older, outdated Windows 7 tools to not work properly against newer installations.

To install an older system, your best bet is to boot directly from disc, clear the system of all partitions (not just formatting, as that will keep the newer, likely incompatible boot and recovery partitions intact) and reinstall from scratch.

First and foremost, make a backup of any data that you care about.

Next, to actually wipe the partition table and more or less start from scratch, you'll have to boot from the Windows 7 media. Your system will probably have a key, such as F12, that you can press to get a boot menu. Failing that, you can rearrange the drive order in the BIOS config so that your optical drive is above your SSD in the boot process. When the disc starts to boot, tap a key to boot from the disc.

When the setup program loads, do a custom install. When you get to the section where you configure your partitions, click on the "Drive Options (Advanced)" text. This will add some additional buttons that allow you to add and remove partitions. Click on each partition on your system disk, click Delete, and accept the prompt. If you're at all uncomfortable about this step and are worried about deleting the wrong ones, power your system off and disconnect your other hard drives or SSDs.

When you're done, the only item that should be left for that specific disk is "Unallocated Space." As long as that is selected, Windows will take care of everything else when you click the Next button. You won't have to create or format the partition manually. After that's finished, you'll have a fresh drive and a new Windows 7 install.

One thing to bear in mind is that Windows 7 is no longer receiving mainstream support--it's currently in an extended support window until January 14, 2020. It will continue to receive security updates during this time, but feature updates are not guaranteed.
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