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Gaming / Re: 2023 Still Back Loggin'
« Last post by vladgd on May 28, 2023, 08:47:28 PM »
8. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

O boy, this is a big one. Where to start?

This game should be called "breath of the wild 2" for how similar in structure it is to the previous game. It IS a direct sequel and...does the exact same thing the last one did, albeit, most areas.

First and foremost if you didn't like botw, don't play this game. Whatever was broke in that game like how hard it is to get money, or weapon durability, ain't fucking fixed in this game. Arrows do come by easier however, which is notable.

Similarities. The whole tutorial island thing is the exact same 4 shrines to get your powers in each one, a cold area you need to cook for warm for. You do a main quest in the 4 different race areas for their respective dungeon/power. Each dungeon is structured the exact same "you must get 4 things to fight the boss, then we'll tell you the story of the imprisoning war, and then give you a heart piece and a ring" FORUMLA TO THE T. You fight gannon he has 4 little bosses from the dungeons, if you didn't do those you gotta fight em, if you did, you get a cutscene and can get to the boss. You fight the gannon, after beating him, big setpiece "boss" fight you can't die in.

Koroks? 900 of them in the last game, ONE THOUSAND in this game. I got like 43, fuuuuuuuuuk that.

Shrines? 120something in the last game? ONE FIFTY TWO in this game. I did get like 114, they are too many but they're done better in this game. The ones I liked and disliked the most are the ones that took all your gear and made you kill all the enemies with just the stuff around the shrine, took more effort, but ended up being more fun.

Armor sets most of them are the same as the last game, you end up wanting the barbarian armor like the last game...woulda been cool if you used something else.

Powers? Well this is the main appeal of this game imo, they are actually good. Didn't think I'd like the build a vehicle thing, and it is a bit fiddley, but the powers have good synergy. Overall probably the best part of this game, you actually actively use your new powers and the game expects you to do so. Best thing you can build is 2 fans and a control stick to make what is basically a helicoptor, long as you have the battery, you can get ANYWHERE, and it's really convenient.

The game trailers showed off a bunch of sky islands, this game is already huge, and there's an entire sky layer. Not a "ton" of stuff up there, but more than enough to be it's own map layer. Takes good advantage of your new tools to navigate the skies.

...also not so shown in the trailers is the depths. Which I would compare to blackreach in skyrim, if blackreach was...1:1 the entire underground map AS BIG AS THE ALREADY TOO BIG HYRULE light, enemies permanently sap your hearts until you get sunlight or eat for recovery (in which you still need to eat to heal proper). It's a cool addition and way too much for me to explore fully.

...and i could go on and on and on...and on, I need to stop eventually. Last thing of importance, I totally exploited item duplication a lot. It make my experience so much better I took my switch offline (because I know they're gonna patch it, and they DID patch it several days ago) to keep my exploits until I was finished. Not needing to worry about my high tier lionel parts made me actually engage in combat instead of run away, having money made me actually buy things instead of forget shops existed. Any edge to get me to chew through this game before street fighter 6 launch (June 2) because this game is just way too goddamn big. I have no idea how it's only 16 gigs, and I have no idea how the nintendo switch can run this thing.

This game is not a 10/10, it's not goty, it doesn't improve on big issues I had with botw...but it's still really fun, the new powers are actually great, and I DID have a meaningfully better time with this game over botw.

I also hope to never play it again, I think I had my fill and it is time to move on. Fingers crossed Nintendo can bring back some of the old zelda magic next rodeo. Gonna end this one before I turn it into a novel. Till next time!
Gaming / Re: 2023 Still Back Loggin'
« Last post by vladgd on May 10, 2023, 05:53:07 PM »
7. Armored Core: Master of Arena

So...well, these games aren't horribly long aren't they? So uhh, that's it. Third and final Armored Core ps1 release.

I beat the first AC game with around ~13 hours played. Phantasma I didn't 100% but I did all the arena and all but 3 missions in ~5 hours. This game was about 4 hours...but I left most of the disc 2 content on the table. Might go back to do that stuff in the future? But that may be in the farther future because hot games are bout to drop soon.

Despite the short playtime there's 3-4 more missions, and an entire disc 2 with more arena stuff. The arena stuff in disc 2 has you making specific mech types (normal, reverse joint, tank, quad, blablabla) which is cool to keep you from making one god build like I did and recking most of the game.

This game has a different story covering the final boss of the first game, so I think it's a prequel? While project phantasma had the arena as 100% optional, this game has it as a mandatory part of the game. You do missions, then they make you do a little arena, then force you out of the arena to do mandatory mission, then no missions available, till the final mission. Beat final mission, any missions you didn't do are available to 100% at your own time.

I started off Project Phantasma not liking it so much, but after a little while I did end up enjoying it. This game is basically that game, but starts off non linear for the first half, and is extremely linear in the second half. I think I liked this release the least of the 3 personally, the final boss was also...really dumb. Due to the aforementioned VERY POOR controls the final boss is a 1v1 arena style fight which is fine but he's very fast, and uhh I am very slow because I wanted all the big guns. Took me 3 attempts because once he gets up on me, he kills me before I can even turn to face him the turning is so slow in this game. Thankfully the arena is huge and thus the third time I thought to just...boost backwards and unload on him, that one took about 6-7 seconds for me to finally see the credits. Harder final boss than the first game, but less frustrating level? Last level of AC1 has some very very bad platforming, FOLLOWED by two bosses that are in a hard to aim arena...different levels of pain I suppose.

So that's all 3 AC games on the ps1. I more or less went for the path of least resistance when it came to my build. Low mobility, high firepower and stuck with it. Curious if I will play this way in the other games when I get to it. The important part is that I had more fun than I remember having the last time I attempted this series, mission accomplished.
Gaming / Re: 2023 Still Back Loggin'
« Last post by vladgd on May 07, 2023, 09:53:45 PM »
6. Armored Core: Project Phantasma

So I decided to play Armored Core 2, err the second armored core game Project Phantasma?

This was cool because there really weren't many games back in the day that had save file transfer between games. I took my 100% completed Armored Core save with my 2 million credits, booted up my save in Phantasma and...they just let you keep your mech, all your parts, and all your money. Alright? No strings attached? Yep!

This game while basically just "Armored Core 1 but...more Armored Core 1" is a little different. First off the missions are very linear with I think 3 parts where you get to choose between two missions. There's a story...and several voiced characters?! However less missions, I think you beat ~14 to beat the game, and the other 3 are the missions you didn't pick when you had to make a choice. The first game had around ~48 or so missions in comparison, so that game wasn't super long, this game ain't that long by half. By half? There's less than half the missions...well this game is the first in the series to introduce ARENA!

So you get the 1v1 ranking arena thing and you start at the bottom and there's like 50 guys to get through. Even using the busted OP laser rifle from the last find out there's a travel time to those blasts and quick mechs can dodge and stuff. Needless to say I had to slightly retune my mech. I like non standard legs, but the "op laser rifle" only works on normal legs probably because it's a large model and wouldn't work with other options, so I went with the big tanky slow normal legs that move like molassas and added a laser canon because if I'm heavy why not add more firepower. Some of these fights are hard, probably the hardest content is in the arena tbh. Anything I couldn't blow up with my laser rifle I had to boost around (mind you I can barely walk with my heavy build) and play this cat and mouse sniping game with my laser canon. Sometimes frustrating, but pretty cool addition. Beating the arena gives you a busted broken "the remainder of the missions you will do in the game will be easy" machinegun, so that's kinda what I did.

I wouldn't recommend this game in a vacuum, if this game was released in the modern era I would consider it a DLC or expansion rather than a standalone game. Play this only if you did everything in the first game and wanted more of that.

Didn't intend to beat this game, but now that I did...the save I took from AC1, to PP, can go to the third and last game in the ps1 series of Armored Core games, Master of Arena. I have again no intention to beat that game, but if the difficulty isn't too much and I got the time before the 12th...might give it a shot.

Last thing I want to air out is there's a lot of Armored Core games, I have known about them and even played the heck out of the demo of the first game as a kid. Pretty cool to finally start seeing the origins of this long running series for myself, and again despite...questionable controls I am vaguely starting to get used to, I'm still enjoying myself quite a bit here.
Gaming / Re: 2023 Still Back Loggin'
« Last post by vladgd on May 05, 2023, 01:10:44 AM »
5. Armored Core

With Armored Core 6 coming out in...~3.5 months, I am unreasonably hyped.

I have played this game as a kid, the demo, with 3 missions you would play over and over and get money to upgrade your mech. Later in ~2014 I had tried to play this game again and struggled with the really dated bad controls (the controls are THE thing that deterred even kid me from this franchise), and a labyrinthine mission that has you in a maze with 5 bombs to plant...and everything is poison so you constantly take damage.

Decided to try AGAIN and gradually chip away till I did it. That said, this game structure is kind of weird. You get the same few missions to start, but they are kind of random how they serve them to you. I remember getting the moonlight blade last time but not seeing the final mission. This time I did not receive the mission to get the moonlight blade and got the final mission...didn't really need it  because the laser rifle is god tier in this game, but still.

This game suffers from god freaking awful controls(left and right on the d pad is turn left/right, l1/r1 are strafe left and right, l2 is look up...r2 is look down)...and...I still had a good time. This game is pretty fun, decent enough mission variety, the mech customization is fun, the "bleak everything sucks you're just taking missions for the $$$ even if it means going against your previous contractor" it's just a cool game.

I don't think I'm gonna play ALL the games before 6 because...I just ain't, but this was the big one on my bucket list, and it has been beaten. Now...after beating the game any missions you didn't get served you can just do, or farm easy missions for money because you can reselect them. Pretty cool reward for completing the final mission if you wanted to buy more parts and whatnot.

Gaming / Re: 2023 Still Back Loggin'
« Last post by vladgd on April 26, 2023, 03:59:43 PM »
Advance Wars (1+2 Re-Boot Camp)

So another turn based strategy game that apparently only I give a shit about just came out. I wish these games were more popular but the first con I'm about to mention will probably not help.

Just gonna get it out of the way, the "online play" is trash. I mean it's probably good? You can make custom maps and play online...with some caveats. FRIENDS LIST ONLY, if you don't have anyone on your friends list with the game booted up, may as well be offline. No matchmaking, anyone not on your friends list, no online. Also if you do have a few people to play, it's 1v1 only and only certain map sizes allowed. This game has all of the old 2p, 3p, and 4p maps the originals had, and those 3p/4p maps are for local play only. Figures the one thing you couldn't do on the originals, online can't do in this game.

That said if you are spoiled and have irl friends who like advance wars (whatever bizarro world this hypothetical person lives in) you got multi system or single system multiplayer for local play like the originals had, except you can play on a big tv now instead of the tiny gba screen. Unfortunately I won't be able to experience least I can play the CPU in those maps.

Cons's the first two advance wars games, and they're mostly faithful to the originals. I've only completed the first advance wars campaign, which "unlocks" the second campaign. However if you just want to jump into 2, it's not really gated off and they'll warn you about spoilers but let you in if you only wanted to play the second one.

They streamlined unlocking characters, instead of the weird campaign requirements of the originals, you unlock the right to buy them in the shop after certain missions, no strings attached. Once you complete a campaign, you can go back for higher scores without needing to restart a new campaign again which is a really nice change. ALSO certain parts in the campaign you pick between a few missions which you can pick one and ignore 2, you can go back and finish the branches you didn't select after completing a campaign, another very nice change.

If I was rating the single player stuff I'd rate this remaster as an A+...but with the extreme low effort put into the online I would have to lower the overall package to a B. I don't care about competitive play at all, but just messing around playing matches online, or even 2 players vs 2 cpu's would be a lot of fun online...but it's just not something they had in mind.

I intend this game to be a slow burn, one of those games I go back to every now and then due to it's bite sized nature. So I am very happy it exists, but I do hope they add even barebones basic matchmaking and the ability to play those 3p/4p maps online. Not counting on it, but anything's possible right?
Random Chat / Re: What's been happing in our real lives?
« Last post by NewF on April 22, 2023, 04:12:50 PM »
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Don't give a fuck!!!
Hope all has been going well with you guys.
My business is half n half. Thriving, but I need to cater to the customers more for what they want. Simply, rice, chicken, spaghetti. That's what they like the most down here. So I've incorporated Canadian Poutine with their rice meals, because that's what they mainly enjoy down here.  In the end, still with the same girl and everything is absolutely amazing. Loving life and I hope all you sexy motherfuckers are doing good as well. Update me/us on your lives! Would be nice to see how everyone is doing!!
News / Re: Admin approval is now required for all account registrations
« Last post by Alice on April 12, 2023, 06:48:39 PM »
Converting a long-running forum with a ton of history is super stressful since there's no way to visually inspect everything before shoving it all out the door. The nigh-inevitable breakage of intra-forum links is bad enough, let alone the fact that trying to fix conversion issues after the new site goes live can lead to some pretty significant headaches.

the conversion is finally picking up steam again and i can feel this statement in my bones

PHP finally forced my hand with this because the array subscript warnings in PHP 8 make it basically impossible to hack support for it into IP Board. I'm overhauling the phpBB conversion script now. Just getting profiles and groups to convert right was a total nightmare and I haven't even got to fixing the post and private message de-mangling, let alone figuring out how to hack the polls and IP Tracker data in. What a mess!

Also, I found a very cool arbitrary PHP execution exploit in IP Board that was labeled "IPB Firewall" and had been there for 12+ years.
Gaming / Re: 2023 Still Back Loggin'
« Last post by vladgd on March 13, 2023, 06:17:15 PM »
Metroid Dread 1000% Complete

I beat dread mode but didn't 100% dread mode...considering you die from any damage it makes 100% dread mode harder than low%. The first time I beat the final boss it took me like...literally..40+ attempts over 2 days. This time, I made an idiot mistake on the first try, and killed him the second try. I'd like to think I have achieved mastery of this game...ignore those deaths though...any sneeze = game over.

I don't even care anymore, this game is 10/10. No game is perfect, but jesus this game is close.


Wasn't even trying to go fast, wasted a good few minutes dicking around because I was just playing for fun...but 3:10 Hard mode.
Gaming / Re: 2023 Still Back Loggin'
« Last post by vladgd on March 12, 2023, 12:40:32 AM »
4. Metroid Fusion

3:45, 40% item completion.

I'm gonna preface. I cheated. I used the rewind feature, and totally used a save state before the final boss.

This is my least favorite metroid by far, as in, it is the only metroid game I do not like.

I get it, coming from Dread I am spoiled by great bosses and unmatched controls, but I have a caveat. The #3 game I beat was METROID 2, THE ORIGINAL GAMEBOY METROID 2, and I had a good time.

Way too much story for a metroid
None of the bosses even enter a territory that I would call "fun". Rag on me all you want, but I beat every single boss in dread without taking a single hit, those are fun bosses. Trying to stand at a pixel perfect distance to hit a weakspot with micron accuracy 50 times is not fun...only to have an orb pop out of it and gib you for having low health.
x parasites in dread were annoying...they're only 50x worse in this game

There are good parts to this game, but I don't care to talk about them, the cons severely outweigh the pros.

I ain't going back to do the few parts of the game I used rewind on again, I am not going to revisit this game. I actually regret playing this game, it was better off as a mystery.

I had more fun paying my emergency room bill than playing this game.


Feeling generous, and I will talk about a few good points.

For one this is metroid 4, to dread which is metroid 5, so you do see some carry over. Like how missiles are just straight upgrades instead of separate entities like in super. Or how power bombs have a vacuum effect for all x parasites in an area.

In dread where the whole first two areas turn to ice, this game has the ice zone which ends up melting and a few other environmental changes.

ledge grab, not executed that well in this game...but it's a good addition for future games.

Ohh Just thought of it. For as linear as the game is, I was alright with completing an objective and the game throwing a wrench at you "stuff is out of wack, 6 minutes to fix problem gogogo" or "power is out, find an alternate route to restore power, no elevators, save points, recharge stations work", mixed up the experience a bit.

Besides that I really don't understand why they want to keep adding "horror" elements to a metroid game. Fusion started this mess, and it's seeped into dread which would probably be named something else if not for fusion, and probably be an even better game for it. The cold isolation and lack of friendly npc's should be "horror" enough. And I feel super, and prime do this very well.


I just can't stop playing dread. Did boss rush to unlock survival boss rush meaning anything unlockable in the game is unlocked. And also found through this that you can "practice" bosses you've gotten to in boss rush. I didn't know each boss had a time attack, or maybe you want to practice the quick kill on the z57 boss or whatever. Not a mode I typically care about, but given that the bosses ARE fun in this game..."cough"...worth checking out. 
Gaming / Re: 2023 Still Back Loggin'
« Last post by vladgd on March 08, 2023, 06:59:57 PM »

Beat the game 10 times, got all the gallery, beat hard mode, beat dread mode, beat game under 3 hours. I CRUSH THIS GAME!

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames!

This one was mostly due to fusion coming out very soon so I forked over the $$$ for the premium service to access the gba. This was a trip down memory lane, only warioware game I played, wasn't interested in the motion control gimmicks added to future releases.

A very short very specific period of time. Wikipedia says the game was released may26 2003, so I had to have gotten this near release because I specifically remember my parents buying this for me after school before summer, and I had a friend staying over a few nights...and we had pizza. I remember playing this, and taking turns on the gba sp while watching spirited away for the first time and other anime VHS TAPES I had at that time. Seen a review of the game in I think an EGM magazine and was motivated to buy it due to how weird it was, being the kids that were "so random" at that time, it was our jam.

Game itself is fine, short, but plenty of unlocks/content/things to do. A majority of the enjoyment I get is the nostalgia of being...15?16? Good memories. I specifically remember doing everything, unlocking everything, and competing with friends on the same cart to beat high scores. The videogame equivalent of licking your plate clean. Not doing that again this time, but I got far enough to see the credits and unlock a few more modes. Be a good game to turn on in a social setting for people to play around with being on the big screen instead of that small portable screen.
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