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Song of the Day / My current favorite
« Last post by NewF on May 28, 2020, 01:56:24 AM »
Never watched Game of Thrones. Never will. But. I fucking LOVE this song. Absolutely amazing. And it POUNDS in my car system. I crank this up any chance I get.

Song of the Day / [D&B] Raizer - Explode
« Last post by Spectere on May 27, 2020, 08:57:01 AM »
A few years ago I posted about a band that I randomly stumbled upon called Raizer. Last week I randomly checked in on their artist page on Apple Music and noticed that they'd released a bunch of singles after their debut album dropped that I hadn't listened to yet.

They're all pretty great, but this one stuck out.

Fast, aggressive, with a really awesome chorus tying everything together. This song's been on my regular rotation since I first heard it.
Gaming / Re: The Backlog, 2020 edition
« Last post by Spectere on May 18, 2020, 03:12:46 PM »
I think NV would have been my favorite Fallout game if Bethesda didn't give Obsidian the shaft. :< I have a really hard time looking past the bugs and overall clunkiness of it, so classic Fallout is still my favorite Fallout.

I don't know if Obsidian were just routinely handed the short end of the stick (also see: KOTOR 2) or if they were just overly keen to accept large projects with tight deadlines, but yikes.
Gaming / Re: wut specturr'z playing
« Last post by Spectere on May 18, 2020, 03:08:16 PM »
I've been on a Monster Hunter World kick again. Within the past week I went from being on the Nergigante hunt quest to the beginning of Iceborne, complete with an armor and weapon set that suck far less than my previous gear did.

I put in a fair bit of practice time with the longsword's Iceborne moveset and am absolutely in love with special sheathe (RT+A). Being able to cancel that long sheathing animation after Spirit Roundslash and extend your combo really improves the combat flow. Iai Slash is beyond useful for keeping the spirit gauge topped off as well.

The one thing that I still need to master is the use of Foresight Slash and Iai Spirit Slash. I always tend to hit those too early for the dodge mechanics to trigger.

Now that I have some more experience with the game, I'm tempted to switch back to Switch Axe for a bit. As much as I enjoy LS, its attacks largely land laterally, making fights like Paolumu a bit more annoying than they otherwise would be. I recall SA trending more towards verticality.


I appreciate you trying to help, but the problem ultimately boils down to me simply not liking the way the combat flows. I just think that the switch mechanic is way too clunky and the AI-controlled party members aren't nearly as autonomous as they should be. Sorry. :(

Also, although I've only played up to where you first get your apartment and flip your shit at your neighbour, most of the areas you fought in felt super cramped and I'll suited for the combat system they're using. Does that get any better as the game progresses?

The arenas do get larger throughout the game, though the quest areas tend to be a bit on the tight side (around the same size as the monster area near the Sector 7 slums).
Gaming / Re: The Backlog, 2020 edition
« Last post by vladgd on May 13, 2020, 08:58:23 PM »
I think if I had put more time into the game I'd probably put it higher, but I honestly bee lined the main quest in...2 days...and anything that got in my way of finishing the game got way more annoying than it would have if I was playing normally.

That said, I still think I'd prefer fallout 3 because of the leveling system. One perk per level > every other level, and my playstyle was supported in 3, and not new vegas. In 3 I had a stealth guns build with heavy emphasis on explosives and VATS. Less skill points/perks in NV just made me rambo shotguns, which is fine, but I really like stealth in bethesda open world games, and in fallout 3 I whored VATS like a mofo, seems less good in NV.

Reading online I see a lot of people calling NV their favorite fallout game, and I can see where they'd come from even if I do not agree for myself. I really liked fallout 3, but I only put 40 or so hours into it, and I hated oblivion and I put over 90 hours into that, so while I like fallout, I VASTLY prefer a real elder scrolls game.

Not even getting into Fallout 1, which is fantastic, and has a legitimately creepy atmosphere that I still remember today. And for fallout 4...fantastic gameplay, THE BEST BETHESDA GAME LEVELING SYSTEM EVER...and THE WORST BETHESTA GAME OPEN WORLD EVER, and with jack shit to do after the main story and like one populated city in the game, I do not think too highly of the game even if the gameplay and leveling system are pretty great.
Gaming / Re: The Backlog, 2020 edition
« Last post by Bobbias on May 13, 2020, 10:39:49 AM »
New Vegas could have been so much better if Obsidian actually had more time. They were super rushed with something like 9 months to create the game, which unfortunately lead to a bunch of bugs and cut content. I'd still put NV above 3 and 4 personally thanks to the interesting story lines, different ways to complete quests, and the overall setting and such.

That said, the game has some very rough points that I don't fault you for having issues with.
Gaming / Re: The Backlog, 2020 edition
« Last post by vladgd on May 12, 2020, 10:33:51 PM »
7. Fallout New Vegas

Well..this came out of nowhere. Was going to play planescape torment, got too drunk, decided to play this instead...


Before the last few story missions I would have put this above fallout 4, after...It is my least favorite fallout game. Yknow one good way to remove power fantasy in a videogame? CONSTANTLY HAVE AREAS THAT TAKE ALL YOUR GEAR! Now you can just tell people to fuck off and slaughter entire casinos, which I DID...then you get to higher tier people like brotherhood and with savescumming, I just wasn't powerful enough to rambo that many people. Iunno, I think the game has more and better content than 4, but 4 lacked bugs to piss me off to the extent that new vegas did. Fiddley quests failing you for no reason, playing the game normally pisses off other factions, and when they attack you in a town...the guards don't help you, and when you retaliate, the guards kill you...come the fuck on even morrowind had that shit in check.

Fallout 1 > 3 > 4 > NV  (haven't finished 2)

Kinda feel annoyed having finished it but its done.
Gaming / Re: wut specturr'z playing
« Last post by Bobbias on May 09, 2020, 03:36:57 PM »
Just give me my god damned original ATB system back :(

Nothing against action rpg fighting in general, but as far as I'm concerned final fantasy should stick to ATB or straight up turn based combat.

Also, although I've only played up to where you first get your apartment and flip your shit at your neighbour, most of the areas you fought in felt super cramped and I'll suited for the combat system they're using. Does that get any better as the game progresses?
Gaming / Re: wut specturr'z playing
« Last post by NewF on May 09, 2020, 10:23:40 AM »

On one hand, sure, you can dodge in real-time, but on the other hand it still feels like if the game wants to hit you with an attack, it'll hit you.

Agreed. But at the same time, we can't expect to end every fight untouched. Our characters also have unblockable/undodgeable attacks too.

Did I mention that you're vulnerable during this wind-up animation? I've had enemies come from off-camera and start wailing on Cloud during the animation, shaving off hundreds of health points during an unskippable animation that locks him firmly in place.
Here's a good tip for yah bud. I thought the animations were unskippable too, but, if you do it a certain way, its fully skippable. I made a video for you to check it out.


Whoever has the limit ready, control a DIFFERENT character, then L2 or R2 to the character with the limit, hit the limit, then continue to fight with the other character! :)
On top of that, (I didn't do it because it wasn't needed in the vid), but, you can easily also pop a quick heal spell during his animation. Problem solved! <3

Healing spells follow three distinct steps: playing the animation, removing MP, and restoring HP. The problem is that there's a surprisingly long gap between when the game removes MP and restores HP (feels like around half a second). If you die between those two events, the game will take your MP without restoring your health. Really nice given how much smaller the MP pools are now.

Again, use the previous trick I mentioned to get smooth healing towards you without having to lose control of your current character. Or, if they dont have their ATB filled, do a quick switch, couple of quick attacks, then pop a heal.

The player that is being controlled is typically prioritized. If you want to take direct control over Aerith to reposition her and take a few specific actions, odds are within a few seconds every enemy you're fighting will immediately come running at her, completely ignoring the ex-SOLDIER and his giant fuck-off sword and the big burly dude with the gun arm that have been wailing on them for the past three minutes. As a result, you're largely dependent on remote-controlling characters. The problem with that is that the ATB gauge fills up much slower when you aren't actively playing as a certain character, so have fun trying to make the most out of that bizarre combination of mechanics.

That's actually something I like quite a bit about this game. It has that challenge to where enemies are always on your ass so you gotta think quickly. Again, the quick L2/R2 commands is awesome. Try a mixture of both, after a while you'll be like "ohhhhh, alright, this is fuckin' awesome!" (It took me a while to realize it myself, but again, the Bahamut fight is where you'll get used to it and become much better with it)

The game gets really stun-happy around the 12-16 hour mark. Stuns are pretty much what you'd expect: temporary debuffs that completely prevent you from moving. The problem with them is two-fold. First of all, the stun debuff is never shown on your character panel ("am I stunned for a quarter of a second or five seconds?"). Second, too many enemies can do it, and too often.
Agreed, a HUGE pain in the ass. I fuckin' hate it too. But, easy way around that; Just switch to a different character for the duration. Once I get a stun on a character, immediately switch, then the stunned character will be ignored to an extent by monsters, because as we already know, enemies prioritize the character we're currently controlling.

The stun situation gets worse when you consider the baked wind-up and attack animations that your character performs. If you select a move and then suddenly the game drops a stun AoE on your head, you get instantly stunned. My favorite situation is when you get stunned, then they immediately follow it up with sleep and poison. Good times.
Again, the L2/R2 commands help out a lot with this.
takes a bit of time to get used to controlling a secondary character, then popping commands with someone who you're not controlling, but it's worth it. And yeah, I feel the same to where it's like "Well I wanna do this with this character, so I want to be CONTROLLING THIS CHARACTER AT THIS TIME!", but, sometimes it's better in certain situations to just pop secondary commands with the L2/R2.

The game is also like Monster Hunter in that if you're attacking an enemy and the person you're attacking takes a swing at you in mid-combo, your combo breaks.
Yeah, hate it when shit like that happens. But, they've made it all about timing. I'm highly used to using cloud now, to where I can pull off good sword combo hits, then counter the enemies attack and continue my swinging, pressure then stagger them.
With Clouds 100% counter stance (Punisher mode, then R1 to block) it's absolutely incredible. It's just all the matter on timing it properly.

To add to the above, enemy combos are completely unbreakable. You can't even hold block in mid-combo to shave off some damage. If they connect once, you're getting hit by everything that follows. Considering enemies can break your combo whenever they want by starting a combo of their own, this becomes especially problematic.
Noooooo, not true bud! You can easily break enemies combos. Lets say you're stuck in an enemy combo with Cloud; Once I get stuck in one, I immediately switch to a different character (Barret for instance) and unload on the monster preforming the combo. There's been many times where they caught me in a combo, I switched, unloaded and got them into "pressured" state, interrupting their combo. From there, pop high pressure build commands, get them in staggered, GG.

On top of that, there's no rhyme or reason regarding which attacks can be blocked or dodged, and the only way of knowing is to get hit. I've seen plenty of cases where Cloud was able to block a massive attack from a giant monster, yet a normal-looking attack from a human-sized enemy would break his block (and lock him into a combo, naturally). Similarly, there are more cases than I can count of Cloud getting hit despite being noticeably outside of the range of an AoE attack. Again, if the game wants you to take damage, you're going to take damage. Period.
Again, cloud has his 100% counter blocking. Once the enemy lands a hit, he blocks, counter hits and opens the enemy up to more punishment. At first I never used it, but after getting used to it, it's absolutely ESSENTIAL to use that counter-stance whenever you're fighting. It makes things SO much easier.

Not trying to be an ass and go against all the stuff you were saying, but I think it's because you haven't fully gotten used to the combat system (Just like me for the longest time, until after the Bahamut fight). Bahamut is incredibly difficult, where you'll start to learn to have to constantly switch up characters, fill and burn those ATB bars immediately before getting targeted and using the proper attacks/spells against him. It's basically like playing "keep away" (You know, that stupid game with throwing the ball back and forth, keeping it away from the kid trying to get it), but with your characters. Since monsters prioritize the ones we're controlling, do a quick attack, an ATB command, then immediately switch, during the ATB command animation. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Gaming / Re: FFVII Remake
« Last post by NewF on May 09, 2020, 09:36:44 AM »
Yeah the combat pissed me off for a while too, but after getting used to it and adjusting (Something I REALLY had to do during the Bahamut fight), I'm much MUCH better at controlling it now and it's incredible. I just wish there was more to play in the first part. They stopped the gamer at LITERALLY the best part, where you get into the overworld and start the chocobo stuff. Or, they shoulda stopped the first part at the gold saucer. Would give us a shitload more to do while waiting for the second part.
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