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Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« Last post by Spectere on Today at 12:56:04 AM »

Looks like Blizzard is taking an interesting approach to how they're going to implement WoW Classic.

To summarize: they decided to replicate 1.12, dusted off their archives, and were able to get a client/server build up and running. However, as I suggested, they were 13 years behind on critical security updates, ran into hardware compatibility issues in some cases, and obviously it didn't support their new login system at all. Instead of trying to maintain two divergent code branches (which is difficult for a small project, let alone a project with that level of complexity), they are porting the old data to run on their new server infrastructure with a modern client, and they're showing every indication of following the #NoChanges mindset along the way.

I suspect there are going to be some things that feel a bit different as a result of this, but I suspect that using a newer client is going to generally be a positive. I'm thinking that the shenanigans that you could pull off with addons in 1.x (like addons that would basically just let you "play" a class with a single button) will, I imagine, be nullified with the secure action system. At the same time, the new APIs introduced later on will more than likely work, so I would assume that some modern addons will still work so you won't have to hunt down ancient scraps of Lua and XML in order to watch your threat. Speaking of threat, if the new APIs are available, the threat API that was introduced in 3.x should be there as well so Omen won't have to guess like it did in Vanilla/TBC.

Much of the WoW UI is defined by XML and Lua code, so I imagine that after they port the old code to the new engine it'll look the same. The option pages will probably still look modern, but that's not really a bad thing. One of the main drawbacks of Vanilla is that it runs on DirectX 9 and OpenGL. The former isn't exactly a first-class citizen in modern Windows versions, and macOS is deprecating OpenGL so the latter is far less appealing. The newer engines can use DirectX 11 (maybe 12 in BfA, though that won't matter too much at this time), Vulkan, and Metal (on macOS), so the graphic APIs will be fully modernized, ensuring compatibility with modern systems. The only downside is that you won't be able to dust off an old XP box or PPC Mac and play Classic with them. Oh no.

So yeah, color me intrigued. Definitely interested in reading more about this.
Random Chat / Re: Car Audio!
« Last post by Bobbias on June 02, 2018, 04:18:19 AM »
Great work man. Looks awesome. And I agree, the green is a great choice.
Random Chat / Re: Car Audio!
« Last post by NewF on June 01, 2018, 04:33:34 PM »
Thanks. Yeah, I always see red and blue, I wanted to switch it up. And I've always liked green better, it's much more bright and glowy compared to the others. :D
Random Chat / Re: Car Audio!
« Last post by Spectere on June 01, 2018, 04:28:13 PM »
triple post

And yeah, that's a pretty slick setup! I like the design of the amp rack. The green LEDs are nice, too! Seems like most people stick with either red or blue, so it's nice to see something different. :)
Random Chat / Re: Car Audio!
« Last post by Spectere on June 01, 2018, 04:26:20 PM »
I just fished your post out of the deleted posts bin with my Admin Powers™. I figured you wouldn't mind me reposting it with corrected links. 8)

Quote from: NewF
So.....I decided to go all out. After fixing my speaker box, I got my second amp so the speakers can run at full potential. Had to connect a second battery, more wiring, all that fun stuff. In the end, it was just a big 'ol rats nest, so I decided to clean it up and make it look good.
Here is my final result. Finally achieved my dream system of Two 12" JL W7's, two JL 1000/1 v2 series amps and made it look good. Built the shelf with a friend, then painted it and got custom vinyl decals made up for it so it wouldn't look so plain. Then upped the ante with some nice fresh looking LED's. What you guys think?
It sounds amazing, perfect crisp bass and insanely loud. I fuckin' love it.
I'll post some videos later on when I get the chance.

Random Chat / Re: Car Audio!
« Last post by Spectere on June 01, 2018, 08:54:03 AM »
What error are you getting?
Random Chat / Re: Car Audio!
« Last post by NewF on May 31, 2018, 11:09:07 PM »
Am I doing something wrong? I wanted to make a post and show updates to my system, but any image link I try to set in here, it doesn't work. What can I do to fix this? I wanna show you guys my final system!
Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« Last post by Spectere on May 25, 2018, 07:21:00 PM »
It's going to depend on the player count, methinks. If they can maintain a solid player count in each shard then I can see world PvP working as you describe. Thing is, as you know, BC and WotLK fractured the world to the point that trying to get said reinforcements was a chore. All it took was a few bored top level players and you'd be unable to do much of anything, period. I probably would have enjoyed that sort of experience more when I was younger, but now I honestly can't be bothered. I have too many other hobbies and games and too little free time to be stopped dead in my tracks by a few unskilled hacks who have higher numbers than I do. I can see the appeal for some, but it's just not for me.

That said, I wouldn't be opposed to rolling an alt and leveling as a group in a PvP server. That alone can even the playing field by quite a bit (and make it pretty much impossible for a single rogue to stun lock someone to death). WorldDefense would also actually work in vanilla seeing as there's only two continents to contend with.

Also, there is definitely some form of emergent PvP even on PvE realms, though it does obviously work a lot differently. "The Crossroads (or Tarren Mill if you're an easterner) is Under Attack," after all, and you can't turn in your quests until you deal with the Alliance menace. :) It's just a bit more moderated, I guess. I've come to the defense of Thrallmar, the Crossroads, and capital cities on numerous occasions and I liked being able to participate on my own terms.

I think WotLK did the two zone thing solely because of the player count. I played it very early on and the sheer volume of players pretty much broke the game entirely--I can't even imagine what it would have been like if everyone had been dropped into a single zone. It's a problem that Blizzard never really solved before CRZ was rolled out across the board. As much as I loathe it for the reworked Cataclysm zones and BC/WotLK mining (where there simply aren't enough nodes/mobs to go around), it had the effect of making player counts drop in crowded areas for the most part. I remember Mists and Warlords both being borderline unplayable in the first week due to the sheer volume of players that got funneled into the single starting zones of those expansions.

THAT SAID, CRZ really loves to fuck everyone over so it can eat a big, sweaty dick. I can't count the number of times it put me in zones that were so Alliance-heavy that there were almost no mobs left for me to kill. Nice faction balancing you've got there, Blizzard. That seems to happen the most in Spires of Arak. Naturally, it's one of my favorite questing zones, so it annoys the piss out of me whenever it happens.
Gaming / Re: World of Warcraft
« Last post by vladgd on May 25, 2018, 06:52:14 PM »
Ohh no way in hell classic would work on console, but the current game probably would be fine.

I'm going to go on a little about pvp for a moment. PvP in the current game, world pvp, ain't worth a damn, I've been on PvE since lich king. Vanilla though, PvE literally feels like part of the game is missing, like I can't even fathom why one would roll a vanilla rogue on a PvE server because of all they can do on a PvP server. There's a huge HUGE difference between vanilla and any other expansion for world pvp, and that's the absence of flying. No flying, no phasing, no cross realm, so that fucker that ganked you, you can get revenge. Unless they hearth, they'll still be there.

I do get not wanting random high levels coming down to ruin your day, but I think it's part of the experience. Seeing the world defense channel (remember that?) having people get ganked by a higher level, and requesting help, that's where the fun is imo. World pvp isn't fair, you will die, and there's nothing you can do about it, but it's fun that a gank can call for high level re inforcements, on one end, to end the conflict, or have more reinforcements from the other into a little mini spontaneous war. It's a cool dynamic I miss from the old game, the whole community aspect of each individual server is more impactful when you have pvp in the mix. 

Still going to have people camp you, and potentially force you to level in another zone or area, but that's part of it. I managed two 60's on PvP servers on vanilla, and I got my shaman to 70 week freaking one on tbc on a PvP server (week 1 = nobody had a flying mount), and it was great. I never understood why lich king needed to seperate players to two zones because I literally didn't have any issues in hellfire peninsula day one launch of the game on a pvp server. Also you get situations when raiding, all 40 people roll out, and you run into an alliance guild going to the same place at the same time...It's like av happening in the world spontaneously, its glorious.

Either way I'm not hating, maybe you'll level an alt on pvp so we can level together in the future or something. Believe me, I get the appeal of pve, I did that from lich king to present. I just feel pvp in vanilla (and maybe tbc) made a nice experience, and forces people to work together even more to get by. It's an MMO and the more reasons to force people to team up, the better, else I could play a single player game that doesn't force a subscription fee upon me.
Creation Station / World Tour Guitar Test
« Last post by Zephlar on May 24, 2018, 08:16:18 PM »
Well I got home to an early delivery. The World Tour guitar came in today. It feels brand spanking new which was surprising, but the whammy doesn't work. If that's the only issue though I can live with that. Buttons feel almost springy I can tell they've barely been used. I'm 32 this probably shouldn't excite me that much.

Did a little test run on Lamb of God. Don't make fun of my broken pinky.
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