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Random Chat / Re: Car Audio!
« Last post by Spectere on April 04, 2021, 09:24:52 PM »
Also, I've officially hit 151dB with this system so far.

Holy fuck. I hope you were wearing ear pro when you tested that, lol

Looks sharp! I like the vinyl work (and it kinda makes me want to pop in Kinda disappointed by the lack of a giant wing, though. :P
Gaming / Re: Monster Hunter
« Last post by Spectere on April 04, 2021, 09:13:15 PM »
30-40 hours still ain't bad. Considering how well-supported modern Monster Hunter has been, I imagine special events and the like will easily add another dozen or so hours to that count. Kinda makes me wonder how much the new movement system factors into that as well. Like I said, the movement in World was fine, but having to traverse an entire zone took a while, and that sort of thing definitely adds up when you're farming.

Heh, funny you mention LR Anjanath. That motherfucker will definitely make you humble. I ended up going back to LR Anjanath on my MHW save after beating Xeno'jiiva, got a little too cocky and aggressive, and wound up carting...on low rank. Whoops! Definitely didn't make that mistake twice.

I actually forgot how much of a hindrance the wildlife was in classic MH, but yeah, that's definitely not something I miss. It's also kind of unrealistic when you think about it. You've got a human swinging a big fuck off sword at a big fuck off predator and some little insect is going to just stick around and start poking one of them? What? Not to say that MHW doesn't have stinging, stunning insects, but they don't seem to be nearly as ruthless/annoying as they used to be. I don't recall ever having to worry about those fuckers when I decide to hunt Pukei-Pukei (I think the game might even despawn them altogether?).

Oh, also, don't forget about their nasty habit of placing smaller monsters right on top of the goddamn level load triggers just so you'd take a nigh unavoidable hit during the screen transition. asdfjkl;

And yeah, I don't miss paintballs at all. Scout flies 4 lyfe. Also, the removal of paintballs and the infinite whetstone also led to another awesome bit of QoL: since those items don't exist in their original form, they don't waste inventory space (nor do pickaxes, nets, and all that other stuff).
Random Chat / Re: You fucks are getting old
« Last post by NewF on April 04, 2021, 09:10:48 PM »
Gaining weight. Goddamn it. Lol.
Random Chat / Re: Car Audio!
« Last post by NewF on April 04, 2021, 09:08:05 PM »
So, been a while. But, got a new car, went all out "Fast n Furious" style and upgraded my system and everything else. What yah guys think?

Also, I've officially hit 151dB with this system so far. (Tested with an actual song, not just tone peak testing) I know I can hit higher with the full tilt tone testing.

Gaming / Re: Monster Hunter
« Last post by vladgd on April 04, 2021, 08:45:15 PM »
Well if you don't need it now, pc release will replicate a "game is new everybody is playing it" environment online, so it's not a bad call. I think im already near the "endgame" content already, so it feels a bit lighter than base mh world. Mind you it's still 30-40 hours to get there instead of...I think 50-70 hours it took me to get to xenojiva in world?  So pc release will have all the addons and stuff they're bound to keep releasing over the coming months.

Still, for me, it's plenty enough content for me to chew on. Maybe it feels like less because the content is...I hate saying it, easier? I don't think this is an easy game, but for monster hunter standards, it's probably the easiest one yet. You can cart, and I have carted, but I am in HR6, HR7 is the current max, the hardest fights I have done so far are still easier than low rank anjanath (who is scarey enough to where I have avoided fighting him in this game so far), or diablos, or pink rathian, those eariler game fights timed at points in the game that felt especially challenging for me in world. And I think I have to mention high rank kirin, maybe not for current players, but when the game was new high rank kirin was a milestone, I think I uploaded a video celebrating beating it earlier in this thread. But that said, with monsters being currently more managable, it obviously means you progress through content faster. But in my eyes as a filthy casual, still plenty challenging to me, if I wasn't lancing, I would be carting a lot more.

such as having to friggin' collect whetstones. I mean, if I want to stockpile stone I'll just play Minecraft.

I put ~120 hours into monster hunter freedom unite on psp, and I do remember this. While kind of obsolete now, the biggest QoL changes in my eyes are three things that made a release like monster hunter 4 on 3ds something I put 20 hours into, compared to monster hunter world something I put over 210 hours into.

-The local wildlife fucks with you less in modern monster hunter. BULLFANGOS CHARGING YOU OVER AND OVER WHILE YOU FIGHT A RATHIAN, fucking sucks. Little mosquito guys buzzing around, PARALYZE YOU, monster charges you, cart. Goddamn bullshit, super annoying, the small monsters still fuck with you in rise, but it's barely something I notice anymore.

-Paintballs. Cool concept for the time, but mostly annoying. Monster runs away, forget to the entire map for the monster, maybe the monster changes  zones, 10 minutes pass, can't find him. Now you just see all the monsters on the map, much nicer.

-Controls. Fuck Claw, I think I need to say no more.

But yeah having finite whetstones in essence made melee weapons had the potential to "run out", and you couldn't resupply in those games...and if you didn't bring pickaxes to mine more stones...and these axes break frequently and you can only hold so get my point. Realistically speaking though I don't think it was ever an issue for me even with those hub fights with bloated hp taking almost the full 50 minutes to hunt.
Random Chat / Re: The Thread of Excessive Rage
« Last post by vladgd on April 04, 2021, 07:56:54 PM »
Being disrespected by a person who does less than 20% the work you do, for not working even more...

My peachy day has been upset.


truncated because I am letting this incident get to me more than it should. Sometimes it doesn't matter what you do, how well you avoid conflict, sometimes it just finds you.
Gaming / Re: Monster Hunter
« Last post by Spectere on April 04, 2021, 03:22:34 AM »
I don't hate the Switch (though I'm really eagerly awaiting the next major hardware revision to smooth things out), but with the number of games I still have on my to-do list I figure I can wait a year for it to drop on PC. If the load times are fast on the Switch's eMMC storage (which is pretty slow in terms of flash storage) I figure it'll fly on a decent SSD.

I think the thing I'm looking forward to the most is playing around with the wirebugs. One of the few things that was a bit of a slog in MHW (at least until they added rideable monsters in Iceborne) was the movement, so I imagine that'll help speed things up a lot.

Gotta say, for as conservative as Capcom usually is with the Monster Hunter series, I'm surprised that they were so bold as to put out two major releases back to back with such sweeping gameplay changes. I do find it kind of funny when people complain about them removing mundane elements, though, such as having to friggin' collect whetstones. I mean, if I want to stockpile stone I'll just play Minecraft.
Gaming / Re: Monster Hunter
« Last post by vladgd on April 03, 2021, 09:47:30 PM »
I am not as far as I could be, but I have hit HR 6 (High rank starts at HR 4) so I still have an incomplete, but wider view of what this game is.

This game in my opinion should be viewed as "monster hunter world 2" to people on the fence. Generations ultimate was the last of the "old" monster hunter styled games, Rise is basically refining what world did to refine the old games.

And what I mean by that is the game is really fucking good, so if you liked world, it's kinda impossible not to like rise unless you hate on the switch or something. Which in that case I actually prefer having some framedrops in areas if my loadtimes are lightning, because loading into missions/areas is very speedy.

Biggest complaint so far is that I am kind of luke warm on the Lance weapon, seems to have the least exciting changes out of the weapons that I've seen. New swipe while a good move, still doesn't fit with the lance moveset. An easy solution to this would be to add a power thrust instead of a swipe...they did this in generations ultimate it's not like capcom hadn't thought of the idea. And the new toys are either redundant, require too much skill to make use of, or are uninteresting. Switch skills, one replaces the charge with...a shorter range charge that is more defensive? It's fine, and I use it over the default charge, but it isn't drastically different.

The other replaces your block with a parry styled like the lance has what, 4 different counters/parries now?
-Standard counter
-power guard
-wirebug counter
-instant guard

I know the kit is designed to say fuck that monsters attack im gonna disregard that and keep attacking while all other weapons have to back off, but when is enough enough? I don't think the weapon needs 4 different counters when the two default ones fit just fine. However my skill level, despite the large time played, is kind of low, so having these new counters that if you use incorrectly, you kinda die...isn't as fun as getting a new hittey damage thing. At least with the standard counter, if I fuck up the timing (WHICH I DO ALL THE TIME EVERY SINGLE FIGHT), I can just powerguard to save my ass. Wirebug counter I can't do that, big whiff animation, and instant guard takes away normal guard...

TLDR LOOKING FOR ANOTHER WEAPON, hammer is a big maybe, gunlance is probably a no, might put together a heavy bowgun set to try that out. Still love the lance, but I got a little bit of envy looking at the cool stuff other weapons received. Not going to abandon the weapon, but instead of having 95% of my hunts played with lance...maybe lower that number to 60-70%.

Ohh yeah, the wirebug mechanics for movement are fantastic. It's actually really fun to zip around the environment with the wirebugs. You have an upward swing and a forward swing, and in the air you can tap A to hold onto a wirebug mid air that doesn't cost wirebug meter. So what you can do to say cross a large gap, upswing to move forward, mid air A to swing again for free, still midair upswing again, tap A to go can get some pretty impressive distance without even touching the ground in some areas. Slight learning curve to it, not a lot of skill, but enough skill to feel good and fun to use. Very nice addition.
Random Chat / Re: The Thread of Extreme Happiness
« Last post by Spectere on March 31, 2021, 10:22:47 PM »
Bruh, I already take up enough space. XD

That said, we might be able to clear up some space in the shed for you.
Gaming / Re: wut specturr'z playing
« Last post by Spectere on March 31, 2021, 10:16:29 PM »
Base Ganymede: Complete

Started playing episode 2, got to E2M6, and threw in the towel. Episode 1 was pretty great, with great fights, solid level design, and some fun traps. Episode 2 looks okay, but the gameplay itself basically took everything episode 1 did right and threw it right out the fuckin' window.

E2M1: Not bad overall, but I wasn't crazy about one particular part where you have to just know to shoot four switches. In general I find that shootable linedefs is kind of a bad mechanic unless it's widespread (like SIGIL) or exclusively for secrets. With a custom texture it could work, but with normal switches one expects to be able to just use it.

E2M2: Ramps up the challenge a bit with more enemies. There are a few good opportunities to force monsters to infight, and given your relative lack of resources at the beginning of the map, pitting the imps against the demons isn't a half bad idea. As I progressed further, however, I noticed that they started to just throw piles of imps at the player. the start of a bad pattern.

E2M3: You're a bit resource starved at the beginning of the map, and right away you're faced with a few barons on a ledge. They can't get at you, so it's easy enough to just leave for a while and build up your arsenal before going back and taking them out. Not a bad map, though this is the point where it starts to spawn cacodemons right next to the player without really giving them the ability to fight them aside from unloading a dozen shells in their big, dumb, cute faces. This map wasn't hard, but it was definitely tedious because of this. But hey, you end the map with a rocket launcher and plasma rifle! Awesome! Then you take the exit teleporter and the game forces you into a death exit. Fucking nice. Thanks.

E2M4: Fuck this fucking map. You're forced to pistol start it due to the mandatory death exit in the previous map. While I'd describe the previous map as being somewhat resource starved, this one is a resource drought. The game gives you nothing other than a berserk pack (which amplifies the damage of the player's punches until the end of the level...or four years, whichever comes first). There are dozens of imps and demons that you literally have to punch to death, and anyone who's played Doom knows that the punch mechanics are a bit wonky, to put it politely. Then I heard a cyberdemon waking up. Walk into a room and there's a cyberdemon on a ledge. Nice. Thanks. There's a teleporter behind him that causes the player to telefrag them, but between having to climb stairs to get to it and how tight the area is, it's difficult to make it there without taking splash damage. There really isn't a reward for your trouble, either, aside from earning the opportunity to grab a shotgun and exit the map. Terrible. If someone put a gun to my head and gave me the option of playing through TNT again or playing this map again, I think I'd pick fucking TNT. As with the rest of the episode thus far, this map wasn't really hard or clever in any way, it was just annoying and tedious.

E2M5: This is where things start to get irritating, with teleport ambushes becoming pretty much the only source of difficulty and every fight basically consisting of a carpet of a single type of enemy. Gone are the interesting fights where you would have to prioritize targets. Welcome to holding down the fire button until everything is dead.

E2M6: The moment that broke me (aside from having to fight through multiple walls of imps which, again, is not very interesting) is when I hit a switch and a cacodemon was teleported so close to me that I was wedged between them and the wall and almost instantly mauled to death. Nope. Fuck you. That's not proper challenge, that's "HAHA GOTCHA! HAVE FUN RELOADING YOUR SAVE!" bullshit. Considering how little health this episode gives the player up to that point, that's guaranteed death unless you know that there's a teleport destination in that particular spot, and the second you know that all you have to do is run past it, turn around, hold down the fire button, and you'll never take a hit.

So, no. Fuck that. That sort of design isn't fun, it isn't clever, and it doesn't actually make the game difficult, because it's nothing but artificial difficulty. It just makes it into a stupid guessing game that you can easily win by memorizing where the monsters are going to spawn. It's like those rhythm game charts that have nonsensical scroll speed changes just to throw off players or act as some sort of gimmick. The second you memorize them the chart stops being "challenging."

It's important to note that just because Doom is a granddaddy FPS doesn't mean that this is the only way of adding "challenge" to it. There are plenty of examples where map authors were able to make hard as balls maps without them being a total crapshoot. I mean, check out decino's channel on YouTube for some playthroughs of some cleverly designed, slaughter-y maps that emphasize dodging projectiles and target prioritization.

This one? Nah. Not even close.
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