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Graphics card small problem.
« on: May 31, 2009, 12:48:29 PM »
I just got a new xfx geforce 9800 gtx+ gfx card, and I have it setup for dualview with my tv. Problem is, when I go into a game or something else, my tv settings reset to default, making the screen size to not fit the screen properly, and the color goes back to default to where its too bright and what not.
How can I set the tv settings and keep them that way without it resetting all the time?
For example, im playing paper mario on a Nintendo 64 emulator, and I fix the settings to where everything is fine on the tv, but when I full-screen the game, the color goes back to being too bright on the tv.
Any way to fix it so it stays the way I set it?

Also, I forgot, when I go back to fix the color again, all I have to do is click any slider on the tv color settings, and it goes right back to normal without me having to set anything again. Its hooked up through the s-video converter on the computer, converts to HD component cables.
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