Author Topic: im going to regret doing this  (Read 13449 times)


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im going to regret doing this
« on: April 21, 2009, 03:38:35 AM »
i give myself a week, max, before people start pissing me off again.

to those that were on my msn/xbox friend list.  i had you deleted and or blocked

i was going to make a post in /v/ about IIDX after playing quasar [a] on DistorteD.  remembered that time i fced quasar 1.5, watched the video again for internet nostalgia sake, then decided to check up here.  kind of an "on a whim" thing.

nothing's new.  i tried out lich king with a friend on my WARRIOR, did that up pretty good, had fun, quit about a month later after being decked out in heroic loot.  did not want to start the raid train again, which sparked the quit.  tried EVE, games too hardcore for me at the moment, maby spektur can help me out with that later, but i don't plan on reactivating the account for a while (TOO MANY GAMES I BUY). 


pc is built, so like, fucking duh, i get crysis.  fun game, kind of annoying, but fun.  i can run the thing on high at 1680x1050 on my new 22inch widescreen monitor, with good fps.  it's a bit choppy on ULTRA HIGH, but still playable, just not preferable.

ohh and i got a psp.  monster hunter freedom 2 (id so be down for xlink, if i figure out how to get that working), metal gear solid portable ops (havent played much yet, its on the table for to play next), castlevania dracula x chronicles (BEST CASTLEVANIA GAME EVER FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK ITS GOOD, and portable sotn is good too), patapon (also haven't played much yet), and crysis core, which was ok, and i beat it a few hours ago.


lets see, also got civ 4, which im too lazy to pop in and learn.  the witcher, haven't played much yet, same with ninja gaiden 2.....layton (i don't like it, figured id like it, but i was wrong)...other stuff.  been wasting a lot of money to be honest.  umm and i got order of ecclesia, pretty far in the game (beat death) then i put it away for some odd reason.  i guess nuts and bolts is worth mentioning...but no.  i got it because it was cheap on amazon, and even that wasn't worth it.  i wanted to like it, and it failed me.

and i guess street fighter 4, which i have had fun with, though, haven't renewed the gold so i haven't played it for a while.  wanted to main gief like i did in 2, but i don't like him in 4.  it's a tossup between honda and balrog, mainly rog since he is the easiest character in the game to play as.  bison would be in there, but (PREFORM ULTRA MOTION, recieve teleport...and defeat due to teleport....) is too fucking frustrating to make him someone i would use on a regular basis, besides that, hes fun to play as.

anything else worth mentioning?  uhh i had a birthday little less than a month ago, smoked a cigar, made FUCKAWESOME SANDWITCHES(sirloin, provolone, swiss, bacon, then baked for the cheese to melt).  drank too many monsters the next week on a day where i worked plenty and didn't sleep....became emo that day.

should be it.  if i have you blocked, pm me with your email and ill unblock you on msn.  and resend an invite if wanted for xbox live, gt- vladgd. 


id totally be down for some sf2 HDR (my favorite fighting game), or sf4.  maby ill participate in that there d2 yall have going on, i rebought my install discs recently and registered them to the so i can redownload the game anytime i want.  and if any of yall have the monster hunter and want to give xlink kai ago, im game.

and to mention it so i won't forget, i wanted to learn dwarf fortress.  lack of motivation to get something running, but overall i know how to play.  just "picking a good spot to settle, and preparing your journey takes forever, when i could have fucked up the location and do it all over again" kind of made me procrastinate playing.

wouldn't say im back, i don't change.  the same people who agitated me before will continue to do so now, just a matter of "can i tolerate it this time" or not.  if not, ill be less dramatic about leaving again, since drama is always bullshit, but my jackassery is too powerful for me to resist using it.  in the end of the day, i like talking about vidya probably more than i do playing vidya, hence why i browse/post on /v/, doesn't hurt to have another avenue.

im back but not really, but maby.
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Re: im going to regret doing this
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2009, 07:08:19 AM »

'ello again.
actually fuck you guys just kidding keep my quote in your sigs


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Re: im going to regret doing this
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2009, 11:00:48 AM »
I was wondering where you went! I have no idea what happened for you to leave in the first place, I guess its a good thing, hoping i'm not one of the people who pushed you to it. On a side note, I have SF4 and have been looking for a challenge, so im gonna add you to live!
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Re: im going to regret doing this
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2009, 02:28:39 PM »
Glad to see your back. I realize I definitely had something to do with your leaving, but aside from when you end us being a jackass, I enjoyed having you here.
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Re: im going to regret doing this
« Reply #4 on: April 21, 2009, 03:44:13 PM »
id totally be down for some sf2 HDR (my favorite fighting game), or sf4.

If you want, you can check this site out

I've been trying to get SF third strike to work, but for some odd reason it says the rom path is wrong when it's to the right folder. Either way, the site has a decent user base so finding fights shouldn't be TOO difficult finding a fight.

Also sup nigga?


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Re: im going to regret doing this
« Reply #5 on: April 21, 2009, 04:53:36 PM »
hoping i'm not one of the people who pushed you to it.


If you want, you can check this site out

it's cool, but the online in sf2hdr when you are actually fighting in a game.  MOST OF THE TIME (assuming 100 or less ping, ie someone roughly in your region, east coast, west coast, ect) fights literally feel lagless.  i had a friend id play with fairly often offline, and it was great.  but he turned gay, and im not speaking to him anymore, so well, no more of that i guess.  and then i had a group of hdr bros, but, well....they've moved on to sf4.  fun game, but i was having too much fun learning sf2.  the only fighting game to this date to where i could say i was once competent at, and fairly decent in my opinion.

anywho like, im up for either 4 or hdr.  i still need to learn sf4 anyways, not having a main and all.


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Re: im going to regret doing this
« Reply #6 on: April 28, 2009, 03:55:17 PM »
Ohhey. Ironic that we'd both pop in on the same, uh, week.  >_>