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t1840 rebuild
« on: February 21, 2010, 05:06:08 PM »
So I think my PSU took a shit, and I'd like to have a working desktop so.... 

this tower is very fucking old. I would like to slap a NEW: mobo, PSU, CPU, RAM [probably] in there.  The case is fantastic, microATX size.  I already have 2 burners and 2 HDDs in there that I would like to continue using, but they connect via IDE cable.  I don't know if that's "old" now, or if i should just skip to using whatever is current and cheap?

Considering this, I don't want a superpowernewawesomeballsXBAWX PC tower, I just want a reliable usable thing other than my brand new laptop. Also for backups/etc. OH and for video/DVD production. I have the best IDE-cable dual layer burner in there that I could find [LG], so I'd like to keep using that as it has served me very well.

this mobo has 1 IDE/PATA channel I can utilize for my good burner hopefully. I'll just have to suck dick for the SATA hard drive setup i suppose.
CPU - I like this one for the price/rating. [maybe drop my price by switching this around, just picked it at first glance.]
Hard drive

What I need help with now is the power supply.. I'm not sure if, because the case is referred to as 'microATX' that I'd be able to find a higher wattage ATX form factor PSU that would serve me better in this case... no pun intended.

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