Author Topic: Crazy shit I just made.  (Read 3971 times)


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Crazy shit I just made.
« on: August 10, 2010, 09:36:53 PM »
Behold, my bizarre and possibly headache inducing sound experiments.

I am checking out AudioMulch, which is a really weird program. The first track is a severely mangled version of the amen break. It's not as mangled as it sounded before, simply because I layered the original break over top of the mangled version to make it more usable. Now I can use it as a loop in FL or something. has both of them. The first track is Amen, and the second one is Funky Shit.

The second track is some weird-ass creation I came up with just by fucking around in the program.

I use a loop player to loop a single electronic piano sound, but I have it set to play the sound as a 5th of a bar of 4/4 time, stretched to fit that timeframe (creating a weird plucked sound).

I have that feeding into a RissetFilter, which is basically a Risset Tone (aka Shepard Tone as a glissando) with some noise (who's volume I have automated).

I have an arpeggiator using slightly detuned square waves feeding into an effect that simulates spatial movement, and I feed the right channel of the RissetFilter into a Bitcrusher (which I've automated).

That is the left channel. The right channel is the reverb send output of the spatial movement filter, without being crushed.
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