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Progressive House Mix
« on: November 26, 2010, 01:17:12 AM »

Called "I'll Never Dream", this mix started off as a short 34 minute mix done while at a house party. My set was cut short because the cops showed up and broke the party up.  I listened to the mix and thought that it had been better than my recent stuff in general, so I decided to take the last song of that mix and keep mixing in the spirit, groove, and state of mind I was in the night of the party. This set covers a very wide variety of prog house tracks, ranging from straight up power anthems to groovy nu-disco rhythms in the middle, to the minimal beats of deep house. The set is a bit over an hour long, and I am using it as a promotional mix to hand out to people at raves, or other local DJs.

Lemme know what ya'll think, I'd appreciate it.

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