Author Topic: Alright, I'm a fucking DJ  (Read 4152 times)


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Alright, I'm a fucking DJ
« on: May 14, 2013, 10:31:50 AM »
So over the past few years my skills have grown considerably in the world/art of DJ/mixing and now producing.  Here is my bio that will sum up what I'm about now, with some links to new material and my FB page. Please share it up :)

"My name is Josh Christensen, known better as DJ eLove8 (elevate). Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, I am an up-and-coming local Arizona DJ and producer looking to bring my energetic style of song selection and mixing to the local underground scene, and the world.

After playing around with different styles, I found my home in House music and all sub genres I could get my hands on. I mostly stick to a Progressive sound blended with funky, groovy ass House, using deep basslines and powerful synths together in a way that makes for an immersive, explosive, psychedelic, auditory experience. I
I wish that cake was a lie. :(

I guess he never figured out what Willis was saying :/