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Fighting EX Layer (Beta)
« on: December 12, 2017, 02:26:12 AM »

This thing hit today, didn't really know what to think about it since it started out as an april fools joke earlier this year.

None of y'all follow fightans so this is probably the first you've seen of this particular title. But this is made by Arika, the people who did the Street Fighter EX games. They are the reason Capcom can't put skullomania in Street Fighter because they own the rights to that character. So, now they have their own title, using from what I see, all of the Arika owned characters from the Street Fighter EX games.

Now I'm not that good, and you don't need to be good, or win, to have fun in a fighting game (the video is me mostly losing). And even with that, this game is a blast. I haven't had this much fun playing a fighting game in literal years. The last time was probably some random session I had back when ultra sf4 was relevant, and that's no joke. Tekken 7 is fantastic, but why do modern fighting games force me to spend 40% of my damn time waiting in between matches because of load times or finding opponents, when I'd rather just be rematching the same guy over and over and getting my grind on.

I thought I was going to mess around for a few minutes with a few characters, think "well that's alright" and go about my day, then like 4 hours went by and I didn't realize it. It may look rough around the edges, and it does feel like an old game, but it feels like an old game in all the right ways. Looking forward to the final product whenever that may be.

Check it out y'all.