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« on: April 13, 2018, 11:16:29 AM »
We all like music, right? Right. A lot of forums have "whatcha listening to" threads, right? Right.

But we're not like other forums! We're way deader SMRTER, and in our case we now have a whole forum dedicate to it! In this forum, post a thread with a song that you like, ideally with a link (or YouTube embed) so that the rest of us can have a listen (if one is available). Additionally (and this is where our rampant SMRTS come in), tell us a little bit about the song. It can be a sentence or a few paragraphs. Let us know why you like it or why we should check it out.

To keep things consistent, please use the following format for thread titles:
  • [Genre] Artist - Title
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