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Rules v1.0
« on: August 18, 2007, 02:13:24 PM »
Last updated: August 18, 2007

1) Have respect towards your fellow man.  Avoid flaming others or participating in flame wars.  Violators will be shot on sight.  Survivors will be shot again.

2) Don't be a postwhore.  If your point can be summed up in a few words odds are it isn't necessary.  Making a short, humorous post (or doing a funny quote edit to another post) is fine in moderation, but "quoting for truth" and similar practices will result in your post getting deleted.

3) Keep it legal.  Any content that is illegal in the good ol' US of A is strictly forbidden here.

4) Keep it clean.  Posting or linking to pornography is strictly forbidden.  Linking to pictures with tasteful nudity (i.e. frontal nudity, etc) is fine as long as the link is clearly labeled as being unsafe for work.  Directly posting images that are not safe for work or school is forbidden and will result in your post being edited.

5) Keep it small.  Please refrain from posting huge images (i.e. over 800x600) inline.  While it won't break the horizontal layout of SMF it could potentially be annoying to other forum members.  If you want to post a large image, link to it.

That is all!  Happy foruming, drive safe, don't worry, be happy.
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