Author Topic: 2019 games back-log  (Read 9541 times)


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Re: 2019 games back-log
« Reply #30 on: December 18, 2019, 12:36:38 AM »
Have you played the Crystal Clear ROM hack? It's a really nifty gen 2 hack that turns the game into somewhat of an open-world. You can go anywhere, whenever, challenge gyms in any order, get HMs early, catch all 251 pokémon, and rechallenge gym leaders (among other things). I highly recommend it!
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Re: 2019 games back-log
« Reply #31 on: January 01, 2020, 08:43:14 PM »
Might check it out on the youtubes, but I rarely if ever play romhacks/mods. The last one I played for any time at all was the mount and blade online rpg mod, which kinda made the game into war of the roses before war of the roses was a game.

However with the end of another year means the end of another list. So let's do this. Try some of the same categories from last year, maybe add one or two.

1. Front Mission 4
2. Paper Mario TTYD
3. Luigis Mansion
4. Zelda Wind Waker
5. Rebel Galaxy
6. Persona Q
7. Eternal Darkness
8. Dragon Quest
9. Strange Journey Redux
10. Shining Force Sword of Hajya
11. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
12. Doom (20160
13. Metroid Prime
14. Plants vs Zombies
15. Disgaea 1 Complete
16. Links Awakening Remake
17. Pokemon Shield

Most rewarding game to complete
Metroid Prime AND Luigi's Mansion

I literally never completed either of these because I quit AT THE VERY END OF THE GAME FOR BOTH OF THEM, so getting these done after over 15 years feels really good.

Biggest surprise
Front Mission 4

Not my favorite game, and I quit it two other attempts back in the day for the same reason. Game is slow, and kind of a slog, ohh and it's slow.  Buttttttt, if you have the patients for it, it's a solid, challenging, very unique srpg. I was very happy to just "get it over with" but reflecting back on the time I had with the game, I have very positive memories of my time with it this THIRD time attempting to get through it. Not sure I'd recommend it to anyone, but armored core meets a tactics game with two split seperate casts of characters, it's a cool ass game.

Least Favorite Game

Persona Q

I think when I like a game, I may rave too hard on it, but I don't like everything I play. This is not a bad game...but damn if it aint frustrating when you hit the 4th dungeon. I wanted to quit so bad, playing the game felt like a job after that point in the game. Only recommending this for hardcore persona or etrian odyssey fans. Play strange journey redux instead for a less frustrating (albeit...still very frustrating) experience.

Runner up favorite

Eternal Darkness

I kinda wanted to put this as my favorite, so it was really close. This is a really damn good game, it aged extremely well. It isn't too long, it's not exactly super hard, it's just straight up fun. The chapters are pretty short and self contained, so it's an easy game to pick at over a few days. Besides a few annoying parts near the end (long annoying rune puzzle you have to do, then you find out you gotta do it twice...), there wasn't much I didn't like about it. Most likely will play a second time in the future.

If any of you guys can think of more interesting categories, I'm all ears. Mostly doing this as a way to remember games I've played as I'm chipping away at the truly endless backlog.

Favorite Game/2019 GOTY

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

This one will be short. It's a modern symphony of the night made by the guy that made that game. Besides eating, work, and sleep, I didn't stop playing the game when I started until I finished it. BUY IT, it's fantastic for any metroidvania fan.

SEVENTEEN GAMES in 2019, one seven, 1 7. 

I do not plan to attempt to beat this, every year I decide to do this backlog thing my goal will always be 10. This is just to keep it fun, 10 is fine to finish in a year, if I feel like it's work, it defeats the purpose of me doing this in the first place. I like this as a way to play good games, and play more games instead of the same dumb multiplayer dribble everybody is stuck in.

And for fun, a list of games completed when I started this.

1- earthbound
2- monster hunter world
3- smt nocturne
4- smt 4
5- south park fractured but whole
6- xcom terror from the deep
7- persona 5
8- deus ex mankind divided
9- metroid: samus returns
10- dragon quest xi
11- smt 4 apocalypse
12- advance wars 2
13- disgaea 5
14. Front Mission 4
15. Paper Mario TTYD
16. Luigis Mansion
17. Zelda Wind Waker
18. Rebel Galaxy
19. Persona Q
20. Eternal Darkness
21. Dragon Quest
22. Strange Journey Redux
23. Shining Force Sword of Hajya
24. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
25. Doom (2016)
26. Metroid Prime
27. Plants vs Zombies
28. Disgaea 1 Complete
29. Links Awakening Remake
30. Pokemon Shield

Next thread starting when the credits start up on whatever mystery game I'm playing right now occur.


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Re: 2019 games back-log
« Reply #32 on: January 02, 2020, 06:26:11 AM »
Dude, this is an incredible list tbh. Much respect.
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