Author Topic: wut specturr'z playing  (Read 4344 times)


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Re: wut specturr'z playing
« Reply #60 on: July 21, 2020, 06:10:13 PM »
Gotta give a quick shout out to Mindustry.

It's a game that's sort of a weird hybrid between a tower defense title and Factorio (yes, you read that correctly). One of my friends and I played it a bunch at the beginning of the year and recently revisited it, and both of us had forgotten how much fun it was. Its "overwhelmingly positive" rating on Steam is well-deserved.

I've since learned that in addition to having a low price tag ($6 on Steam) it's open source (under GPLv3) and also has iOS and Android ports available for $1 each. Kinda looks like it might even be just straight up free as well, but the person who makes this definitely deserves the money.

Definitely check it out! I highly recommend it.
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