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Weight Loss
« on: July 01, 2020, 08:19:00 AM »
Since recently turning single and whatnot, and thinking of how to make positive of this situation, I figured trying to drop some weight would help.

Before I started I thought I was like 200lbs, and stayed this way for the past...4-5 years. Which is fine for someone of my height, 6'1", but having got a better scale that is actually wonder I have a gut.

My goal is either 170lbs or no gut, whichever happens first (IIRC I do recall still having a small gut at 170 back when mass effect 3 was out...but I have more muscle since then, so I could probably pull off being heavier now). So...45 lbs...

In the past two weeks I started making small steps. Before I started, I basically ate whatever I want whenever I want, drink whatever I want, candy, junk, alcohol, pizza, with no restrictions. Eat an entire pizza and im full? Is that a bag of oreos next to me? NOMMING THOSE! Gluttony basically. Only thing I am good with is soda, because I got addicted to barely flavored carbonated water to the point where I literally vastly prefer it to soda. So like doing any dietary restriction at all should lose me weight, and so far it has. No pizza, candy, snacks, beer. Being willing to accept dropping weight at a reasonable pace will require me to deal with being hungry, something 6'1" 135lb high school graduate me could do EASILY.

To this day in one week of half assing it, and another week of taking it a bit more seriously, I am down to 204lbs. Goes up and down each day, I was 211 this past thursday, 210 friday, 209 saturday, 208 sunday, 204 monday, but spiked to 207 tuesday (I REALLY WANTED ARBYS AND GUMMY SNAKES) but trending down, so really gunning for sub 200lbs soon.

A few side notes, I bought a bike for hopes I can play vidya/watch youtubes while I cardio. I can control my pc with this wired hori ps4 controller I have, so I can pretty easily control youtube from the bike, and I've been able to play persona 4 golden on steam just fine, so it's working out fairly well. Starting slow, as any newbie aughta, but the goal is 30-60 minutes per day on the thing.

Last note, been gradually moving stuff out of the now ex girlfriends place which has recently involved all of my olympic plates. Still need to get my bench and barbell, but when I get everything set back up here I'd like to be lifting again. Starting slow with single lift at a time, and low weight to avoid snap city, but when everything is set back up I intend to start with squats since they basically work 80% of the muscles in the body. More muscle = more weight = MORE FOOD I CAN EAT.

I fully expect to quit any day now, and wouldn't even have bothered to make a post if I didn't make some actual meaningful progress so far. But in the meantime, dropping damn near 1lb a day, and it's not slowing down yet. Curious to see how serious I'll take it before I eventually quit as I have been doing off and on for the past decade. Never dropped 10lbs though, so that's a feat.
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Re: Weight Loss
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2020, 08:38:39 AM »
Congrats on your progress so far, and best of luck moving forward!

It's kind of amazing how much the human body adapts to new diets and such. Last time I tried the whole dieting thing I thought it was amazing how sensitive I became to overly sweet/salty foods. After a little while your cravings will definitely start to change, and you'll find it easier to eat Arby's and gummy snakes (and yeah, Haribo gummies are like fucking crack) in moderation. :P

I'm actually trying to get back onto somewhat of a weight loss "program" as well. I should be able to start shedding some initial pounds pretty easily (currently 270lbs…kinda fell off the wagon a few years ago :'(), at least. I have a decent space to play some VR, and I'm clearing out an area in the basement for my trusty Cobalt Flux. I've tried to get out for walks whenever I could, but we're in an awkward rainy/super-duper-humid season now, so that's been a mite difficult in recent days.

Kinda thinking of getting one of those under-desk cycles at some point as well. We'll see.
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Re: Weight Loss
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2020, 07:28:47 PM »
Congrats man. God knows I need to eat better. I can understand getting addicted to the flavored carbonated water though. They are pretty good, and I do drink them now and then. In my case though lately I've actually had a pretty noticeable lack of appetite and I'm probably a bit under weight at the moment. I don't have a scale, and the last time I was weighed was nearly 2 years ago, so I mostly track my weight by how tight/loose my pants are.

But yeah, congrats on the progress you've made so far. I hope you manage to stick with things and get the results you're looking for.
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