Author Topic: 2021 Backlog Report  (Read 37 times)


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2021 Backlog Report
« on: January 05, 2021, 01:26:46 PM »
1. The Outer Worlds

NEW YEAR NEW THREAD, heard this game was on the shorter end, so a good game to kickstart the year with. Had a 6 month hiatus from game 9, to game 10 last year, would like to watch a little less youtube and play a little more game/do something else productive. We'll see how that goes.

Fallout in space basically, dump the 50's aesthetic, with a western meets flash gordon aesthetic, with that bethesda open world vibe albeit smaller and more concentrated, and you got the outer worlds. Honestly not a big fan of the aesthetic, not knocking the game for it, but just not my cup of tea, it does work with what they're selling though. Started with a "stealth archer" build, found out the shooting is absolutely atrocious (playing on ps4, so that may be a factor), read that allies and diplomacy are actually really good in this game, started a new character.

Max leadership, max diplomacy, my character may have killed less than 10 things in the entire game, the rest was companions...they wreck house...seriously. Very refreshing change of pace for a game of this type, essentially a diplomat who can talk myself out of anything, and when I need to murder, I got two beefcakes with machineguns that are damn near immortal and make things into red mist before anything gets near me. This is one of the few games I can think of where points into speech doesn't feel wasted at all.

While I wasn't crazy for the universe, or aesthetic, the writing was entertaining, and it did feel like it went its own path not trying to be fallout 5. Very solid work by Obsidian, glad to see their original games picking up steam.


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Re: 2021 Backlog Report
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2021, 05:54:18 PM »
I played through the first section of the Outer Worlds on PC and thought the shooting was…okay. I'd say it's easily better than the first-person Fallout games, but it kind of lacks the punchiness and visceral feeling of something like Cyberpunk or DOOM. It's serviceable, at least. I didn't have any issues with it, but it wasn't anything special.
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