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The story of my computer...
« on: November 21, 2007, 03:30:03 AM »
So it was this past Saturday that I was on the computer with nothing better to do for virtually, the entire day. I'm looking at random sites googling stuff browsing 4chan etc. All is fine when I go to bed, shut my monitor off as normal. I wake up the next morning to get on and find I have a virus. I'm getting a constant popup of fake spyware/trojan/malware alerts and i'm going frantic, this is the first major virus i've had on my computer for the 3 years i've had it. Eventually I had to download a program (anti-virus was ineffective) and run it safe mode. After hours and a wasted day fucking with my computer, I (somewhat) resolved it. I was still getting annoying IE popups and anti-virus Trojan alerts (which they couldn't do anything) so I kinda dealt with it for a couple of days.
So Monday came and it was back again (the virus I had was PSW.x-vir for sucks ass getting rid of it). Ass loads of IE popups and my task manager was disabled. My hard drive was obviously fucked and it was only a matter of time till it was unusable. Well...that happened overnight Monday.
I get it working better than it popups or real annoyances in sight, so I decide to IM someone I haven't IMed in awhile and end up talking about random stuff (it was zeppy gorrila I IMed, if you remember him) and I eventually end up chatting about my virus dilemma. He recommends Peerguardian so I download it and it worked fine (after about half an hour of tinkering to get updates to work properly). I used Hijackthis to get rid of any traces of the virus and spyware and ran anti virus one last time before going to bed.
So...I wake up Tuesday morning and apparently my computer restarted and was at the login screen. I figured it was an automatic update so I logged in and...


My hard drive was raped.

I logged in and it froze at desktop. The little tray at the bottom never appeared, nor did any icons or programs. I tried to go to task manager to start explorer.exe and task manager was disabled. I was stuck with a vegetable hard drive. That obviously ruined my school day as you can assume.
Tuesday afternoon I get out of school and obviously I had to reformat. Never had to do that before but I figured it out easily enough. It took about an hour to do, including deleting the drives and creating a new C drive, formatting NTSF
on to the C drive (when prompted in Windows XP setup) and lastly, installing Windows XP. I was worried I would need a new computer (which I do regardless, it would just suck if I had to get one now) but so far it has ran fine.
It took hours to get the correct drivers setup (graphics was easy...sound card was a bitch with my computer).
The good out of this is that my computer appears virus free so far. I'll see if all the malware I had just somehow magically sneaks up again and rapes my hard drive again. I have all my space back obviously. Only things i've downloaded are vital or what I use most often (Firefox, trillian, adaware, anti virus, and peerguardian). I'll worry about games later.
The bad is because I couldn't get to my old hard drive even in safe mode, all my old stuff was lost. My music, ebooks, videos, rare ass stepmania file collection, custom r9 ITG2 PC and some other good stuff. Weird thing is i'm not TOO devastated by that loss...most of it was replaceable and what wasn't is my fault for being stupid with my computer. Maybe that's a good thing i'm not upset by it.
Now the REALLY GOOD thing is that the extra space helped me in FFR because there's virtually no lag now, so I ended up getting the hardest Skill Token in FFR. If you don't play FFR, skill tokens are requirements on certain songs that will earn you a neat looking token to your FFR profile and unlock a secret song for you. There's currently 91 Skill Tokens, with the hardest to unlock being Otaku Speedvibe [Oni], with the requirement to AAA a For Masters Only difficulty song (only 60 people have gotten it since it was released in July including me :P):

(lol nice typo)

Anyways the moral of this story is:

Don't be fucking dumb with your computer. I'm sure as hell running my anti virus and adaware often (and always leaving it on) and keeping Peerguardian on all the time also.

And you'll become really leet at FFR :).
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Re: The story of my computer...
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2007, 02:37:31 PM »
I had a problem like that before, had some sort of virus or something fucking with my computer.
The easiest thing to do now...which I'd suggest to you also, since it worked out for me is:
Once you have ALL the stuff you need downloaded and installed for the fresh system, setup a system restore point, so you wont have to go through re-formatting and downloading all your shit again.
That worked for me at least...I'd assume it'd work for anyone else. Thats what I had done, and when that virus or whatever got into my computer, I did the restore, and everything was fine afterwards.


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Re: The story of my computer...
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2007, 03:51:48 PM »
HijackThis as well as the little program that acts as a surrogate TaskManager are useful as fuck.
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